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  1. S

    Windows Can't Export Executable GAME MAKER 2

    I originally got a game maker license on humble bundle and it included ios android and windows executionable files, but now in game maker 2 the license works and i verified everything should be working but it just dosent, i clicked in the top right of the screen and it wouldn't let me select one...
  2. G

    3D Trying to use MINOR 3D elements in Game Maker Studio 2

    Hey guys, I've been trying to build a game recently that uses some very minor 3D elements. Basically, in this game you will explore a 2D environment and occasionally pick up an item that you can look at in 3D. I already have a working 3D camera set up in a test room that I can manipulate, but I...
  3. T

    FPS not matching Room Speed?

    I have been wondering why my game's room speed has been fluctuating and I finally found out why. My fps value just won't reach my target fps. I want the game to be processed at 60 FPS, so, that's what I set the game speed to be. I get 40 fps when checking the actual value. However, If I set the...

    Android High Score Storing

    Hey yo guys! I looked some youtube tutorials but i cant see how to store high score on my game. Can you help me? I want to write player name and not delete high scores when i closed my game. Thank you!!! FOR ANDROID
  5. nnn1czech

    GMS 2 Memory: random drawing cards

    Nice day, (I do not know how much English - I translate in the translate.) edit: Are there any codes that operate in the Windows version, but in the version for HTML not? I ask because I found another tutorial on pexeso in GMS 1. In Windows version works correctly. But in HTML showing wrong...
  6. M

    Question - IDE GM2 Executable Creation

    When will the Executable Creation for the trial/free version of GM2 available? Please at least a Executable Creation just for windows.
  7. E

     Suggestion : Add the ability to re-import sprite sheets

    Hi, First and foremost, thanks to the Game Maker devs for the huge update that is Game maker studio 2. It improved many issues that I had with the editor previously. I have however one concern about the editor : At the moment, Game Maker Studio 2 doesn't have the ability to easily re-import a...
  8. G

    Dueling Devblogs

    Welcome to Dueling Devblogs, the blog where two good friends and game devs each make games as a way of discussing their outlooks on design philosophies. For more of our background and all blog posts you can visit - Both our games are being made in Game Maker 2, so we...
  9. Giammarco Agazzotti

    irandom_range not working

    Hi everyone. I am working on a randomly generated platformer with Game Maker 2 and as long as we talk about map generation it is doing pretty well. The problem comes when I have to spawn enemies around the map. My logic is: Create a list containing all the coordinates of empty spaces. Then...
  10. Scrydan

    Question - Code [Suggestion] Movable Instance Object layer/group

    I have been looking into this lately and been wrapping my head around the limitation of layer moving. For the past week I have been re-implementing some things in my old project while I looked into this. The layer system is quite cool and can easily in my opinion be used to manipulate whole...
  11. sercan

    Discussion Do GM1.4 projects work on GM2 ?

    Hi guys. I have been working on a game for a while. Now i am interested on buying GM2 but then what? Will I have to create whole game again? Or is there something about compatibility? Thanks.
  12. T

    [SOLVED]Write to text issues

    Hello All, I am currently trying to start a log file for my game for when I want to output some information, I have checked quite a few places now and I cant seem to work out why my game isn't successfully writing to a file and I am hoping someone can help me with this. If it helps I have...
  13. Y

    #Solved - Don't want alarm to reset.

    I have a game that I need to set an alarm after clicking, so in my click event I set an alarm and it would count to then I would be able to move again, but if i try to click while the alarm is running it just sets it again, I want it to set then not be able to be reset until I can move again.
  14. F

    Nav Mesh for game maker 2

    So i'm using game maker 2 drag and drop and wondering if there is an easy way to make a nav mesh without programing.
  15. B

    Windows Opening animated sprite not as individual frames

    I downloaded GM2 (studio) yesterday, though admittedly, I'm new at game design/art whatever as a whole. I'm not totally sure if this the subforum to post on or if I should try elsewhere but here goes notihng. I have a couple sprites that are animated. One is a character and another is a staff...
  16. M

    Question - IDE Create Executable function?

    I cant click on "Create Executable" in Game Maker 2 (v2.0.2.44) to make my game to an .exe. I use the trial version. Is this the problem? (Sorry for my bad english)
  17. Tthecreator

    Question - Code Draw gui event being disabled?

    I was porting over my windows 3.1 remake ( over to game maker studio 2, and noticed some weird behavior. Whenever open a new window, It isn't being drawn. It's there and it's step event is being...
  18. MEITdev

    Question - Code Texture Interpolation

    Hi there, I am just wondering if I am the only one. In my project I use the texture_set_interpolation method that has been replaced by the gpu_* methods. However it seems that the interpolation is not working for some rooms and is working for other rooms. Anyone experienced similar issues and...
  19. K

    Question - Code Drawing Auto-Tiles Through Code

    Is drawing auto-tiles through code possible yet without actually choosing the indices of the sprites within the tileset themselves? If so, how would I go about doing this? If not, can we expect a method to do so? That would be amazing!
  20. Tthecreator

    Discussion [4 nov]Benchmarks! (gms1 vs gms1yyc vs the new gms2)

    About these benchmarks: I'm currently in the process of testing and benchmarking the new game maker. What I want to do is to get as much scripts, functions, examples and features to get benchmarked to get a solid comparison how much faster gms2 will be. If you have anything to say about these...