Beta KAFA II [Open Beta][Android]

    Hello everyone. After long time, I decided back to make game making. I published a game which name is Kafaa couple years ago. Even if Kafaa was finished, I cannot implement Google Play Services, in game store etc. Because I lost .keystore, Kafaa couldn't be updatable. Now, I am developing KAFA...
  2. V

    Android / Amazon Fire Game full screen and resizing

    Hello, I'm creating a game for the first time with Game Maker Studio 2 and I need the game (for mobile device) to be displayed horizontally and in full screen. For the horizontal view I solved from GM settings by setting landscape as the only possibility; for the full screen, and resizing on...
  3. BlackSt4r

    Windows GameMaker Studio 2 Update/Patch Game

    Hello community, I would like to know if there is a way to update/patch your game after release. Like fixing a bug or adding new content without having to re-upload the whole game again messing with the save file of the player. Is there anything like this in GameMaker Studio 2 or do i need to...
  4. F

    Dialogue System need Help

    Hey guys I'm new to Game Maker Studio and new to the language. I'm making a game and have been working on the dialogue system. This chunk of code was designed for characters respond to a set of choices, the dialogue starts by printing out the first element of the line_array, which it does, then...
  5. G

     Liber's Quest [Temporary Name]

    Hello all, I am posting this because I want to start engaging with the community and raise interest in my game. I have honestly just started working on it and I'm implementing the games base mechanics as we speak. It will basically be a "form" of an RPG with other genre elements in it. Currently...
  6. R

    Ideal Game Help

    Hi i am currently making a ideal game and I was wondee how I would go about making so it kept track of what you were earning when the game was closed. Many thanks In advance
  7. K

    room unlock

    I want to make sure that the player can only go to the next room if he killed all the obj_monsters instances of in the previous room the only way to do that is through global variables and etc? can someone show me how? (if I do that, my game is basically finished) (situation: i have some...
  8. K

    help to make room stop restarting pls

    In the game I'm developing, when you enter a room, there are monsters there, then you kill them and then you leave the room, but if you enter the room again, the room restarts and the monsters are still there, etc. Is there any way to make the room empty forever after killing the instances of...
  9. K

    animation before instance_destroy (help)

    i have this code for the enemy IA but when it dies the instance is destroyed without running the animation before how do i change that? mp_potential_step(obj_player.x, obj_player.y, spd, obj_colision) if (life <= 0){ sprite_index=spr_enemy1_death instance_destroy() }
  10. B

    GML how to make the character get items from the scenario

    I'm creating a platform game, and I don't know how to make the character take an item and capture it permanently or even for a certain time, can someone help me?
  11. SnakeULTIMATE

    Free Triple Triad TCG

    Triple Triad is a popular trading card game. According to the FFVIII Ultimania the card game was created by a psychic named Orlan who modified fortune-telling cards for use in a game, coining the official name "Triple Triad." Triple Triad was initially played among soldiers, but spread to the...
  12. A

    How can I let people play my game without the need for a game maker?

    I have finished making a game and I would like to put this game on a site and make sure that people without gamemaker 1.4 would be able to play it.
  13. K12gamer

    Post the best GameMaker game videos...

    Note: Post actual games... Not tutorials. Optional: Tell why you picked that particular video. I've been watching tons of random videos on Youtube during the "stay at home" crisis. Way more time on Youtube than on Netflix / On demand. Honestly thinking about getting rid of a lot of my X-finity...
  14. imTDB

    Want to know if there's some programming game made on Game Maker

    Hi, i just wanna know if you guys know any programming game, like Zachtronics style or even Human Resource Machine or Baba is You. I want to make a game of the genre and i want to know if it is possible. Thanks in advance :)
  15. Mercerenies

    Discord Games

    Discord Games This place has been existing in the shadows for a bit, but we're finally officially announcing our existence to the community at large. If you like play-by-post forum games, then you'll feel right at home on our Discord Games server. We're a community of gamers who like casual...
  16. Irinaldo Soares

    Drag And Drop The Player does not Move to the Right

    I followed the tutorial, and everything was going very well up to this point, where this fatal error occurred. I launch the game, the player walks without errors to the left, up and down, but when I click the arrow it does not go to the right. Can anyone help me solve it? (The tutorial I'm...
  17. M.G.

    Windows Highscore PC Game "Gull Hunt"

    Have finished a little game again. It is also my second PC game. "Shoot all the Seagulls and collect as many Points as possible." Characteristics: - Retro Style - Pixel Graphics - Chiptune Sound - Highscore Game - Different Enemy Types Link: Have Fun!!!
  18. Alaska Minds

    Windows Blac Demu (Action RPG - Hack and Slash)

    Hello All. I've created a project game named "Blac Demu." It is an action RPG that starts with a character named "Shadow-Man," that has been cast into Hell. You meet a gatekeeper and enter a portal into the underworld where you encounter the souls of the damned.... The rest has yet to come...
  19. D

    Discussion Best Game Engines?

    Hey guys, what would you say are the other best game engines, obviously Gamemaker is the best! but what other ones are quite good for creating games. I want to try out another engine, I am thinking Unity? Thanks
  20. EnderLost Studios

    GMS 2 application_surface resize

    So, I've got a pallet swapping shader. I'm running this in the Post draw event so I can use application_surface. Now the issue is, the application_surface is 400w by 250y and that's great! This puts a lot less work on the pallet swapper to change every pixel. Of course, after this, I use...