game of life

  1. Let's Clone

    GMS 2 Conway's Game of Life

    GM Version: 2 Target Platform: Windows/Mac OSX/HTML 5 Download: N/A Link: Summary: I played around with Trijam last weekend and wanted to turn Conway's Game of Life into a 3-hour project around the theme Evil if more fun. It was so much fun to put...
  2. AlexDerFerri

    GML How to create Game of Life in GMS1.4 / GMS2

    CONWAY'S GAME OF LIFE algorithm in GML GM Version: Studio 1.4 / 2 Target Platform: All Download: see code below Summary: A nice Game of Life algorithm using GML. This method uses the GML data structure called ds_grid to make the algorithm run faster. We will make two grids: one for the real...