game not launching

  1. C

    Steam NEED HELP! "The directory name is invalid (0x10B)" Cannot run game on steam.

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get my game to run on steam but every time I install to play it comes up with the error "failed to start process , The directory name is invalid (0x10B)". the appbuild and depotbuild are correct, it all connects to steamworks correctly, the build is set to default and the...
  2. Elgarion

    Windows Game Maker 2 stuck at "building" : none of my games launch

    Hi every one, I've read here and here some complains about games that won't launch, but it doesn't seem to replicate my problem. If there's a topic that I've missed I'm sorry and I will delete this one. So, I hadn't launched GM2 for a month. I just did yesterday and was surprised (in a quite...