1. M.G.

    Android / Amazon Fire Question Google Play Service

    Hi, I want to create the Google Leaderboard. I have already set up everything in the google play console and everything installed. The Code in GameMaker Studio 2: obj_leaderboard Create Event: if !achievement_login_status() { achievement_login(); } achievement_login()...
  2. F

    FNaF Creating

    I was trying tutorials, but they are too old.I really want to make FNaf Fan-made game.Can somebody help me?
  3. I

    (solved)NEED HELP! Out of MEMORY! error

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me understand why i keep getting an "Out of memory!" error This is the relative code globalvar map; mapWidth = room_width/GRID_SIZE; mapHeight = room_height/GRID_SIZE; // create nodes! for(xx = 0; xx < mapWidth; xx += 1){ for(yy = 0; yy...
  4. M.G.

    Android / Amazon Fire Free Android Game "Apple Isaac"

    Please check my first Android Game!!! APPLE ISAAC Highscore Game with high addictive potential! Tap on the screen and the apple will start to fall! There are many different apples! Features: - Highscore Game -...
  5. A

    Tutorial hiccups

    Hi there, I'm completely new to game development and the GameMaker Community. I've started off as you would a newbie by watching the tutorial and following along (I'm currently following the New Game, DnD) It's starts off by saying create a sprite and then import image. It goes onto say if...
  6. matharoo

    [Game Jam] JamCraft 2

    --------------------------------------------------------------- Runs from 1st November to 14th November. Join here --------------------------------------------------- JamCraft is all about making games that have an emphasis on creation through combination. This could take the form of crafting...
  7. B

    Increase room size on phone

    Hello! I've been developing a game for the iOS export in GameMaker Studio 1.4 and I need to stretch the screen to fit any phone's aspect ratio. All the rooms are currently 640 x 960, so whenever I try to scale it on a phone that does not have a proportional ratio, black bars show up on the...
  8. G

    GML Need help making a tool bar for game. [Solved]

    So, i'm making a like game for educational purposes, i've came to need a tool bar to switch between tools and weapons, i've sketched some ideas, as the calculation for the drawing event and everything, i just have no idea where to start, like arrays and switch functions. Any link to a...
  9. U

    Question - IDE How does the gamemaker engine handle loading rooms?

    If I have a very large project with a lot of rooms, will that effect the RAM usage? How many rooms does gamemaker load at one time? Does it load all of them at the start of the game or does it load them in sets? This would be really great info to know, currently I'm debating wether or not to...
  10. S

    Asset - Scripts External Code Tidy / Refactor Script

    Hey, I always used to code in Autoit3 and they have this feature called "Tidy" that automatically spaces the code really nicely. Since I really liked this feature I wrote my own version for GML. By copying the code with CTRL + C and then pressing ALT + C the script tidies the code. Very useful...
  11. B

    Discussion Ads in GMS2

    Hey, I am making a game for android and I can't seem to find anything about Ads in Android and I find some extension for this but I don't like them. can I get anything in game maker officially support for ads? I am making an android game for the first time and I don't have experience with...
  12. NimNom1234

    2d souls-like rpg

    I've been working on this for a bit, Might get some new assets later, though. Music belongs to Konami ;P Enjoy :)
  13. houdinik

    Windows BrutalAliens Isometric Shooter

    Hey guys Im creating a Isometric Shooter Game called BrutalAliens Thanks Gameplay
  14. T

    Ads in GMS 1.4 please help

    Hello everyone, me and a friend are making a game in GMS 1.4 and we want to put ads in the game. I have read the tutorial about this, but it's just not clear enough for me. Do we have to make a Google Mobile Ads account to test ads? How do we connect the ads to the game? I tried with the Google...
  15. B

     Cube Clicker

    This is my first game and I really enjoyed learning everything I did. My coding is not the best and some things may still not work as intended, but I really loved using GameMaker! I made this using a trial for a game jam and I'm trying to purchase a license of some sort soon. This game is a...
  16. N

    Legacy GM Game detected as malware.?!

    Malwarebytes antimalware detects my game as malware (MachineLearning/Anormalous.100%) But on virustotal it doesn't detect a virus...
  17. Y

    my game making journey so far

    One day i was telling to my brother that i always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. he said : do you know that there is a game to learn guitar?,it's called rocksmith 2014 ,you should buy a xbox. so i bought a xbox 360 and ordered the game online and started playing /learning . soon enough...
  18. F

     I was just wondering about the resource tree...

    how many resources are the maximum limit for objects and sprites? Because my game I am making will need lots of them, since it’s a rpg.
  19. S

    How to end game once all of a certain object it collected?

    I have just recently got into Game Maker. I am using Game Maker 8.0 Pro. I am using it it simple mode and not advanced. I just need help with ending the game or moving to the next room once all of a certain object has been destroyed by the player. I have an object called pellot that destroys...
  20. P

    Windows Ephemera: The RPG (My first game!)

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the whole game-making scene and I've just started to work on sprites for mine, not even programming but i (and some friends) have already made some music and got the basic summary and everything up, so bare in mind it is VERY much in it's early stages. "There exists a...