game maker 1.4

  1. Zuurix

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] keyboard_last_char + Press <any key> event problem

    I'm trying to improve spaceship renaming for my game, I'm using this code to rename in the Press <any key> event: The problem is that strange things happen when I press Tab, Caps Lock, Ctrl, etc. How can I prevent non-symbol keys from ruining the name? I used to have a script that would...
  2. C

    how do i make a working conveyor belt ?

    so i'm making a 2d platform game and i want to use some conveyor belts but i kind of can't figure out how do to it. i looked around and everyone's solutions either make my player just stand there or only move right. so anyways hoping i can get an answer because i want the conveyor belts to move...
  3. C

    Android compile failed - please check the compile window for any additional infor

    when i export googleplay ( ) I see this error compile failed - please check the compile window for any additional infor I import it and deleted it and I get that error, I just want to advertise my game :c it does not let me...
  4. gdkid

    Android Scaling Troubleshooting [GMS:1.4]

    Hi guys I have a problem with scaling, in some specific Android phones, it shows the screen like this. The big one is the scaled version, while the smaller one is the original size. I can't figure out the reason for that. You can see the attached image of error. Thank you in advance.
  5. yvodlyn

     Space Race

    Hello everyone here is a mini game that I created in 24 hours. I will need your feedbacks. The game has a two players mode and a player mode. When you play alone, you have to do the most back and forth before the time out. When you play with someone, whoever makes the most points wins. For...
  6. N

    Legacy GM [EDITED}

    I think i am going to see if there is some built - in alternatives that GM:S 1.4 has.
  7. N

    Windows Japanese font in game maker?

    I am currently attempting to figure out how to get the font "Pomeranian" which supports both English and Japanese keyboards to work in game maker (Game Maker Studio 1.4) But it would seem that every time i select it in game maker (it is a open type with a true type lay out) it is read as a...
  8. P

    Released Willy's Wine - an innovative puzzle game

    Help Willy get his barrel to his side across the room by building a bridge using crates in a Tetris-like manner. There are currently 20 unique levels. Each one with a collectible coin to provide an extra challenge. The game is available on for whatever price you believe it's worth. It's...
  9. M

    License key

    Hey I just wanted to know if anyone knows how or where I can get a license key for game maker 1.4 ?
  10. Brenden

    3D Projection of a cube

    My goal is to draw a 3D cube made out of primitives, for each face, and have the perspective of the cube to be off centered to look toward the top left corner a bit. The one problem is that I want the front face to be perfectly 1 to 1; That means that it should look as if you were to draw the...
  11. yvodlyn

    Windows [HELP] How To Make Player Wait His Turn?

    Hello, does anyone know a simple way to allow the player to wait their turn? Let me explain. There are two players, Player 1 and Player 2. Each player has a maximum of 5 steps. After the 5 steps of a player falls to zero, he can not move. He leaves his turn to the other player. Would anyone have...
  12. yvodlyn

     Tap Tap Fire

    Are you missing a tip of pizza? Want to know who will have the latest tip !? So you decide to play Roche Paper Scissors !? But you only make bad games! Well, I have the solution! Come play Tap Tap Fire to find out who will have the latest pizza. In this game, like the Rock Paper Scissors, you...
  13. O

    HTML5 [SOLVED] Issue using ini_key_exists in a for loop

    I'm trying to programmatically place a series of buttons on the screen. The amount of buttons depends on the number of keys in a given section of an included ini file. What should happen, is that the code loops through a number of times defined by the max number of buttons, checking to see for...
  14. M

    Legacy GM [Solved] Top down shooter enemy wont turn 90 degrees at walls

    I am attempting to make a system whereby my enemy turns 90 degrees in the direction that there is no block to collide with. The code: if place_meeting(x+lengthdir_x(turnradius,direction),y+lengthdir_y(turnradius,direction),obj_block) { direction += 90; if...
  15. M

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Trouble With Array

    I am trying to make a main menu using an array in Game Maker, and am using the following code to initialize it in the "Create" event. For the life of me I cannot figure out why it isn't working. I am getting the error: Error at line 1 pos 5: Assignment operator expected. So apparently the...
  16. M

    Legacy GM Missing Android support library 27.0.3

    I was looking for the most up do date librarys and I found, that the Android support librarys are no longer avalible to download past a certain version. They are now only avalible on and not for download. This may be fine for developers in android studio or eclipse, but game...
  17. O

    Program crashes in room editor

    Usually I use the mouse wheel to change the scale of the room editor and it works just fine. The magnifying glass icons with the +,- and = signs are supposed to work for that too right? I wanted to set the ratio back to 100% so I pressed the one with the = and it crashed. When I reloaded, I...
  18. Y

    Legacy GM button press as mouseclick

    hey is there a function or something that basically says hey this is actually a mouse press. I'm trying to make a controllers gp_face1 button to act like when I click it actually acts like a mouse click. is this possible? or a function that lets me change the mouse position to equal that of an...
  19. Y

    Legacy GM object not following gamepad

    So I'm trying to make my object move according to where the left stick of my controller is pointing I copied this code from another object I'm using that seemed to work just fine with this code however this object doesn't here is the code: var haxis = gamepad_axis_value(global.gamepad...
  20. G

    loop freezes game

    I got this little piece of code in my game and when it "activates" it freezes my game heres the code dash_right_now = false//dashing as we speak if (keyboard_check_pressed(ord("X"))) { if (!place_meeting(x,y,obj_solid)) { dash_right_now = true while...