game speed

  1. Anixias

    GMS 2 Weird Gamespeed Glitch

    Hi, I bought a new 144hz monitor today and tested to see if my game could run at 144fps correctly. While it does run exactly as intended, I noticed a mildly annoying glitch. In fullscreen, it runs at 144fps. If I toggle into windowed mode, it runs at 60fps. If drag the window, it will reset to...
  2. F

    Windows Game Speed Doubles in Fullscreen Mode

    I'm having a really strange problem, and I can't figure out what's causing it. I just started using source control for my ~2-year-old game project, and I pushed all the game files to the repository. Then, today, I did some cleanup and deleted a bunch of extraneous objects and sprites I wasn't...
  3. G

    GML Is deactivating objects worth it?

    Does deactivating objects outside view and reactivating needed objects every step make the game really faster? Can doing that every step be rather bad for the game speed?
  4. RyanC

    Android Game Seems Faster on Low Resolution Devices

    Hi All, My game seems to be running faster on my older devices with lower resolution. The FPS isn't as smooth of course, but the actual game speed seems faster! Does anyone know why this could be?
  5. B

    Windows Alternative Synchronization and Stuttering

    Hello, im my 2D game I want it to run at 60 game speed on all systems. However, when i run it at 60 on a computer with a refresh rate that is greater than 60 a weird stuttering/distortion effect appears. When I enable alternative Synchronization it completly fixes the problem by setting the room...
  6. A

    GMS 2 How do you call the game's speed?

    in GMS2 how do you call the current game speed (basically what room speed was in GMS 1.4). i want to make a slow motion effect, so i want to call what the current game_set_speed' value(s) but game_set_speed is a function and doesnt return anything. any suggestions? im just trying to evolve
  7. MartinK12

    GML [SOLVED] What is the best way to speed up entire game and what should I be aware of?

    I'm making my tower defense project and now I want to speed up the game. But when I started to think about it, I realize that this might be more complicated :( I want to speed up ie. 2x, 3x, 4x Should I create some variable like game_speed and use it to calculate speed of each object, ie like...
  8. Gamerev147

    Legacy GM Super High FPS

    I'm running a GTX 1060 3GB OC Edition and I exported my game to a flash drive to play on this computer. I opened the drive and loaded the game as a Single Runtime EXE. When the game loaded a swear I was getting over 1000 FPS. It was like the game was in ultra speed. I tested the same file on...
  9. Samuel Venable

    [SOLVED] Adjusting room/game speed relative to lag in real FPS

    Hello community. I was wondering what is the best method to "hide" or "mask" the fact my game lags. To give more background, my Android game runs on my phone like a dream, in both the gameplay and the title screen. But on the OUYA/ForgeTV it lags a bit on the title screen, as there are large...
  10. Baku

    Discussion [GUIDE] Changing the Default Options (such as game speed!) for New Projects in GMS2

    If you're like me, you probably hate the fact that the default game speed of your new projects is 30 FPS, and want to have this be 60 instead, so you don't have to go in and change it manually every time a project is created. I've complained about this before, but I just found a way of changing...