1. splendidtank

    HTML5 Intance_create not working

    The instance_create_layer function is not working my code is: if (instance_exists(oPlayer)) && (point_in_circle(oPlayer.x,oPlayer.y,x,y,64)) { nearby = true; if (keyboard_check_pressed(ord("Q"))) && (!instance_exists(oGunPickup)) && (!instance_exists(oGun)) { image_index =...
  2. _Proxy

    GMS 2 2 Sided Healthbar

    How would I do 2 sided healthbars, like when both of the sides decrease instead of one side.
  3. RefresherTowel

    I made a Discord game: The Garden

    Hey folks, I've just finished making a discord bot that is based off the GMS project I'm working on (Floramancer). It's kind of like a teaser for the proper game. It lets you plant crops and care for them. Once they're fully grown, you can harvest units and then use those units to battle other...
  4. zielok

    Android / Amazon Fire Pirate knives

    Hi, Here you are my new game for Android (iOS version will be available in few days) GooglePlay link Throw pirate knife to trunk. Slash a fruits! Complete unlimited number of levels. Game features: - many knife to unlock - super graphics - one finger gameplay - good for 5 minutes or hours -...
  5. S

    Upgrade from GMS 2 Desktop to Web

    I will go straight to the point... I had GameMaker Studio 1.4 back with one of the Humble Bundles, and I had gotten the Web module with it. A while after GMS 2 came out, I managed to get myself a copy of the Desktop edition on Steam, but unlike the GMS1.4 modules, it looks like I would have to...
  6. S

     Candy Kombat - game for kids

    Hi guys! I'm working on a new game called Candy Kombat (soon demo + screenshoot). What do you think about graphics and music (sweet or too sweet)? Check the movie:
  7. W

    Please help read the post

    I dont know why but when i attach script to two of my object they both need to stand on plate to trigger it. But when script is attached to only one of them only one needs to stand on plate to trigger it. Please help! ///scr_preshureplate(PreshurePlateID,ActivatedObjectID,ActivatedObjectID2)...
  8. Suzaku

    GMS 2 About getting inspiration from other games and copyright

    Im not sure if this is the right place for this question, but I dont know a better place for it, so... I have tons of ideas for projects in my mind, but for one of them I would like to take inspiration from final fantasy oldschool games like final fantasy 1 and 5, but I have fear about getting...
  9. Andy Chu

    Job Offer - Audio [Paid] Looking for Music Composer & Sound Effects Designer

    Greetings! As the title mentioned above looking for a composer. The game is a 2D-pixelated, hack & slash, platformer, adventure, RPG game. Music Composers: Current level being designed is a ruined snowy castle in the high mountains. Setting is the aftermath of humanity's downfall. Require a...
  10. M

    Error in this specific code? (Easy to Read Color Coding)

    if (currCharIndes < string_length(text[convoIndex, 1]) +1); { spriteToDisplay = dialogue[convoIndex, 0]; stringToDisplay += string_char_at(dialogue[convoIndex, 1], currCharIndex++); else // ( The Error is here apparently, why?) { if (keyboard_check_pressed(vk_space))...
  11. C

    Android / Amazon Fire "push-notification" and possibility to run game in background [GMS 2]

    Hi, 2 questions from a beginner to get to know if GMS 2 is the right IDE for my Android-Game idea. I want to make a game that can send push-notifications to the smartphone if the attention of the player is required for a specific action. Therefore a found push_local_notification() in the...
  12. John Andrews

    Alpha Basis-9 War [Demo 0.2.0] Settings menu, checkpoints, effects, and more.

    Basis-9 War by John Andrews Twitter: <- FOLLOW IT! Most recent update post! Who are you, soldier? Get in the boots of a mysterious soldier who has crash-landed in the planet of Basis-9 after being stranded in...
  13. matharoo

    Tubetastic: Couch Multiplayer + Online (PvP/PvE) [Windows, Android, iOS]

    >> Play on Steam << Project Lead: @Chris Goodwin Programmer, Community Manager: @matharoo Art by About the game Welcome to Tubetastic: World Splashfest where 1-4 tubers enter the pool, but only one can be crowned king. Immerse yourself in an acid trip sea of fast-paced chaos as...
  14. ShakaBaka

    Android / Amazon Fire Sam the Cat: Adventure Runner

    Hello everyone, I've released my second mobile game on Google Play! FREE version: NO ADS version: Sam the Cat - Cute and colorful 8 bit retro style...
  15. Misu

    Discussion Google Stadia: your thoughts

    So Google Stadia has been announced. I like the idea how it tries to enhance gameplay experience by increase performance and memory using streaming service but I dont like how it destroys gaming tradition. The fact its just a web stream service on any device makes me feel like its just an...
  16. Uncorrupted Games

    Windows Project Cherry [Now Available on]

    Fasted Paced, action game about one thing… Cherries! Collect All of them, don’t ask why, don’t even ask for what! Also try not to die, everything wants to kill you besides the cherries. Will you be strong enough to survive as long as needed to collect all the cherries and save the world? Or...
  17. WimpyLlama

    A Quick Survey You Can Fill Out To Help Me Out With My Next Game

    Hey, could you all do me a huge favor and quickly fill out this survey. I am trying to get information on what kind of games I should make. Survey link:
  18. G

    GMS 2 How to make a Boss Battle like this?

    Can anybody help me to make this boss battle scenario in my game maker game im creating? it is supposed to be a platformer game where you control a warrior who has a sword that battles enemies with his sword,repeately hitting them until they die.At the end of the level there's this boss battle...
  19. KPJ

    Windows Hotspot (GMS2)

    Hi everyone! I am an 11 year old, and I made this game called Hotspot that I worked on for two months in Game Maker Studio 2. This is my first game and I hope you will enjoy it! Link to game: It is a simple bullet hell game where you are a small pink...
  20. D

    Dialogue sound everytime a letter is typed

    Hello I am a beginner at gms2 and I was wondering if anyone would help me I am tryting to make some kind of platformer or something I am not sure yet But at the intro of the game there is a dialogue while I was able to make it work and can t get my head around how to put a sound every time a...