game maker 8

  1. V

    Is there any way to make game maker 8 a dark version?

    queria saber se existe algum jeito de deixar o game maker 8 em uma versão dark, o principal motivo é pq a maior parte do tempo que eu uso o game maker é de manhâ e fica cansando meus olhos ter que ficar olhando pra um clarão na tela do pc English version I was wondering if there is any way to...
  2. V

    Legacy GM wanted to know the basics for game maker 8

    P Eu queria saber o básico das linhas de código no game maker 8 é que como meu PC está muito ruim eu tive que usar este motor e não consigo encontrar Tutoriais em português na minha língua nativa então é isso obs:My version is professional MOD EDIT: Translation - " Q I wanted to know the...
  3. C

    Legacy GM Looking for a fast game maker 8 screen capture dll

    I need a screen capture dll for game maker 8 or earlier. I have found one while digging around in "" but sadly isn't fast enough for my game/program thing. Note that i am looking for a dll that captures the entire screen and not just the window :)
  4. J

    Windows Game Maker 8.0 Blurring Assets?

    This is my first post :)! I looked everywhere else, I found nothing that could relate to my issue... My problem: This is one of my game's asset: And this is how it is displayed on my screen: (Catured using PicPick, to avoid unwanted additionnal blur) My game's room is set as following...
  5. X

    Windows My First Two Games

    This game is more about the graphics.My first game.Simple and short game but it was quite alot of work.Made with Game Maker(free version.I cant remember which version it was but before the watermark),Poser and some freeware picture to sketch program.The music is a public domain jazz...
  6. Lord KJWilliams

    Assembler, GMS, and the issue of someone reverse engineering my game

    I used to have an old license of game maker 8 , that I got from yoyo games long ago - and at the time when it was around I remember there was a big issue on the forum, that the games it produced could be reversed engineered by someone to do something not intended. Now I have GMS 2, up to date...
  7. M

    Question about old executables

    Hey, so first of all please tell me wheres the right place for this kinda thread. My issue is that as with old GM7 and 8 games (at least) where the Lite version could only play 3 sounds simultaneously for some reason and crash if there played more, the same goes for old executables of Lite...
  8. B

    Sprites from previous game maker version

    I have Game-Maker 8, but I want the resources from previous version, especially 7. Does anyone know where I can find them?
  9. R

    Game Maker 7 Pro

    Hi. I'm a very longtime Game Maker user, but first time forum poster here. I am trying to experiment with video implementations. In Game Maker Studio I used GIFs to compensate for actual video, but the filesize increases tremendously. So I'd try and use Game Maker 8 Pro to implement video files...
  10. J

    Is this game feasible?

    Hello! Before I begin, I have to say I do not have Game Maker: Studio. I am using GM8.0 Pro. Unless I finally decide to get Studio, that is. I have an idea for a game. What do you think the efficacy is, of making this game in game maker: A simple, yet emergently complex, highly interactive...
  11. T

    Windows [Solved] - An unexpected error has occurred?

    A month ago, I was building on to my game. Everything was going fine until I tested my game. When I tested my game, I got this error: "An unexpected error has occurred when starting the game." I'll try to upload my game when I can so it can get dissected. BTW: I use Game Maker Pro 8
  12. LucasSchachtMusic

    [SOLVED] Mouse Over / D'n'D?!

    [game maker 8] Hey guys! I wanted to know, how to check a "collision" with the cursor. I'm making a simple drag & Drop function and started like that: If mouse left button is clicked, then move the object to mouse_x and mouse_y. Yeah, but right now it doesn't matter, where I click, and the...
  13. LucasSchachtMusic

    [SOLVED] Proper views?

    Hey I'm currently creating an own view, that is supposed to be exactly like the views you can create In the room settings. Everything works fine, except for the vbor. How can I set up a proper vertical border? My view is always fixed in the center because I used: view_yview[0] =...
  14. LucasSchachtMusic

    [SOLVED] Collect items only once

    [Game Maker 8] Hey guys! I'm making a platformer-adventure thingy game and I have a room with a lot of coins. Now If I would like the player to be able to collect them only once, what would be the best way to do this? They respawn everytime I come back into this room. Thing is: first I tried...
  15. R

    Getting a new Game Maker?

    Note: I'm not sure whether or not this sub-forum is the right place for discussing the idea of getting Game Maker Studio, but if it's not, please move it to the proper forum without penalizing me. The PC I'm using is a Windows XP, but I currently do not have Game Maker Studio. I have Game Maker...
  16. T

    knockback on Grid

    Hello folks! I have a couple of blocks in my room,than can be moved by player on a grid of 64x64. if I stop them on collision, they stop. Problem is they are not on the grid anymore, since collision happens afer 1px crosses the other. How do I solve that problem? The block should collide and...
  17. B

    Legacy GM how to maker player go up and down through the stairs

    in this image you can see when i am trying to make player go up and down through stairs but no collide with different object. what i want is i want player go through the depth controller object but other depth object like depth -2 or depth -6 will not interact to each others when player collide...
  18. B

    Legacy GM what is best collision code for this 8 directional movement? HELP!!!

    ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// if (keyboard_check(vk_right) && keyboard_check(vk_up)) { direction=45; speed=3; sprite_index=spr_walk_right_up; } else if (keyboard_check(vk_right) && keyboard_check(vk_down)) { direction=315; speed=3...
  19. A

    need help with having objects stick to each other

    So I'm moving my code from game maker 8 to studio, and the previous code i used allowed me to have the objects spawning at the top of the screen (fallers) stick with the object by the bottom which was catching it (catcher). The problem is that when it the fallers lands on the catcher, the...