1. N

    Platform Game Problem, Help? [SOLVED]

    Hi, i'm working on a platform game. Mechanic is you can take one block (like in minecraft, but 2d) and then put it somewhere else (you can carry only 1). I have a problem with this code, it won't create blocks. Before this my code created blocks when i press a button to take them, in one moment...
  2. O

    Team Request Modern 2D Board Game (Android) "Looking For Programmer"

    Hey everyone! Introduction My name is Oliver and I am currently in the middle of a concept design, I would like to see as a game one day. Its "somewhat" of a simple idea, since I believe those kinds of games have a much bigger success rate when it comes to actually creating a finished...
  3. G

    Idea What to name my game?

    Hey! I was thinking about what to name my game. So far I have: Swiping Fun Swiping Madness Swipe Fight Ninja Swipe I myself like 'Swipe Fight' the best. If you have any other suggestions or just want to tell me the best one then say! GIF:
  4. S

    Mac OSX Need to find save files on my Mac[SOLVED]

    Right now I'm testing the save file system for the first time and I can't find it anywhere on my computer. I have a macOS High Sierra if that helps. Also, I'm extremely new to coding so forgive me if I don't understand at first.
  5. F

    Discussion What would you do if game maker never existed?

    Well, I would look for something else, not discussing tools or names of tools, or I would probably be a bus boy in a restraunt. What would you do? If game maker never existed?
  6. K12gamer

    HTML5 DODGEBALL game I made in 2012...Upgraded in 2018...

    The first game I ever made...Originally made with GameMaker 8 then upgraded to GameMaker Studio 1. (Upgrade maintains original's non animated enemy sprites). HTML5 Version to play HTML5 version from Video (Shows all 11 bosses) GameJolt Download + HTML 5 Link...
  7. Smiechu

    Free Snejk (with project files)

    I would like to present you my latest game! SNEJK I had only one aim creating this game. Make something with help of Game Maker Studio 2 that one could call a "finished game". So here it is! The name "Snejk" is a Polish spelling for English word "snake", that means Snejk is a classic snake...
  8. M

    Discussion Simple Game Ideas

    Hello all, I'm very new to GameMaker and I'm not very good at it yet and I feel like the best way to learn is to create things and explore the possibilities. What I'm asking from you is to give me simple game ideas to just test my limits. Not a full out game, just simple things that I can try to...
  9. C

    Game Files

    How would I make it so players can't go into game files and edit or manipulate sprites or objects to change the game? Some say just Right click on the File and select "Properties" and check mark the "Hidden" box. However I wanna make it so players can't just show the hidden files and edit them...
  10. X

    Windows RagnumWorld I - Download Now (Updated 1.0.1)

    Name: RagnumWorld I Version: 1.0.1 Platform: Game Maker Studio 1.4 Description: Explore this amazing world RPG where there will be several monsters to battle, multiple quests for you to win many rewards and many items for your indestructible hero! Choose your hero name and come to know this...
  11. Mike

    Asset - Demo Ball Blaster demo I've started to release the sources to the "Game in a day" series I've been doing as free demos i the hope folk can learn from them. Ball blaster is a simple demo, much like the old Amiga/ST game "Ballistix" This demo shows how the...
  12. Freefork

    Team Request [FREE]Help work on a fighting game.

    Hello everyone. You might have seen me before. Well, that is simply because I am new here. I was wondering if anyone wanted to assist development of a game I made called "Freefork Game". It has a playable demo at this link: Currently I am working on...
  13. X

    Legacy GM Help with rpg game

    Hello from YoYoGames! I'm developing an RPG-style game and I need your help for some systems if they can help! Note: (I will put the taxpayer credits in the game). I need a system for multiplayer: I found several, but it's been a while since I moved GM: s 1.4, I ended up forgetting many things...
  14. D

    Free Space Rescue

    Earth is under attack. You are the only pilot known by NASA that can save this planet! hop on your jet and kill these aliens! Visit the games page!
  15. C

    RESOLVED: Roof changes to transparent when entering house(RPG Style)

    Hey guys and gals, I looked online but really couldn't find much for the following element I would like to add to my game. That being said, how can I make the roof go transparent when my hero_sprt goes inside the house, mind you I am using a physics world. Any help is grealy appreciated :)
  16. orange08

    HTML5 Surplus Snakes [Ludum Dare 40]

    Surplus Snakes is a snake game where every time you eat a pellet, a new snake enters the arena. Eat all the pellets to progress to the next level. Featuring music by Nicholas Short. Made in less than 72 hours for Ludum Dare 40. The HTML5 port was furnished the day after the deadline. Play in...
  17. orange08

    Team Request Need a composer for LDJam snake game

    I'm a game developer and I'm looking for a composer to work with me on a snake game for the Ludum Dare Jam, which ends in 32 hours. Here's a very early stages gif of the snake game I have so far: This game is not going to be commercial of course, but any composer who works on it will be given...
  18. H

    Android tap!react | 01-01-2018

    Tap React is the newest Game of 2018. It combines a colorful minimalistic design with an fast paced interactive gameplay. Further Information cooming soon'! Current Version: Alpha Release-Date: 01-01-2018 Made with GamerMakerStudio2. Youtube: GooglePlayStore...