game maker 2

  1. Rover

    Demo Top down ARPG action game likes diablo

    This is my old project. Game maker: Top down ARPG likes diablo Inventory, more than 30 enemies, action game. 6 big maps. Level, HP, Mana, Gold. many items and equip. Map Armour, helmet... night and day, rain. You can download at: Thank for watching.
  2. Rover

    Demo action-adventure platform games like castlevania

    Hey, this is my old school project game based on castlevenia and now I will upload it. In this project: character, Inventory with items, enemies, weapons, sound. 2 maps. If you want it, you can download at: Thank for watching.
  3. L

    Collision between physics object and non physics object in physics room game maker 2

    i have a trouble for getting collision in my game.. i have physics room and some object .. i have two object with uses physics is active.. and i make them collision.. and it's still ok ... but when i'm try to add some object with non uses physics in my room physics.. the two object before...
  4. P

    Windows Endless building/saving when you press a button RUN (F5)

    Dear participants of the forum, help to deal with the problem of the endless building of the project when you click RUN (F5). building time ∞ I shoveled the Internet including this forum, but I did not find a similar problem. Perhaps the solution was somewhere nearby ... :( P.S. sorry for my...
  5. S

    GMS 2 DS Grid Error when collecting y variables

    ___________________________________________ ############################################################################################ FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Draw Event for object obj_draw: Error: Can not resize a grid with a dimension of <=0 at gml_Object_obj_draw_Draw_0 (line 13)...
  6. J

    GMS 2 gamepad_axis_check_released?

    Hi, Is there a way to get the same result with a gamepad axis as you would with something like "keyboard_check_released" it's just that I need that once the player has pushed the left analog stick on a gamepad all the way down, it adds a +1 to a variable I set up, but it won't add another +1...
  7. dynamic_zero

    Windows Game maker 2 frequently crashing when clicking 'import' on image

    Hiya, Frequently when I am importing sprites game maker just crashes, no error or anything it just locks up. I recently just updated from windows 7 to windows 10 and I never had this issue prior so I can only assume it is windows 10 related? Has anyone else experienced this and is there...
  8. 2

    Free Mono:UI - A GMS2 User Interface Library (v0.1.2)

    (Be aware: This project is still early in development.) (Not many features are currently available.) CURRENT VERSION: 0.1.2 DOWNLOAD LINK: zip - gz - bz2 MORE: Getting Started Wiki Issue Tracker Roadmap Mono:UI Mono:UI is a library for use with GameMaker Studio 2. It is meant to make...
  9. M

    Game Maker 2 split screen question?

    Hi! I currently got the new Game Maker 2 and I am confused with the new "camera" system. Can anyone tell me how can I set up a horizontal split screen? Thanks.
  10. A

    Do action to object if detecting object N,W,E or S of you

    This is a 32x32 pixel game if that matters. I want to detect if an enemy is in any of these directions of me and then preform an attacks. This is a tactical game if anyone wonders why I am attacking like this.
  11. M

    GMS 2 hexagonal grids

    with point hexagonal grid i want to know how to specify even row when code i have tried if ((xx mod 2) == 1) { mx = 32 } else { mx = 0 }
  12. Skull_k

    GMS 2 Platformer Pathfinding. Tutorial

    GM Version: Game Maker Studio 2 Target Platform: All Download: NA Links: Summary: This tutorial deals with platform pathfinding. I made 3 vidéos on Youtube to explain how we can implement pathfinding for a 2D platformer in game maker...
  13. S

    GMS 2 Require help with implementing silhouette effect with depth sorting system

    First of all, thank you for visiting and reading this request. The issue i'm currently trying to fix is the silhouette system as it only draws the effect while it is behind another instance that is not part of the list; instances not using the depth system. - All instances using the depth...
  14. E

    Android Landslide Ninja

    Good afternoon everyone! Today I'm proud to announce the full release of Landslide Ninja for Android and iOS! Landslide Ninja is a game that involves climbing as high as your skill can take you. Avoiding the merciless falling blocks and the ever-rising tide, players are forced to push...
  15. M

    Extension fails when calling specific function

    I have a DLL that works fine until I call this function void ca_cutscene_destroy() { struct struct_script_persistent_index * current_pointer = NULL; struct struct_script_persistent_index * temp_pointer = NULL; if(main_struct) { current_pointer = main_struct->head...
  16. M

    Mac OSX GamePad Input for shoulder triggers not working

    Hi, I've been building a game over the last 6 months, testing on MacOS Sierra. My game is setup to receive both keyboard and gamepad input (if a gamepad is connected). My scripts have been working perfectly up until this evening. After updating GM2 today it no longer recognizes all of the...
  17. A

    Question - IDE Can't open my game project

    I was working on my project today and I got a message saying "unable to save do to a error" I had just saved a few minutes before so I wasn't too worried. so I quit thinking I just need to restart GM2 but not I can't open my project at all :( every time I try I get this message "Project...
  18. D

    Android Resolution Problem

    Hi. I'm developing a simple android application using GameMaker Studio 2. My problem right now is that the application couldn't run without a black border at the edge no matter what resolution I run the app. It looks like the image attached. If you noticed, some parts of the keyboard have been...
  19. A

    Need help with level overworld selector

    I am imagining some type of level selector such as the over world of super mario world. I am new to game maker but am an experienced programmer. Is the best way to do this to use paths? If so how can a path be programmed to work with input. Press left... go to next index sort of deal. If...
  20. L

    Tower Defense End of Path Problem

    I'm making a tower defense game. But I have a problem. When my enemy get to the end of the path I want to know how to switch the room to a death or title screen. I tried doing if(o_enemy end_path(room_goto_previous)) but it gave me errors. If someone could reply to this with the code for game...