game maker 8.1

  1. T

    How would I go about making a level unlock and save system? (GM8.1 standard)

    Hey guys, So recently I started a project in which I have a mode in which you beat a boss, and then you unlock the next, and when you click the save button, it saves the progress that you've made and when you come back you can tackle the bosses you have unlocked. Defeating a boss sends you back...
  2. A

    Game Maker Canceled My Legitimate License

    I have been using Game Maker since 2006. For one reason or another I have ended up buying the Pro version 3 separate times, the last of which was in 2012. For subsequent iterations of the program, I would use my 2012 license key to update the new version. I am using Game Maker 8.1 for my current...
  3. S

    [GM8.1] Translating a score into sprites

    Okay so I tried my hands on the "draw" event because I wanted a score to show up but wasn't a fan of just having it in black arial so I wanted to have custom sprites to display the score instead! However, what I through was a normal task is more complicated than I thought! I hardly can find...
  4. S

    (GM 8.1) Big sprite stretching for no apparent reason

    Hello everyone, once again I am presented with a weird problem with my project. I have a somewhat large sprite (6507x698) to represent a race-track. But when I test it, the sprite's right side stretches horizontally until it reaches 6507 of width. This is so weird because the left side is fine...
  5. S

    Create Event launched twice

    Sooooo I have a weird bug in Game Maker 8.1 where my create event gets initiated twice (I checked, there was only one instance of said object in the room) Anyone would have any idea as to how or why would it occur? I can give additional details about this problem if needed!
  6. James222

    GM 8.1 LITE Pseudo 3d Star Wars Game!

    So for no reason at all apart from seeing lolslayers Pseudo 3d engine. I decided to make another silly pointless challenge to myself which is to make a star wars type FPS in nothing other then Game maker 8.1 LITE... Yes lite. So no d3d functions. Ill keep it up to date on here and post updates...
  7. C

    Prevent Creating Object Instance if a wall is above the Character?

    Hello I'm a newbie developer, who knows a little coding. So here is my situation, so i have a projectile that pushes my character every time he jumps, but i only want this projectile to appear if there is space above me, and i want nothing to appear when i'm jumping towards a wall before...
  8. N

    Game Maker 8.1 - Raspberry Pi, Compiling with Linux

    I was wondering if you are able to compile Game Maker 8.1 Games for Linux?
  9. N

    Animated "Loading" Image as GIF?

    Idk if anyone still uses GM8.1 but is there a way to make my loading image (for when the game starts up) as an animated GIF. I'm not sure if this needs to be coded in (if possible) because I tried it in global game settings and it was just the first image index.
  10. B

    Random spawning makes objects end up on top of other objects

    Hello everyone, I don't have a lot of experience in using game maker yet, so I hope you can help me out with the following problem. I am making a game in which a person in walking around in a supermarket and gains points by colliding with healthy foods and loses points by colliding with junk...
  11. P

    Issues with spaces with font_add_sprite()

    I am using Game Maker 8.1. I am trying to create a custom font using font_add_sprite(), but when I test the font it seems to act as though the spaces have a negative size. That is to say, whenever a space should appear, it instead puts the following character overlapping the previous character...
  12. M

    problems with my lights and shadow

    Hi, i have been trying for quite some time to create lighting for one of my game, but i am not very talented with coding. Using a bunch of tutorial and a bit of work of my own i managed to craft this frankenstein monster of a lighting system but there are a few issues which i couldn' t resolve...
  13. B

    Android GMS 1.4 has a BIG problem with fps

    To sum things up: I'm working together with a friend on a mobile game for Android. I'm a designer, he is a coder, and we're working with gms 1.4. I still own gm8 and I've noticed some bull****: -a project imported from gm8 and then compiled with GMS1.4 runs fine on android 6 devices -a blank...
  14. A

    Legacy GM A Modern Substitute for Sleep Function

    In the older versions of GameMaker (the Legacy versions up to 8.1), there was an action in the main2 tab of the object editor called the Sleep action which would have an object pause a game for a set amount of time based on milliseconds (1000 milliseconds = 1 second). Since Sleep is now among...
  15. M

    My character sticks into walls

    When I press a(for left), d (for right), or s (for down) next to a wall, it sticks to it, I've been trying to fix that issue for a while, but it hasn't worked. Here are some screenshots about the events and actions of my character and a video of how it happened