1. M.G.

    Steam Leaderboard Problem

    I have created a best list in my Steamworks Game ..., And when you exit a certain mode you come to a room where there is an object with the following code: steam_create_leaderboard ("Name", lb_sort_ascending, lb_disc_numeric) steam_upload_score ("Name", global.score) This is to convey...
  2. M.G.

    Game Update Create ...,

    I recently exported my finished project from GameMaker. Now I've added a few new features, but after I've exported it, unpacked it and started it, it's still at the same level as when I exported it the first time. Do you have to pay attention to anything with updates?
  3. kipperthefrog

    GMS 2.3+ What are the most common causes of game crashes?

    I made a game, I divided all my textures in texture groups. if I play it for a while it crashes. What are the most common causes of game crashes?
  4. j.Mcjoy

    Firefighter tutorial game preview start with lag

    I been following along the firefighter tutorial by gamemaker great tutorial, i been able to make some basic games thanks to this, but i got a question that i can't find the answer anywhere at 52:53 in first part of the tutorial video, the game previews and lags a bit while jumping, ¿is this...
  5. RizbIT

    interactive coop game

    ive played a fps online game which allows 4 players to play together against a common enemy. you can team talk, and help/heal each other. but really you could complete the game just by playing yourself, its not true team work. so im asking is their such a game where you HAVE to play with a...
  6. B

    Ray Tracing x Pixel art in GMS2

    Hey GameMakers! My team and I recently began our gamedev journey with a new GMS2 project (name TBD). It follows a private eye, "Matt Thompson", in 1940s London. The narrative is not linear, and can change depending on your choices. Story aside, just wanted to share a screenshot of some of the...
  7. J

    How to create game modes

    Hello, I am creating a game in game maker studio 1.4, what I want to do are two game modes, I explain a story game mode and another by punctuation. I want two options to appear when I click on change game mode and when I click it closes and then when I press play it takes me to the one I have...
  8. V

    Need Help With Error

    So, I watched Shaun Spalding's GMS2 Action RPG Tutorial on Queuing text boxes and I encountered an error, which is this: ___________________________________________ ############################################################################################ ERROR in action number 1 of Draw...
  9. fg_Albin

    Windows Lilium Reach -An action platformer where you explore a forgotten region of space. |Demo available|

    Explore forgotten worlds in this action platformer that blends metroidvania like exploration with challenging combat and gear customization. Do you want to play it already? Check out our demo and give us some feedback! Development begun after a game jam in 2016, and the team consists of three...
  10. I

    Need help with collisions

    Hi, i just started using game maker, very uneducated in it but im trying to learn, and follow along with a tutorial for a game i want to make myself (using the tutorial to learn). I have followed everything done in this video ( ) and as far as im aware, my scripts are identical to his, but for...
  11. lost

    Released Apolune 2 - Deep Space Mining (with friends!)

    Official Site: Steam Store Page: Originally, I wanted to write a game for Atari VCS -- when TrogdarRobusto @ Atari VCS Backers Discord approached me. Unfortunately despite submitting content to Atari I've...
  12. otterZ

    Forum Game Game Idea Brainstorming Challenge

    This is just a fun game / challenge for creating new game ideas. Below is a bunch of random words that I found by randomly opening a dictionary. You will find your allotted 5 words next to your birth date, which you can then use to create a game idea /plot / concept / storyline. For instance...
  13. L

    The best 3D game engine

    Hello, where is the best 3D codeless game engine?
  14. I

    State Machines

    Hey guys, First time using GMS2 and posting. I'm running into issues with my state machine. I'm not getting any syntax errors, but the game isn't loading the states. Basically, I can't move after implementing the state machine. Any advice or ideas on what it might be? The project can't be...
  15. T

    Free Lines Wizard - simple puzzle game

    It is a first game I managed to make: from the beginning to the very end. A very simple idea: you have a field with colored balls, and the goal is to put ones with same colour in line to clear the game field. And new ones appear every turn. It is not a unique concept, but I wanted to start...
  16. B

    Is it okay to make a game maker in game maker ?

    I tried to develop a game creation program in Game Maker Studio. I heard that there could be legal consequences for that from my friend so I stopped developing it. I was wondering whether anyone could shine light on that for me. If I where to release it for free for example would that still be bad ?
  17. N

    When should i publish my Game?

    Hey there! I have currently worked on a dungeon-crawler project for some years now. Its not done though, since it consists of 3 zones/areas, and I have only made one and a half zone. Development is getting pretty slow and I could really use a kick of motivation to keep going at a decent pase...
  18. T

    Tethering item system

    Hi I am relatively new to GMS2 and game programming. I am looking for ideas on how to implement a specific type of inventory/item system. In my game I have the player control a space ship and collect items in space. I want to make a system where the inventory of the ship is based on the items...
  19. S

    my game doesn't appear what can i do?

    my game doesn't appear what can i do?
  20. Daniel Mallett

    Game jams

    I'm getting a bit sick of myself atm programming-wise. I'm sure the rest of the forum has had enough of me too at this point. I want a break from beating myself up. I wanted to have a crack at a game jam. I'm not seeing a whole lot of recent content for the next one. Can someone link me?