1. Uncorrupted Games

    Windows Project Cherry [Now Available on]

    Fasted Paced, action game about one thing… Cherries! Collect All of them, don’t ask why, don’t even ask for what! Also try not to die, everything wants to kill you besides the cherries. Will you be strong enough to survive as long as needed to collect all the cherries and save the world? Or...
  2. WimpyLlama

    A Quick Survey You Can Fill Out To Help Me Out With My Next Game

    Hey, could you all do me a huge favor and quickly fill out this survey. I am trying to get information on what kind of games I should make. Survey link:
  3. G

    GMS 2 How to make a Boss Battle like this?

    Can anybody help me to make this boss battle scenario in my game maker game im creating? it is supposed to be a platformer game where you control a warrior who has a sword that battles enemies with his sword,repeately hitting them until they die.At the end of the level there's this boss battle...
  4. KPJ

    Windows Hotspot (GMS2)

    Hi everyone! I am an 11 year old, and I made this game called Hotspot that I worked on for two months in Game Maker Studio 2. This is my first game and I hope you will enjoy it! Link to game: It is a simple bullet hell game where you are a small pink...
  5. D

    Dialogue sound everytime a letter is typed

    Hello I am a beginner at gms2 and I was wondering if anyone would help me I am tryting to make some kind of platformer or something I am not sure yet But at the intro of the game there is a dialogue while I was able to make it work and can t get my head around how to put a sound every time a...
  6. Misty

    Alpha Making Best FPS Ever.

    Nocturne said to tidy up my thread and give more info. Here is the GIF I promised yesterday: Basically what this FPS is going to be is an online multiplayer game. But it will also have Realistic AI bots to fill for players quitting out, or for single player enjoyment, maybe also even a...
  7. Lambda01

     _Reboot / A-RPG project !

    Hello, im starting to make a 2d action rpg, i want to make more of a story driven game. this not my first project, but its the first were i want to take time to polish it. _Reboot The game will go around 2 elements, the real world, and the Animabus. *What i've already made The...
  8. lukbebalduke

    Released Dunk Em Up [Ludum Dare 41 Winner]

    A platformer where you beat enemies with a basketball and slam powerful dunks upon 'em! It was solo developed in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 41, where it ended up placing in the first position overall at the compo competition. The link in the description also includes the source code! It may be...
  9. A

    GMS 2 A question about programming an object.

    Hey guys. I need your help. I am still new in programming things. I use the gamemaker Studio 2. In my game there are the following objects: a ball and different platforms. The ball is allowed to roll only on the platforms. If the ball falls off the platform the ball should be destroyed. How can...
  10. 1

    GML Cuphead Esque Game

    how would I make a Cuphead like game with a minimal you could walk around and the actual boss fights, i.e when to trigger a phrase of the boss
  11. JEMcG

    GMS 2 <unknown variable> not set?

    Hi, I've been following FriendlyCosmonaut's video series that instructs on how to make a Farming RPG. In the section about Item descriptions I get the following error: ___________________________________________...
  12. X

    Android Figureblot : Puzzle [Android]

    "Figureblot" is a simple game very similar to tetris. Features: - The pieces come out above and below -It has very weird figures that increase difficulty -There are 3 "special pieces". -It has global and local highscores system, you can sign in with the google play account and change your name...
  13. Misu

    Forum Game Jimmy wants to nuke the world

    One fine weekend, you and your son Jimmy are visiting an expedition on military war monuments and stuff. The next minute, your son fleed off into a isolated room with an actual active red button that launches a nuke that can destroy the world. He is tempted to press it in front of you. You must...
  14. ProjectGamesInc

    Opinion WIP Soundtracks - Hints and Opinions

    Hi guys! Since we are starting to have the first soundtracks done for our new game, i want to post them here so i can get some opinions. All the tracks are 100% made by us, we use FruityLoop12 and a set of VSTi, everything is done inside the program, using a small keyboard as main tool for...
  15. ProjectGamesInc

    Android A Crystal Life - Adventure/Platform Indie Game

    A Crystal Life Platform/Puzzle/Adventure game Made with Game Maker Studio 2 The Main Game Idea The game take place in a strange world, where all the things are made by colored crystals. Bright and happy days, until the Shadow Lord make his appearance. You will be deprived from all the colors...
  16. Mythi.T

    Windows Beta Release: Avoiduis

    Hello. I have spent the last month tinkering with gamemaker, and after a lot of time, coding, and bug fixing, here is a result: Avoiduis "Dodge, if you can..." Instructions: Use mouse arrow to mouse your player, and use your speed boost every 3 seconds with clicking Right Click Avoiduis is a...
  17. mar_cuz

    Design How can I improve this art? [New Pictures]

    Hi Guys, trying to do the art for my game. How do you think I could improve these walls? I just can't seem to make a good colour palette and the style feels like it needs to feel more natural or something. what do you think?
  18. K12gamer

    Recently looked at GameMaker SHOWCASE...

    Hadn't looked at it for maybe 1 year. Was seriously blown away from what I saw... My 1st reaction...."WOW...that was made with GameMaker???" I started wondering which games were made with Studio 1 vs Studio 2... but didn't see anything listed. Here's an example game video that impressed...
  19. RedKnight91

    Free Drift Spirit [racing-action game]

    Hi! Drift Spirit is a drift car sim for those who, like me, have no clue about drifting cars and don't give a damn. Perform drifts to level up your driftometer, yay! Initially born as a quick test for a movement engine, I decided to go ahead and test a lot more things which I had never tried...
  20. Luotigames

    Asset - Project Beat Smasher Mobile game asset

    Hello! I've made this game called Beat Smasher and thought I would sell the project to who ever wants to buy a simple mobile game project. I should make a video about the asset/game :) Description Cool touch screen mobile game. Full simple game with google play login and admob ads. It also...