game maker 2

  1. Wile94

    GMS 2.3+ Tile Collisions + Physics Engine interaction

    Hi, I saw a similar question from an older thread but it didn't gave me the answers I needed, so: I have a tilemap-collision based platformer in which I wanted to add a rope for the player to jump and grab. I didn't know how to code such thing from scratch (joints mechanics and advanced...
  2. GONE

    GMS 2 I always take damage even when I jump on top of the enemies

    Hello everyone, I am making a platformer and wanted the main way to kill enemies is by jumping on top of them. I added this code to my game and discovered that no matter where I jump on them I take damage. here are my codes Oplayer // attacking if(instance_exists(Oenemy)) {...
  3. M

    When Collision create instance

    As you can see in the code, when ufo touches an object it should create a protection object and remove it after 60 frames, but for some reason it doesn't.
  4. R

    Windows Any chance to recover empty .yy / .gml files?

    Hello, I'm kinda new here and I wonder is there any way to recover a corrupted game maker 2 projects? There's a power outage in my area, and my pc just went out right when I'm writing some code in the game. Is there a way to recover it fast? I'm making the game for the opera game jam, and I'm in...
  5. Pelican Police

    SOLVED Black screen on HTML5 export

    So I ran my game for the first time in a while exporting as HTML5 and... black screen. It loads, and then just goes black. I assume it's not running because no sounds play either. The game runs fine in normal compile. I've added so much since I last had a working html5 build. Are there specific...
  6. R

    How can I destroy an object when it collides

    ¿Cómo puedo hacer que cuando la bala golpee el bloque se destruya automáticamente en Game Maker Studio 2?
  7. K

    Asset - Extension Cloud services using Gamdato API(Online Leaderboards, Cloud saving, Achievements & more)(FREE)

    Download: DOWNLOAD FOR GMS2.3+ Gamedato offers a set of cloud services for game maker developers, this asset includes different scripts to send and recive data from an API. You can manage all the offered services using a friendly web portal. Create an account on and see all the...
  8. P

    Windows Help It wont let me download GMS 2

    Hi, I am new to this forum and forums in general. I bought GMS 2 (99$ forever version) probably a year ago and haven't been having any issues until recently with a new windows update. I do not have the app anymore (like it is not anywhere on my computer) and when I try to download the newest...
  9. 3

    SOLVED how to get view xport and y when using camera_create

    I followed the camera tutorial by Shaun Spalding oCamera create event camera = camera_create(); var vm = matrix_build_lookat(x,y,-100,x,y,0,0,1,0); var pm = matrix_build_projection_ortho(1366,768,2,-1000); camera_set_view_mat(camera, vm); camera_set_proj_mat(camera, pm); view_camera[0] =...
  10. zendraw

     SUGGESTION Game Maker 2

    i suggest there be an option where you highlight some code and compare it with another code and it highlights the diffrences betwean the 2. so after that you can set the diffrences to variables and delete one of the codes. this is not only effective but it will help teach newbs about using...
  11. 3

    How to create Lobby for Multiplayer

    I want to start on a small multiplayer project. My goal is to play with about 3 to 6 friends online. The idea is that if no servers exists in the lobby one player creates the server which then shows up in the lobby and the other ones can join. Is this even possible to achieve with game maker...
  12. Necromedes

    Pixel Collision with Sprint Button?

    I've started work on a top-down, action rpg of sorts. I'm using Shaun's platformer code as a base until I finish watching his tutorial on action rpgs. I have the code set up for horizontal and vertical collisions and those work just fine. However, I have set up a sprint/dodge key that increases...
  13. A

    Help with running paths & timelines

    Hi, I imported a game made from GM Studio 1.4 into GM Studio 2.0, and learning GM 2.0. (FYI, I don't know much about GML) However, the conversion doesn't seem successful. In my game, with a mouse click, it was supposed to run action_path(), action_sound() and action_timeline_set() at the same...
  14. A

    GMS 2 Help with black screen in GM 2

    Hi all, I'm a GM2 beginner. I made a game using Drag/Drop on GM Studio 1.4 and imported the old game from GM1.4 into GM2. However, when I run the imported game on GM2 and click a button (i.e., button named "accept_practice_F1" from the screenshot), the game screen goes black and it crashes...
  15. yvodlyn

     No Name Game

    Hi everyone I create my first level for my no name game. I wonder if someone can tell me if the level is good for a first level? Take in mind that this game will be an hard game. At first I wanted to publish a desktop demo but I just have the license for mobile publishing. So, I just take...
  16. netscaped

    Camera panning not working

    Hey all, I'm very, very new to gml, but what I tried to do here was to slowly move my camera to the desired coordinates (It's a very uh, pixelated game, so 1px per loop wouldn't be too slow), but it doesn't seem to do anything except freezing the game up. I've tinkered with it for a while now...
  17. DjennyFloro

    Shaders Progressive construction shader

    Greetings everyone, I am at the conceptual stage of my shader (not coded since I am trying to lay out how the shader should work). The goal is to animate the construction of a building. Here's what I want to achieve: step 1: the first row of pixels is some kind of neon blue glowing (1px...
  18. H

    GML Stop sprite on last frame in object

    So i have this seriusly problem and i don't know how to make it working, i have this on my step event: if (image_index >=6 && image_index<= 8)&&(sprite_index == spr_sonia_down_right){ image_speed=0; image_index = 7; } The thing that i want is that on the last frame...
  19. B

    Game Maker 2 to 2.3 Problem

    I recently changed game maker 2 (where everything in my game worked fine) into 2.3. I just found out my problem where when I go into certain rooms the game crashes due to too many objects, which I don’t have too many of. In game maker 2 the game never had a problem and this only occurs in 2.3. I...
  20. Marko03970

    GMS 2.3+ Lightning system

    Hi, I have problems with the lighting system in gms2. I made classic lights with surfaces, and I added shadows too. It's working well, but when I turn on 3-4 lights it starts lagging. Does anyone know any great tutorial or any advice on how to make it faster? Thanks