game maker 2

  1. L

    Tower Defense End of Path Problem

    I'm making a tower defense game. But I have a problem. When my enemy get to the end of the path I want to know how to switch the room to a death or title screen. I tried doing if(o_enemy end_path(room_goto_previous)) but it gave me errors. If someone could reply to this with the code for game...
  2. C

    Windows AssetCompiler crash on Compile

    After spending a while away from Game Maker, I got back, uninstalled whatever version of GM2 I had and installed the newest version (IDE v2.1.2.257 Runtime v2.1.2.172) on Windows 7. When I try to testplay or compile any game, even in clean mode, I get this error message: The output gives me...
  3. G

    Battle to the End

    # Battle to the End – Description # Battle to the End is a retro arcade style 2D top-down shooter game set on a digital world with awesome game play. Try your best to survive an onslaught of alien scum and fighting your way out of the digital world. You and your friend take the role as Ben and...
  4. lukbebalduke

    Question - IDE GMS2 Quick freeze when creating a new surface

    Hey folks! I recently imported a project into Game Maker Studio 2, everything was working pretty well, except that the game faces a quick freeze every time I create a new surface (which does not happen in Game Maker Studio 1.4/EA). Does anyone know how to solve this issue?
  5. Erayd

    Design When/where/how to draw your game?

    I want to start a discussion about drawing in game. I want to hear everyone's opinions on this. Where do you draw all of your objects? Do you use surfaces for everything? If you use surfaces, what would you say are the reasons why surfaces are better than simply using each draw event? Do...
  6. L

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Moving an object in front and to the side of another object, with tank-like controls.

    Sorry ahead of time, I still feel rather newbish to all this. I am trying to make a few objects that move ahead as the obj_playerLocation moves about. The controls are tank-like, as if playing a first person dungeon crawler or such. Using Game Maker 2, this is the code that moves my...
  7. Simeon Arsov

    Windows Game Maker 2 won't let me scroll

    That's pretty much it. It won't let me scroll. I can scroll in my browser, explorer, anywhere except in game maker studio 2. I tried running as administrator, updating graphics, processor, disabling high DPHDHPI(or whatever) scaling, running on windows 7 compatibility mode and nothing works. I...
  8. Sawyer

    Path stop after his first movement

    Hello everyone, I have one problem with my paths, this is my code : if distance_to_object (o_player) <=100 { path_start(P_up_when_near, 12, path_action_stop, false); } Actually when i'm near to this object it moves and stop following the path. However if i move a second time near of this...
  9. Skull_k

    GMS 2 Collision with one object precise and one not-precise

    Hi, I use IDE V2.1.0.212 and run time In GMS2 manual, we can find the following sentence with the picture for place_meeting : "This will work for precise collisions, but only if both the instance and the object being checked for have precise collision masks selected otherwise only...
  10. G

    Windows game maker 2 crashing after logon

    it does exactly what is said , i log in and it crashes , even after some time it crashes , so i don't know what to do , my windows version is 7 but this problem continued when it was windows 10 back then , i don't know what to do ...-
  11. S

    GML How do I make an object move randomly?

    Hello, I'm fairly new to this whole game development thing, have mainly done pixel art in the past but no programming. So even the simplest things are difficult to comprehend for me, though I am more than willing to learn. What I'm wanting to do is make an enemy move in a random direction, for...
  12. S

    Discussion About upgrading

    Hi. I have a Gamemaker 1x professional license from humble bundle. I have added all the modules, html, ios/android, UWP through the yoyo games webpage. Now, when upgrading on yoyos homepage, it says i can either upgrade to professional for 59 dollars, or master collection from 49 dollars. I...
  13. M

    Question - IDE Game Maker Studio 2 Crashes on startup

    Hello I've just installed GMS2 (GameMakerStudio-Installer-, but it doesn't work. It crashes every time on startup. Can you help me please ? Here is my UI.log [20:28:26:353(3dc2)] ************************************** 05/18/2017 **************************************...
  14. sercan

    Android sprite_create_from_surface problem

    var surf; surf = application_surface; surface_set_target(surf); spr_test = sprite_create_from_surface(surf,0,0,480,800,false,false,0,0); sprite_save(spr_test,0,path); surface_reset_target(); this is the code i use to get a sprite from a created surface. In created sprite, the color pixels which...
  15. W

    Drag And Drop Help with health bar and lives

    Hello all! I am very new to coding and by new I mean this is my first go at it. It's a hobby I have always wanted to peruse so I do apologize for my lack of knowledge but hey, we all have to start somewhere right? I am using Game Maker Studio 2 Drag and Drop. I completed the "My First Game"...
  16. Wuzzems

    Question - IDE [SOLVED] If I buy GMS2, will I still be able to use GMS1?

    Reason is cause I'm currently making a game in 1.4
  17. D

    Discussion Particles not visible in GML projects

    Hi, I'm just starting with GameMaker 2 and I'm trying to use a simple particle system I just wrote. The problem is that particles are not visible in my GML projects and I can't figure out why, because apparently if I start a dnd project instead and convert the specific event to GML the...
  18. S

    Windows Can't Export Executable GAME MAKER 2

    I originally got a game maker license on humble bundle and it included ios android and windows executionable files, but now in game maker 2 the license works and i verified everything should be working but it just dosent, i clicked in the top right of the screen and it wouldn't let me select one...
  19. G

    3D Trying to use MINOR 3D elements in Game Maker Studio 2

    Hey guys, I've been trying to build a game recently that uses some very minor 3D elements. Basically, in this game you will explore a 2D environment and occasionally pick up an item that you can look at in 3D. I already have a working 3D camera set up in a test room that I can manipulate, but I...
  20. T

    FPS not matching Room Speed?

    I have been wondering why my game's room speed has been fluctuating and I finally found out why. My fps value just won't reach my target fps. I want the game to be processed at 60 FPS, so, that's what I set the game speed to be. I get 40 fps when checking the actual value. However, If I set the...