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  1. R

    GMS 2.3+ problem with sprites

    hello guys, I come to ask for help here with a problem with the Game Maker, more precisely with the sprites. well, i have been working on the project for a while until the last update came out a little while ago, ok so far, everything is ok but i realized that in this project i am having a...
  2. B

    GMS 2.3+ Particles going in and out of rooms

    I started trying to understand particles and I pretty much was able to understand step by step. Although this may be the case, I (of course) had a small problem. In my game, one room would have a snow particle, when I go into the next one, I don't want to have the snow particle, yet it still is...
  3. K

    GML Im making multiplayer game, but i dont know how to make that players would have moving sprites.

    I did all other things, but i only dont know how to make other players have sprite when they are moving? I can send project if you want. I did everythink like in this tutorial(there ), with some tweaks, but they dont matter:
  4. M

    direction problems with enemy object...

    So in my top-down game sometimes the enemies run away from the player. I added mp_potential_step to the enemies' running away code, but then it got difficult. I had to somehow add the directions away from the player to the enemies' mp_potential_step_object() code. this is to make the enemies...
  5. TWSICommunity

    GML Has anyone achieved designing a OTP game maker script?

    I've noticed there hasn't been a TOTP or HOTP around in game maker studio before but has anyone really achieved this before? I'm looking at designing a sort of test game where a developer would use a 2FA code to enter in some sort of dev mode. If it's impossible then please let me know, it's...
  6. M

    Checking if all certain objects in the room are in an area?

    In my game, I need all objects of certain type in a room (obj_enemy_par) to be in contact with another large object for an event to trigger. I couldnt wrap my head around how to do this, to see that there are no obj_enemy_par - objects anywhere outside this 'area' for the game to proceed...
  7. M

    Pausing and resuming a 3d sound

    In my 2d strategy game i use a lot of 3d sounds using emitters, and they work just fine. Mostly, it means an object plays a sound once, or an object plays a sound and is then destroyed. Often my code is as follows, Create: emitter_id = audio_emitter_create()...
  8. M

    Checking if there's a certain number of objects on top of/in contact with another object?

    How could this be achieved: in my top-down strategy game I have a big object, and I want to have stuff happen when there is a certain number of another type of objects on top of it / in contact with it. Lets call, for example, the big object 'obj_big' and the other ones 'obj_small'. So basically...
  9. M

    Way to check if any other key than a certain one is pressed?

    So there's a reaction minigame where the player has to press always a certain flashing key. How do i make it so that if the player presses any other key than that one specific, stuff happens? Thanks beforehand,
  10. M

    Legacy GM Help With a Script

    I'm trying to make a chain lighting attack, by making the "bullet" jumping to the next target (max 3), but I think I'm making in the bad way. Here is the script in the bullet //Create target = ds_list_create(); ds_list_add(bersagli, "obj_enemy"); ds_list_add(bersagli, "obj_enemy")...
  11. D

    Android Ayuda, BUILD FAILED. Unable to resolve project target 'Google Inc.:Google APIs:13'

    Hola a todos!!:) He estado tratando de exportar un juego para Android. Tengo Game Maker Studio v1.4.1567, Windows 10(no se si afecte la versión de Windows). Al momento de querer generar el APK en la ventana de compilación aparece este error: -build-setup: [getbuildtools] Using latest Build...
  12. CheatingPenguin

    Need Help With Platformer Slopes

    Hello everyone. I have a player object that is a square. It can move left and right, collide with walls, and jump. However, I want to add slopes. Currently, my Slope Object's parent is obj_solid. I want to figure out how to make the following code make the player look for a slope that is no...
  13. M

    Legacy GM Leaderboard for different levels

    Is it possible making a different leaderboard for each level in a game?
  14. M

    How to exit a code but not make the object exit the whole Step Event

    In an object's Step Event theres a piece of code. If certain conditions don't meet in this code, i want the object to quit the code, however not the entire Step event - the rest of the Step event outside the code i want to go on as usual. I tried with exit; but that didnt work. Or is it supposed...
  15. A

    Play Games online

    Hey guys, There is a website where you can upload your Game Maker (Studio 2) projects and play them in your browser. So can you put this link on a website and other people can play it? Thank you in advance!
  16. G

    Discussion Game Maker Studio showed up in my steam library

    i don't know or rebember how this happened, one day it just appeared in my steam, it's some error? I'm asking because if i make games and post them it would be illegal, so, admins, you know anything about this???
  17. A

    PopUp Menus in Game Maker Studio 2

    How to create Pop Up menus in Game Maker Studio 2? I mean whenever the player stands next to any object and presses any particular key, a pop up should appear, how can i do that? Just like in a game when we approach towards any shop or something and we press any key so that shop's pop up window...
  18. N

    Windows Japanese font in game maker?

    I am currently attempting to figure out how to get the font "Pomeranian" which supports both English and Japanese keyboards to work in game maker (Game Maker Studio 1.4) But it would seem that every time i select it in game maker (it is a open type with a true type lay out) it is read as a...
  19. L

    Android problems targeting Android

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to create a game on Android using Game Maker: Studio. I've followed all the step described here : and I can't run a game on my phone. When I test the game using the...
  20. P

    Windows Spacial Fight III

    hello this is the third spacial shooter and the most serious one, i would like to check it and see if you can tun it in your computers, because i passed it to several friends but told me they cannot play it, sometimes got stuck. URL of the game...