game maker 1.4

  1. D

    Legacy GM c_ Not working?

    I'm trying to make it so that when my enemy dies it creates an effect that's red and it just isn't working. Here's my enemy destroy code:effect_create_above(ef_explosion,x,y,1,c_maroon); All I need it to do is create an effect with the color I want but that doesn't work. Any help would be...
  2. A

    Legacy GM Wall problem with Point and Click Adventure

    Hello, everybody. I have a question in Game Maker Studio 1.4. I am still a beginner and need help with a Point and Click Adventure. Right now I have: a player who is controllable with Point and Click a Pathfinder AI using a grid a collectable object (still without functions and inventory)...
  3. yvodlyn

    Free Avoid

    Here a small game for the new year,Avoid. I made it because, we all avoid the last year for this year. In this game, you have to avoid enemies to survive. I hope you will enjoy! Happy New Year! I wish to everyone health, success, peace,love and MONEY See you next time! Play Store...
  4. T

    Legacy GM Strange issue with ds_map and room IDs

    Dear fellow developers I've recently run into a rather strange issue with my current project. Some Info: I'm making a platforming game with a overworld for level selection. Now, I create a ds_map of the levels with the key being a number from 1 to the total number of levels, and the value...
  5. DroidGames Studio

    Asset - Extension Chartboost SDK for GMS 1.X

    Hello and welcome! I'm new here on Yoyo Games Forum but I have 5 years using Game Maker Studio and creating games for Android, Windows and HTML5. In the last week I've been working on one Extension for Game Maker Studio and I made one to use Chartboost ads on your Android Game. Chartboost is...
  6. J

    Legacy GM Editor Screwing Up?

    When creating declaring any variable like... at all even in a new project where the only object is declaring a variable creates a FATAL ERROR saying the Variable is not set before reading it. I am pulling out my hair about this as nothing went wrong till I added a new variable and even after...
  7. J

    Legacy GM Dnd Refreshing Instances

    What would be a good solution to make blocks in a breakout/pong game respawn when the ball goes off screen or if y is less than 0. I got it right now where the instance is destroyed when the ball touches a breakable block but trying to recreate the instance with alarms is troublesome. Dnd is...
  8. J

    Legacy GM Flashing Text

    I don't know exactly how to ask this question but how can I draw the text to Flash when a point is scored in Game Maker 1.4 as seen in the gameplay below the idea is for the score to flash in tune with the beeps after a point is scored. I also attached both screens of code for the ball/adding...
  9. J

    Legacy GM Refreshing Rooms in 1.4

    What DnD element or code can I use to refresh the room and its objects when I press a key (example like escape to go back to the title screen)? I tried the restart element when pressing the button but that seemed to do nothing. Also oddly going back to the title screen removes the sprites of the...
  10. J

    Legacy GM Logic Error?

    I am using 1.4 for a simple pong clone however, there seems to be an error in my DnD for scoring. The idea is that if person A scores 1000 points then person B loses 500 points and vise versa. However, I have the error in which if a person has 0 points and the other scores the person who scores...
  11. wilmer

    GML Implement Spine functions for a State Machine

    Greetings to everyone in the Community: I need help with this, I have some codes that are to create a State Machine for the enemy, a fighting game, you see that there are some variables that assign different Sprites for each state, but I prefer to use Spine 2d Animation to create the animations...
  12. J

    Layering Objects In A Room

    How can I layer objects in the room editor? For example in the screen below I want the score text to be above the colorful HUD sprite.
  13. J

    Best way to center an object in a room.

    Can anyone tell me what is the best method/command to center an object in a room? I am making a simple Pong clone for my first game and would want to know using a snap on grid of 32x32 where the best position of the ball is. Thanks in advance!
  14. J

    Question - IDE Able to export 1.4 trial projects to a paid Game Maker 2?

    Can anyone tell me if I can export a project created in trial Game Maker 1.4 to a paid version of Game Maker 2? I am developing my first game to be a Pong x Breakout clone and found it easier to get it started in 1.4 than 2 (stuff like bouncing off objects and such) and even planning on...
  15. B

    Legacy GM Error in Step Event0[SOLVED]

    I'm making a game using networking, and I got this error, this shouldn't be a networking error, but I couldn't understand why this was happening. Can someone explain this error, I never made the variable oClient.T , and I’m not trying to read it in the code. Also, I am not sure why it says...
  16. Edwin

    [SOLVED] How can I update my GameMaker: Studio v1.4.108 to v1.4.999?

    I have a Steam version so I started getting this error: ...looks like when the update came out. Also I started getting script error from this site: Sorry for russian words, but the problem is same...
  17. Rover

    Demo Top down ARPG action game likes diablo

    This is my old project. Game maker: Top down ARPG likes diablo Inventory, more than 30 enemies, action game. 6 big maps. Level, HP, Mana, Gold. many items and equip. Map Armour, helmet... night and day, rain. You can download at: Thank for watching.
  18. Rover

    Demo action-adventure platform games like castlevania

    Hey, this is my old school project game based on castlevenia and now I will upload it. In this project: character, Inventory with items, enemies, weapons, sound. 2 maps. If you want it, you can download at: Thank for watching.
  19. N

    [SOLVED]Error in "else"

    Hi, I'm using game maker 1.4 32 bit on my computer, and I've run into a problem. I've been trying to follow a tutorial. and as usual; It fails somehow. I'm getting Error in Object objPlayer, Event Step, Action 1 at Line 21, Position 4: Unexpected symbol in expression. when I try...
  20. G

    http_get error

    Hi. I having problems in Game Maker Studio (v1.4.1804) When i do http_get i have the error: Error 317 while formatting message for 122 in InternetCanonicalizeUrl HttpError:Error 317 while formatting message for 87 in InternetConnect I think the url is very big, but i dont resolve the...