game maker 2

  1. zampa

    GML Object collision for moving wall

    So i have a wall in my game that is supposed to move, i set up a collision so that you can not walk through it, the wall has a path to follow and also it stops if it finds any object in his path. If i comment/delete in the create event path_start(); the collision works as intended, but if it...
  2. R

    Question - Code Is there any way to export project to later import as a package?

    So i have made a customizable menu system in GMS2 and I wanted to know if there is any easy way to export the whole project and its assets in some sort of package to later import it in other projects. I also wanted to know if is it possible to update that imported package because if i detect any...
  3. R

    Windows Game Window takes 1 minute or longer to open

    IDE version is and Runtime is I am not sure what would even cause this problem, my game is still relatively small, the actual build itself is finished within 5-10 seconds, but after running my build(F5) 3-4 times the game window starts taking 1-2 minutes to open. After...
  4. R

    how can I by an object that moves in a circle to follow my persoagem?

    Variables: cx = room_width/2 cy = room_height/2 r = 100; theta = 0; theta_spd = 2; That is the code of circlel: theta+= theta_spd; if(theta>=360) theta-=360 { x = cx+lengthdir_x(r,theta); y = cy+lengthdir_y(r,theta); }
  5. C

    Windows Cannot compile on Windows

    This is a problem I had last year, but which I managed to solve by going to an older runtime which I can't download anymore meaning that I cannot compile any game at all using GMS2 now. I am on Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1. While on the latest version, IDE v2.2.1.375 and Runtime...
  6. Mert

    Android Word Chain - Random Word Guessing Game

    Store Description: You'd have to guess the next word with the letter that's given to you! As much as it looks "easy" it's actually harder than you think! "This is basically the game we used to play. You get a random letter and create a new word with it. Then, you get another random letter from...
  7. O

    RPG Battle system stat formula.

    I looked up to see how to figure this out and found out that what I'd need to know is in math I haven't taken yet but I tried to make this anyway. //Stats HP(Health Points): EP(Energy Points): Strength: Determines Attack strength. Endurance: Determines damage absorption. Accuracy...
  8. S

    Android Problem with admob ads on android

    Hello all after 3 months of hard work i was able to accomplish my game its a wonderful word game. i want to profit from ads and here the problem start first i follow the instruction in this help page...
  9. J

    HTML5 Calling HTML Files In Your Game

    This is just a little question I had that I could not find an answer for. Is it possible to call an HTML file/game in a Game Maker project? For example, lets say I had an RPG Maker game and wanted to export it to console if I were to use a method to have it be activated in Game Maker would it...
  10. J

    Question - IDE Able to export 1.4 trial projects to a paid Game Maker 2?

    Can anyone tell me if I can export a project created in trial Game Maker 1.4 to a paid version of Game Maker 2? I am developing my first game to be a Pong x Breakout clone and found it easier to get it started in 1.4 than 2 (stuff like bouncing off objects and such) and even planning on...
  11. V

    Drag And Drop Spawning Enemies at random locations outside room

    Hey guys, so I am using Create Instance to create an Enemy Instance. I've set the X to be chosen between the X co-ordinate of 8 different instances of a spawner object. I've done the same for Y. Now the problem is, enemy instances are sometimes created inside the room since it chooses X and Y...
  12. A

    How to destroy a specific instance?

    Hello. I am making a game (mostly under the Shaun Spaulding tutorials) and I just want to make the bullet disappear when it hits the enemy. I'm not too sure how to go about this, most of the time it just destroys all of the bullets instead of just the one that touched the enemy. I am new at this...
  13. J

    Windows My Project Wont Load

    My project won't load when I try to open it, it only pops up with a pop up. How do I open my project and what should i do?

    Discussion Android Compile Error (GMS2)

    Hey guys! I have a problem when i want to export my project to android platform. My sdk, ndk and jr are ok but there is always same problem. Can you help me? clang++.exe: error: no such file or directory: 'D:\andSdk\ndk-bundle\sources/cxx-stl/stlport/libs/armeabi/libstlport_static.a'
  15. J

    GML Need to know if there is a way to do this

    In Game Maker Studio 2 you can make groups for your objects, sprites, ect. My question is, is there a way to use those said groups, in GML? Example : if (place_meeting(x,y,Bullets)) { instance_destroy } Instead of making an if statement for each individual Bullet type, I want to make a...
  16. D

    GMS 2 How to make Automatic Tiling detecting other tiles

    Hi guys, hi was wondering if it was possible to make the Auto Tiling to detect nearby tiles even if they are not part of the same Auto Tiling library. Here's what i mean. As you can see the Auto Tiling doesn't take in account the other tiles and so they are not continuous. Is it possible to...
  17. T

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Issue with the room_goto() function

    Hello everybody, I am new to GameMaker. I have been programming a management/card game for the past 2 months, and right now I have an issue that I cannot solve by myself. That is why I need your help. What I am trying to do It is very simple. I want my hero to switch room when he collides...
  18. D

    Question - Code Help! I can't import Spine Files - "Invalid JSON File"

    When I create a sprite from image and double click the .json file, I get error "Invalid JSON File". That's all the compiler will tell me, so I don't know what's wrong or what to fix! I've attached a screenshot of the error popup. My .png, atlas and json files are all in the same folder with...
  19. Rover

    Demo Top down ARPG action game likes diablo

    This is my old project. Game maker: Top down ARPG likes diablo Inventory, more than 30 enemies, action game. 6 big maps. Level, HP, Mana, Gold. many items and equip. Map Armour, helmet... night and day, rain. You can download at: Thank for watching.