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    Job Offer - Programmer Proposals for Game Maker Studio programmers

    Proposals for Game Maker Studio programmers Wanted Senior programmer or development team with advanced knowledge in Game maker Studio 2 to schedule future updates of the following game like Among Us with more than 10 million total downloads: Game link...
  2. M

    How to check if certain number of objects are inside view?

    Hi, how can I check: if for example 50 instances of object are inside view[0] = stuff happens? thanks beforehand!
  3. M

    Pausing the game doesn't draw the paused game background

    I'm using the following code to pause the game, it works fine and all, but the one quirk i cant seem to fix is that the while pausing the game takes a screenshot of the screen, it doesnt draw that screenshot to the screen while paused (i want the paused game's background to show behind the...
  4. M

    About enemy objects' movement speed...

    So. This might have the easiest solution to it that i just cant figure out, but: i have this TDS game where an enemy object has two stances, patrolling and attacking. Patrolling means it gets a random direction and speed, and starts going around the level. (in Step Event) Then when the time...
  5. K


    For the entirety of the time I've been working on my current project, I have been having some issues the gravity, and slope collisions. The gravity of the game works fine as long as vertical speed has been increased beforehand, for example if the player jumps. If the player walks off the side of...
  6. M

    Recording your gameplay in-game, Age of Empires-like...

    So yeah, i get that this might just be a bit too far-fetched, but is it possible to code your project to kind of re-play a game you've played? That is, akin to several strategy games like AoE series, Rise of Nations, etc. where you can go to 'Recorded games' file and replay the game from...
  7. D

    Legacy GM GameMaker - Characterless drive

    GM Version: Studio 1.4 Target Platform: Windows Download: N/A (see video tutorial) Links: see below Summary: In this drag and drop video lesson I will show you how to create the character Liu Kang's move of the Mortal Kombat 3 Game in GameMaker Studio, without the need for codes or scripts...
  8. T

    Team Request Help with my smash bros game

    Hey guys this is TMC55, I'm looking for help for my smash bros game. I'm currently in a 3 man team but I'm not able to contact them, I haven't spoken to them for about a year now and the game is at a standstill. I'm currently working on the game in Game Maker Studio. I have 6 characters planned...
  9. D

    Source option 1.5 is no longer supported. Use 1.6 or late

    I'm having this error in game maker studio "Source option 1.5 is no longer supported. Use 1.6 or later" every time i try to make an apk for android :c what to do? i already download some of the newest api from SDK manager thanks
  10. YoSniper

    [SOLVED] 1D/2D array confusion

    Hello community, I recently ran into an issue using arrays that I don't remember experiencing in Game Maker 8. Basically, I am trying to initialize values to be stored in a persistent object that basically tracks my game data, and is responsible for saving to files and loading data back from...
  11. I

    Windows Fire of Surtr

    Hi everyone. This is the first ever game I made using GameMaker Studio for the Creative Technologies course in Media Design School. Please check them out by going to any these two websites below. DESCRIPTION In the Nine Worlds, two Valkyries have disobeyed Tyhe Word of Odin. For this, they...
  12. M

    GM8.1 file corrupts while importing

    Hi, a game i started back on GM7 Pro, and later continued on GM8.1 Pro, corrupts when trying to import to Studio 1.4. Pro. It seems to open, but then throws a message saying 'an error occurred while writing project.' It seems to open the game file with all the contents inside at first, the...
  13. YoSniper

    GML [SOLVED] Muting Audio Emitter And Raising Gain Crashes Game

    Hello forum. I am having an issue that I can't quite place. I am trying to make a game where the player can adjust music volume and sound effect volume separately. I am doing this using audio emitters, because I figured why set the volume on each individual sound index when I can simply change...
  14. T

    Legacy GM Moving Sprites (Players) according to a Random "Dice" Roll

    How do i make a character move when i use the dice and it tells how many spaces to move, so the players know how many spaces to move
  15. K

    Error reading assets from GMXFile "Config :: Configs\Default"

    I was loading the file in the image. But when I tried to open it with game maker studio standard it gave me an error: Error reading assets from GMXFile "Config :: Configs\Default" Any idea?
  16. S

    Problem with moving platforms

    Hi guys, how are you? im having trouble with moving platforms, i tried a bunch of stuff to fix the problem, but nothing works. So i have 3 objects for platforms: platform_hor (moves horizontally);platform_up (moves up). and platform_down (moves down). When platform_down gets to the bottom of the...
  17. A

    Legacy GM Need Help With Code : Math Game

    Hello World I really need help with my code I keep getting error messages and I'm trying to fix it, but I just can't get it to work. This is just a simple game created in game maker studio. This game is for a school project and I am on a little bit of a schedule so if you can, respond as fast...
  18. Radr

    [Diablo Clone (no title yet)] Devlog - fun attempt at a Diablo-style RPG

    Hey all, I'm just getting very excited now that I've got some of the framework behind my Diablo-style item generation and inventory going and felt the need to share it. I've been working on this project in my spare time for the last couple of weeks, and I've got a small few things working...
  19. ibrahim shersha

    Android Stop the Bug - My first Game maker studio Android game

    Hello everyone: After experimenting with game maker for almost two month i started working on a casual android game its not perfect but its addicting and challenging. Description: Stop the bug is an addictive and challenging game for everyone which has an unique game play...
  20. Necromedes

    MP_Grid With Tiles

    I am using tiles in place of objects for the walls of my map and understand that I can use mp_grid_get_cell to flag certain cells as forbidden for my AI path finding. I am unsure as to the method of doing this though. If someone could provide me with a code snippet example of how this would be...