game maker 1.4

  1. K

    GML Im making multiplayer game, but i dont know how to make that players would have moving sprites.

    I did all other things, but i only dont know how to make other players have sprite when they are moving? I can send project if you want. I did everythink like in this tutorial(there ), with some tweaks, but they dont matter:
  2. F

    How to avoid the respawn of the enemies when I re-enter the room

    Game maker 1.4: I put an enemy in the room, but even when I kill him, when I enter again in that same room, he spawn again with the full life. How can I avoid the enemies that had already dead of spawn again?
  3. wilmer

    GML Spine Animation - animated character to the left

    Greetings to all: I am a user of Spine and not if this is common, normally the characters in Spine are designed and animated looking to the right side, but I have a villain character that looks to the left side. The problem is that having it to that side, in Game Maker everything changes, the...

    GML How to set Diagonal Speed for 8 Directional Movement

    My players speed is set for 4 but for my code attached I noticed that when I move diagonal (Up Left/Right & Down Left/Right), the speed is faster than 4. What can I do to adjust the code so that the speed remains the same for each position? if keyboard_check(vk_up) && place_free(x,y-4) {y-=4}...
  5. ruwcom

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Interact with an enemy with a precise collission

    So I made a state where you grab an enemy and throw it away, this happens when the character is directly in front of the enemy, touching it, this works fine but when I'm walking over them, having the foot of the character touching the enemy, the code detects a collision and activates the throw...
  6. DeadBot

    Textures pages and game load time

    [Solved] I have a question regarding a games load time. I read in the documentation that in the Windows platform all texture pages are loaded into memory. If these texture pages are 4096 x 4096 and there are more than 100 in total, will this impact the games startup speed? If so I would assume...
  7. M


    So the characters in my top-down strategy game form footprints to the ground when they move. I've implemented the following code for the characters ('units): Create: canprint=1 Step: if canprint=1 { if !place_meeting(x,y,waterpar) { if speed > 0 { instance_create(x,y,footprints) can_print=0...
  8. Hamdy Elzonqali

    Free Can You Finish The Game ? (Android)

    You think you can finish it all ? .. Well, It's not that easy! "Can You Finish The Game ?" or "CYFTG" is a puzzle platformer about escaping from the cave. Can you reach the end? .. I don't think so! You can download the game at for free! Play Now! link -->...
  9. Z

    Legacy GM [Solved] Game decided to break for no reason

    Hi, I've spent a few months on and off working on a game, and I decided to edit it today for the first time in a month. I haven't touched it since the last time I worked on it, and no one else has either. So something caused the car object to break. Everything else is fine, the player...
  10. M

    Legacy GM Problem with Attack Animation

    I'm making an action platform game (I have a lot of project), and want to make my character attacking with a melee weapon. But my character doesn't attack. Instead of attacking, he plays the walk animation (because the stand sprite is the first image of the walk sprite). Here is the classis...
  11. Bros Before Giraffes

    Free RED HOT VENGEANCE - 3D Twin Stick Shooter

    He had one rule: No killing women or children. When a hitman is double-crossed by his employer, he brings forth a night of carnage and bloodshed. RED HOT VENGEANCE is a twin-stick shooter, drawing inspiration from games like Max Payne and Hotline Miami. Main features: 10 level campaign with...
  12. Adriano_ppaula

    Android APK compatible with 64-bit devices

    Hello everyone!! :) I'm needing help in the APk build part for android for GM1.4. As of August 1, 2019, all apk in google play will have to be compatible with x_64 as can be seen in this link: I would like to know what...
  13. C

    Problems with html5

    Good day, can you find out how you can place 2 applications html5 on one page? Only 1 application works, when placing the second image on the same page, it does not work here's the code for one <html> <canvas id="canvas" width="999" height="499"> </canvas> <script id='edit_src'...
  14. D

    Legacy GM c_ Not working?

    I'm trying to make it so that when my enemy dies it creates an effect that's red and it just isn't working. Here's my enemy destroy code:effect_create_above(ef_explosion,x,y,1,c_maroon); All I need it to do is create an effect with the color I want but that doesn't work. Any help would be...
  15. A

    Legacy GM Wall problem with Point and Click Adventure

    Hello, everybody. I have a question in Game Maker Studio 1.4. I am still a beginner and need help with a Point and Click Adventure. Right now I have: a player who is controllable with Point and Click a Pathfinder AI using a grid a collectable object (still without functions and inventory)...
  16. yvodlyn

    Free Avoid

    Here a small game for the new year,Avoid. I made it because, we all avoid the last year for this year. In this game, you have to avoid enemies to survive. I hope you will enjoy! Happy New Year! I wish to everyone health, success, peace,love and MONEY See you next time! Play Store...
  17. T

    Legacy GM Strange issue with ds_map and room IDs

    Dear fellow developers I've recently run into a rather strange issue with my current project. Some Info: I'm making a platforming game with a overworld for level selection. Now, I create a ds_map of the levels with the key being a number from 1 to the total number of levels, and the value...
  18. DroidGames Studio

    Asset - Extension Chartboost SDK for GMS 1.X

    Hello and welcome! I'm new here on Yoyo Games Forum but I have 5 years using Game Maker Studio and creating games for Android, Windows and HTML5. In the last week I've been working on one Extension for Game Maker Studio and I made one to use Chartboost ads on your Android Game. Chartboost is...
  19. J

    Legacy GM Editor Screwing Up?

    When creating declaring any variable like... at all even in a new project where the only object is declaring a variable creates a FATAL ERROR saying the Variable is not set before reading it. I am pulling out my hair about this as nothing went wrong till I added a new variable and even after...
  20. J

    Legacy GM Dnd Refreshing Instances

    What would be a good solution to make blocks in a breakout/pong game respawn when the ball goes off screen or if y is less than 0. I got it right now where the instance is destroyed when the ball touches a breakable block but trying to recreate the instance with alarms is troublesome. Dnd is...