game maker studio 1.4

  1. M

    [SOLVED] blurring screen edges

    Hi, how could I achieve an effect where the edges of the screen (view following the player) are blurred? So that you can see clearly the center, but the edges get blurrier. Thanks in advance.
  2. M

    reactivated instances don't activate

    So in my game when a match ends, you get a statistics screen. At this point i'd like it to work like a pause screen, in that the game freezes the background and then throws you the Stats screen after that. you get always two Statistics screens drawn, since one is for the player and the other...
  3. M

    how to track what object triggers an event on another object?

    Hi, kinda dumb problem but, I have a looot of objects in my game, and there's an Alarm event in a couple of enemy objects that is triggered by another object and I cant think of which one. Is it possible in cases like this to track down the object that makes this event happen? or should I just...
  4. phillipPbor

    Windows GameMaker: Studio Updater kept crashing

    GameMaker: Studio Updater kept crashing every time I click start. Is there a way to fix this? I already tried fresh reboot, no avail.
  5. M

    GMS 1.4. executables suddenly all run much slower

    I tested earlier this week, and all was fine, at least so it seemed. Tonight as i tested my projects, they were all running slower than usual. Much slower in fact. Can it be that a recent Windows Update caused this? I cant think of anything else that might have directly caused an issue such as...
  6. M

    how to exit code but not the whole Event?

    For a long time I was puzzled by why an enemy object's Create event wouldn't work (it would only play actions up until a certain point). Then I realized that in a code that is played in the Create Event, when certain conditions are met, it says the 'exit' statement; I originally meant for it to...
  7. M

    Drawn shadows overlapping issue

    So in my top-down viewed game, I have cloud shadows (transparent sprites) that occasionally fly over the levels. They overlap tho, causing the overlapping section to go dark, and it looks bad. I tried learning to use Surfaces to overcome this issue..... but honestly i dont have much clue how to...
  8. M

    motion_set seems to add speed?

    hi, I'm using motion_set() in my top down-viewed game to make enemies get slightly pushed backwards by a certain collision. collision event for enemies: pdir = point_direction(other.x, other.y, x, y); motion_set(pdir, spd); 'spd' is always a characters base speed variable. motion_set() is not...
  9. M

    [SOLVED] dividing a view

    Hey! Im having problems dividing a view. I want to do in Draw Event: view_xview[0] + 16, view_yview[0] / 2 so that it draws the text always in the middle of the view vertically. And then so that there are three lines of dialogue on top of one another, I want to reduce their y-var so they stack...
  10. FB-Productions

    GML [Audio] Live volume of a sound that is playing?

    Hi, I'm curious if it is possible to create a live/dynamic volume meter of sorts in Game Maker Studio 1 and/or 2? As in, is it possible to get some sort of value (adjusts itself each step; would probably be a float, ie a percentage) which represents the current "loudness" of the specified sound...
  11. M

    [SOLVED] saving and loading game

    Hey, my game doesn't either save or load the game, not sure which one is the issue, I have the Save Game action in Room End event in an object obj_savegame. In main menu, if I try to ever press Load Game, it does nothing, the game never loads. I tried replacing the drag and drop actions with...
  12. M

    Step event collision doesn't work

    So in my game, I can't use Collision Event for obj_enemy because obj_enemy needs to be marked as Solid, and that will stop it upon any collision. So I put the following in Step event to work around it: if place_meeting(x,y,obj_limit){ if escape=false{ direction = image_angle+180 } } The idea...
  13. X

    About Google Play For Legacy

    Hi everyone. I saw a warning like this. So as i understand we can't put our games to the google play store which is made by using gms 1.4? I am so warried about it. I have only gms 1.4. Please make clear this for me.
  14. M

    checking if an enemy is behind the player

    In my top-down action game I want to have it checked if an enemy is behind the player. does collision_line() work here, or only to check for objects in front?
  15. M

    help with collision from certain direction

    Hey guys, this seems like it shouldnt be too hard, but anyways I can't wrap my head around it. So in my top-down game, if the player is blocking with a shield, how do I make it so that enemy bullets (obj_arrow) coming from the direction the player is facing to, are blocked on collision with the...
  16. M

    collision between two objects always stop both from moving, while there are no Actions to do so

    So in my game, a bullet object should pass through enemy objects. it should flash (the bullet) when it passes thru an enemy. however, if i add a collision event between the bullet and an enemy object for either one, they both freeze in their place (stop moving). the collision event can contain...
  17. M

    if the variable for nearest instance = 1: stuff happens

    Hey, basically, I want to make it so that if an enemy object with a certain variable (effect) set to 1 comes near enough to another enemy object whose var is still 0, then that enemy object's var 'effect' also becomes 1. Sort of that the effect spreads to all nearby enemies from each other. I...
  18. M

    referring to an instance stored in a variable

    Hey guys, Im trying to have my game pick a random instance of an object (enemypar) and then store that random instance to a variable. Then, I'd want to refer to that variable in this a statement, for example: <variable here>.distance_to_object(playerpar) < 100 So that the randomly picked...
  19. M

    'Error : Unable to find object <undefined> referenced in event'

    Hi, so I deleted an object from my game which had many references. Instead of just deleting it, it spawned an error pop up when I deleted the object, and the object itself just turned into an <undefined> instance and didn't get deleted until I clicked delete on it again. After this, the game...
  20. M

    Minimap problem

    Hey, so in my game i'm using Minimap with following codes: Create: x1=0 y1=0 x2=room_width y2=room_height //these set the bounding box for the view of the mimap. //if x1 and y1 are 0 //and x2 and y2 are the room's size, the minimap will show every object in the room height=150 width=200 //this...