1. J

    Windows Venge

    **** Moderator Note: Member has been asked to add screenshots, to avoid having topic removed. **** Hello. This is my first game which I made using Game Maker Studio which was part of my Creative Technologies course in Media Design School. Please check my game out with these links below...
  2. V

    I just made "Mandelbrot" in game maker :)

    It took me 15 minutes to render it in 1920x1080. sprite size is 1 pixel. Look at this beauty!
  3. A


    Hello everybody ! ! I am here to present my GM game ! The game is about a village invaded by Supay, a deity who loves to be worshiped and if he doesn't have enough followers, he will unleash his evil minions. This is when the players, as guardians of the place, try to save the people. So...
  4. Misty

    Alpha Half life 3: Unfinished Business

    This is called unfinished business because it is an unfinished game. I quit working on it due to depression. But you can see that it proves you can make fps games in game maker. I wonder if the folks at Steam are depressed too, and that is...
  5. Y

    Demo Mognor Wars: Redemption (With world play)

    In the an alternate universe exists Undergreen. A world that has been at peace for a long time. But 10 years ago a creature by the name Krogath decided to invade the world with is mognorians and capture it. Coming from a different universe using a machine called the time spiral. 10 years later...
  6. M

    Drag And Drop What are the easiest game genres (ex. platformer, shooter, etc.) to code using GameMaker 1.4?

    I'm new with GameMaker and I grabbed the 15 bucks bundle for the GameMaker: Studio 1.4 Licenses. I'm making a video game as a school project (in which you can do pretty much whatever you want as long as it has a goal to it), but since I'm a beginner, my capacities are pretty limited. So here's...
  7. A

    GMS 2 Need help figuring out how to make a Volume Slider! [SOLVED]

    All the code works fine, Variables and the "draw the slider" are in their own events. I just need to know how to implement sound change. thank you! Create Event: /// Variables value = 0; max_value = 1; selected = false; image_speed = 0; image_index = 0; Step Event: /// Code if...
  8. M

    How to create a menu like in “idle balls”

    Hi, I was searching everywhere but could not find a way to make a scrollable menu in game maker like in the game “idle balls”. So maybe someone could get me on track or show some examples on how it should be done. Thanks.
  9. W

    Code not working, help!

    Basically, I am making a sound board app and I want it so that when you press on a button, it plays the sound and changes the instance. When I press the the button it plays the sound, changes the instance but it won't change back afterwards. Here is my code: if (audio_is_playing(snd_druggo) ==...
  10. G

    Old Game Maker Game?

    I recently discovered a game from 2015 called Reassembly that is on Steam. It seems very similar to a game I used to play that was on the Game Maker website in the free games section (this was back when GM6 was almost new). Anyone know what the name of it was?
  11. L

    Android / Amazon Fire 1.5 Millions Downloads - The Cumbia Hero

    The Cumbia Hero Musical Rhythm GM: Studio With more than 1 million downloads The Cumbia Hero as intuitively the name is a game Guitar Hero style but with the Latin American musical genre "Cumbia" as the protagonist. In addition to that Cumbia Hero has a super internal structure, such as the...
  12. matharoo

    Crossover Fangame Jam

    Hey people of the GMC city! I'm hosting a jam on called the Crossover Fangame Jam. Read the description: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crossover Fangame Jam Welcome to the Crossover Fangame Jam! In this jam you must make a fangame...
  13. A

    Android / Amazon Fire Creating Virtual D-Pad for Mobile Game

    I have been trying to do this for 8-9 hours now, I cant get it to WORK! Every tutorial is either 4-5 years old or in spanish. Im a beginner and this is kinda frustrating that mobile implementation of keys can be this hard. I currently started with the tutorial: But the video involves Xbox...
  14. R

    Mac OSX Can't Run Demo Game

    I'm brand new to Game Maker Studio 2 and just downloaded the free version to try out. I downloaded their demo dungeon crawler game and clicked play and it loads until it gets to ' Writing Chunk... SPRT ' but then it stops. It still says building but no more progress is getting made. I can hear...
  15. H

    does anyone has knowledge with mobile game development and especially configuration with google play

    My Game 'Tap React' will be published until this year, but i need to setup my game first for google play services. if anyone know about that, pls contact me or add me on steam @epiXxishere
  16. GregFroning

    Android / Amazon Fire BowOff

    This is my first game I am releasing in quite a while, and I decided to include online multiplayer in the Android release. So with that said it needs a lot of testing and debugging so I figured this would be the best place to throw it up. It is an early version of multiplayer and I am going to...
  17. Coded Games


    Description: Static Overdrive is an endless space shooter. Defeat enemies to gain energy and points. Finishing levels unlocks new upgrades for your ship like heat-seeking missiles, increased firepower and other special power-ups. Each level features new enemies, attack patterns, and mechanics...
  18. H

    T.S.G.W.N.N (The Square Game With No Name) - My second minigame

    Hi chaps! I'm just over a month into my Game Maker adventures and I just wanted to share this small game i'm working on. It's now at a point where its playable but i have quite a few ideas for more to add so i class it as unfinished. So being only my second title and being a newbie when it...