1. M.G.

    Windows Highscore PC Game "Bully Bones"

    Have finished a little game again. It is also my first PC game. "Click on the bone to keep Bully away." Characteristics: - High score game - Comic pixel graphics - Chiptune sounds Link: Have Fun!!!
  2. C

    Can ı use js on game maker crate a game

    Plz help
  3. Deadly Serious Media

    Demo min.exe

    taking a brain break fomr ZOMG! development over the holidays and starting building out a Meatboy/N++ style platformer. Play as min and work our way through the lair of the dastardly exe as he tries to kill you with lasers! A dark mode option is in the works as the white can be a bit jarring...
  4. OliverLugria

    Job Offer - General Hiring pixel artist and programmers

    Hello, my name is Oliver and I am in need of pixel artist and programmers for a new rhythm based rpg "Pulse". Combat is centered around inputting party commands in time with the background music along with many other music related mechanics. The first major goal will be to create a proper...
  5. Wafi Hussain

    How to make a character move up and down?

    Hello! I am using the code from a skeleton hack n slash game on YouTube as a source and I am trying to figure out how to make the character go up. Here is the code given: switch(state) { case "move": #region Move State if input.up { move_and_collide(run_speed, 0)...
  6. J

    Legacy GM Game wont run anymore?!

    I tried to run the game and the console and everything booted (Compile works completely fine) but the game doesnt start?! why? Help!
  7. Misu

    Forum Game I think it is a boss battle... maybe?

    There is an object placed in the middle of a blank room. You dont know what it is. The only thing you could tell was that it doesnt move, has a long metal piece sticking out of a rubber material that almost looks like a strange shoe and a tin can over the metal object. Its presence triggers you...
  8. P

    Bumping balls

    Hi, everyone. And I really need your help because my script doing physics of ball colisions is pour and I guess I need a new one. So please if you have a script or ideas of making it to Find angle of balls(circles) moving and their speed after hitting each other , please, help and share it with...
  9. M

    'Variable not set before reading it' but it is set

    Dear people, I wonder if any of you can help me with the following. I have a game initiator object that will assign a value into a global variable. Then that same object will create a new instance of another object, which based on the previous value will be created in one or other way. The...
  10. NewHopeGames

    Android / Amazon Fire D-Day Gunner FREE (50k+ downloads)

    Hi everyone, this game is by no means new but it's been extensively updated the past few years. It caused a lot of controversy off and on through the years because many did not like the fact that it was Germans vs Allies and the player is on the German side. It's a game about defending your...
  11. W

    GML [SOLVED) Stacking game?

    Hi I'm having a little trouble finding the right (and working) solution for a "stacking game". Basically I have some dragable blocks that needs to be stacked in the correct order. These blocks are taking from an array. The first block is Hydrogen (H) with a value of 1, the second is Helium (He)...
  12. Marko03970

    Server for multiplayer game

    Hi everyone, I want to make multiplayer game, I want to know what is the best programming language to use to make a server? I don't want to make it in gml, I want to make it in another programming language, and run it on my rented external server. So, what do you suggest me? Thanks
  13. I

    GML Need help with this code.

    So ive set a creation event to a obj. it sets a var named "move" to true. Then I added an even that has this if(move) { move_towards_point(100,100,2); } if (distance_to_point(100,100) < 5) { move_towards_point(200,200,5); move = false; } It should stop the "obj" from moving but it...
  14. BulleTech Studios

    HTML5 Game Idea Generator

    Over the past while now I have been using GameMaker to develop a small number of free Windows/Web apps for my own fun/learning and to help myself as well as other indie game[maker] developers. I'm now at the point where I'd like to share them with everyone and get some feedback. Game Idea...
  15. BulleTech Studios

    Windows Update Sync - free auto updater for your games

    Over the past while now I have been using GameMaker to develop a small number of free Windows/Web apps for my own fun/learning and to help myself as well as other indie game[maker] developers. I'm now at the point where I'd like to share them with everyone and get some feedback. Update Sync is...
  16. M

    Job Offer - Programmer Artist seeking part time programmer

    Hi, I'm working on a game that I think is going to be fun, but I'm mostly an illustrator, so I'd prefer to pay someone with experience making games in GML or DND to build the framework for the game, so I can focus on making the massive amount of sprites and backgrounds needed. This is a passion...
  17. iRhymeWithRawr

    Released Platforming engine

    About This platforming engine should be everything you need to create your very own platforming game! This engine has an extensive amount of features and will be updated accordingly when/if there is a majority request. This engine uses clean and commented code, allowing you to easily understand...
  18. B

    GML Where can I find an Air Hockey Tut?

    Hello! I am interested in learning how to code an Air Hockey game that is not DnD, where can I find a good tutorial for one?
  19. mikix

    Asset - Project Selling project and migrating to your Steamworks account

    NOT SELLING ANYMORE! I've spent $1000 on it and a lot of time. I'm willing to sell this for $1500 including things that have not yet been added to the project. Includes: 1 high res room image. Custom made pixel art for you to make rooms with and download the surface (room image) to...
  20. AlmightyTrapGod

    Android / Amazon Fire TrApp (Official)

    Today, I want to present to you a new game called TrApp! Welcome to TrApp, where you help your favorite character to finesse his way to the top! Play TrApp to reveal the amazing story of our hero, as he battle his way to the top by fighting off robbers, police, and giving each one of his...