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  1. S

    HTML5 HTML Web Socket functionality on

    Hey guys. After figuring out all the little quirks of porting my buffers and what not to html (html doesn't seem to like float buffers), I got a local browser client (the one gms2 provides with the play button) up and running and connected to a host client version of my game. But I'm noticing...
  2. NathanAuckett

    Game Jam DreamHack Summer Jam is May 10th - 19th! Awesome prizes!

    Come have fun while making a game based on the surprise theme! Join the action and use this opportunity to try out some of those new game ideas you’ve been working on by taking part in the Dreamhack Summer Game Jam! Prizes: First place winner will win $1,000 USD, 3-day event passes and a...