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  1. sercan

    Discussion Why do some certain mobile features not come as built in GMS2?

    Hi, I am using GMS2 only for creating mobile games. I have android and IOS export, no any other. You know, almost all of mobile games, has basic icons as share, iap, leaderboards, achievements, etc. Looking at the purposes, many of them works in a same way I mean you tap share and a screenshot...
  2. FB-Productions

    GML [Audio] Live volume of a sound that is playing?

    Hi, I'm curious if it is possible to create a live/dynamic volume meter of sorts in Game Maker Studio 1 and/or 2? As in, is it possible to get some sort of value (adjusts itself each step; would probably be a float, ie a percentage) which represents the current "loudness" of the specified sound...
  3. DroidGames Studio

    Asset - Extension OneSignal SDK for Game Maker Studio 2 - Android - iOS WIP

    Hello community I want to share to you my extension OneSignal that implements the SDK from OneSignal to send remote Push notificactions on your games. Really easy to use! I'm working on a clear documentation. But here some basic steps to setting up: Create an OneSignal Account Set Up your App...
  4. sercan

    Android boxlide

    Hi, Here is my new android game made with GMS2 It is a simple looking game but i believe you will like it as you play it. I think you will love this game, especially if you like timing and reflex based games. There are many challenging levels to complete. To complete a level you need to hit...
  5. FoxyOfJungle

    Asset - Project Complete 2D Platform Engine (Source Project) >> v1.1 Launched! <<

    With this incredible platform engine, you will be able to make your own game without changing almost anything and at the same time having control of everything! Everything is very easy to customize, just change numbers or sprites and voila! [For Game Maker Studio 2] GALLERY: FEATURES...
  6. FoxyOfJungle

    SOLVED "for" statement problem... (trying to make a dialogbox)

    Hi. I have a ds_list, it contains dialogs for my dialogbox. How I make: CREATE: messagebox_list = ds_list_create(); messagebox_show = true; messagebox_n = 0; ds_list_add(messagebox_list,"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"); ds_list_add(messagebox_list,"This is a long history...")...
  7. Menik

    Emitter sound check [Solved]

    Hi this has been a bit of a head-scratcher for me. I'm able to get emitters and listeners to work. My problem is: when is it appropriate to free an emitter? I want to check somehow if an emitter is playing a sound, and if not then I want to free it. How do you check if a specific emitter is...
  8. Hyper Sarah GX

    Android Android External Storage

    I have, for a long time, wanted to create a simple Android app that lets you make pixel art and save it to your device so you can copy it to your PC later. This would be an amazing tool for development since I could just work on game assets anytime, anywhere. The one thing holding this project...
  9. FoxyOfJungle

    My new brand (Kazan Games Limited)

    > OLD LOGO (look at the last post) < My new brand for my company, Kazan Games Limited, formerly it was called Cube 3D Entertainment, was created in 2014, when the GM sandbox still existed, but now it is completely changing. (The logo is full vectorized). Curiosity: Kazan is a volcano in...
  10. K

    SOLVED Trying to make it so a sprite of an object changes if another object from a list is within that object's radius.

    Hello everyone, I'm making a Real Time Strategy game with game maker studio 2. I'm trying to make it so a sprite of an object changes if another object from a list is within that object's radius. The goal is to make it so when your troops are within the enemy's radius, the enemy becomes...
  11. FoxyOfJungle

    GML Turn string into ******** password

    What is the most efficient way to turn a string into something unread for use in a password textbox? Example: Password: 12345678 Password in the draw_text(): ******** I tried to use string_format() and string_replace_all(), but I don't know if I did it wrong. Is using loops the only...
  12. Skull_k

    HTML5 Spine bounding box with HTLM5 : Bug ?

    Hi, I did some tests and i think there is a bug on bounding box from spine in html5. So, I imported in GMS2 a skeleton from spine without a bounding box. I used draw_rectangle (bbox_left, bbox_top, bbox_right, bbox_bottom, true) for the red rectangle. Compiling for windows : OK Compiling for...
  13. FoxyOfJungle

    GML http_post_string: Can't get upload progress

    Hi! I am using http_post_string() to upload my "gamedata.dat" file to my server. It uploads perfectly and also downloads. On the server the PHP files and database are all working perfectly. The problem is that I can't get the file upload progress, just the download progress, which works...
  14. sercan

    Android Android SDK path cannot be found

    Suddenly Game Maker stopped finding the SDK folder in the determined directory. I am pretty sure the path is set correctly. I have changed nothing but it started to do this. I changed the location of SDK folder but still didn't work. I hope anyone faced this issue and has a solution.
  15. Alpha29

    Windows Online Levels System

    Hello, I just made a level editor for my game, and I will like to make that you can send a level in my server and other player can download it and play it (the server that I use is 000webhost) Can someone please help me how to make something like that? Thanks.
  16. FoxyOfJungle

    GMS 2 I have found a way to HACK HMAC hash Encryption

    I was recently looking at a safe way to be able to save the file without a regular user being able to modify the gamedata. So I made a system that works as follows to save the game safely: 1 - Save variables in a "ds_map" 2 - Save ds_map as JSON 3 - Save the JSON string to a buffer with byte...
  17. FoxyOfJungle

    SOLVED Stop running a part of the step event?

    Hi, I'm making a Clock and in some part I need to "stop" executing a part of the code, note below, every dn_phase == "anything", I need to execute what is inside only once, because the "clock_bg_fade_alpha" needs to be at "1" only once. I've tried using boolean, but I couldn't do it efficiently...
  18. S

    cant get off ladder

    hi! so I put in code to make it possible for my character to go on a ladder and go up and down, but when I get on it, I can go as high as I want even though the character isnt touching the ladder object anymore. also, i cant move left or right on the ladder, or even jump off of the ladder, so...
  19. FoxyOfJungle

    GML [Solved] ds_maps: How to save/load the room with instances?

    I am making a customizable game where the player will have to build a mall. How do I save all instances of 2 different objects and also save global variables such as score and others (All in the same ds_map)? I need everything to be saved in a ds_map and then use ds_map_write () Save/Load Code...
  20. M

    GMS 2 [Help] room_goto shuts down the game

    I have been working on a 2D platformer and I've made a menu for the game. I want there to be a option that you can click on that brings you to the tutorial room, but every time I click on that option it closes the game. code: switch (menu_index) { case 0: break...