game jam

  1. cloopadoop

    Game Jam The Buswick 2016

    Gam Makars! I run a gamedev competition every year. It's called The Buswick. Here's a vimbobulon with info: The challenge is to make a game by the end of September with the theme Fail to Win. The prize is a fancy 3D-printed trophy. More details at the site: I'd love...
  2. paddingtonbear1

    New Member

    Hello all I've just recently joined the forum, and I'm interested in participating in a Game Jam. I know one has recently finished, but are there any ideas as to when there will be another one? Thanks :)
  3. ShaunJS

    Game Jam Ludum Dare 36

    LD36 has just passed! I just about managed to maintain my LD participation streak and built a thing in roughly ~7 hours. Here it is. It's rubbish, haha. did you enter? If so what did you make?
  4. T

    Free Tera-Turbine, a one button arcade thing

    Howdy everyone, here's one of the creations I'm the most proud of: Tera-Turbine. It's a tiny little frantic arcade game that only requires one button to be played. Get the best score in 30 seconds and prove to the internet that you're the strongest and most beautiful human being in the world...
  5. G

    Demo The Mascot Forest

    I made a quasi-survival horror action roguelite game for the Meatly Jam on Game Jolt! You play an average joe, lost in the forest after dark, chased after by evil mascots. Yes, really. Now, you have to try and escape the forest with nothing but your gun, your bullets, and your wits. Features...
  6. Misty

    GMC Jam My game jam game.

    Okay, so this is killing me...after i submitted my game to the jam I realized it had a lighting bug...causes the lighting in one level to be yellow instead of purple... Here is the version you need to have...don't download the old and buggy one I uploaded to game jam... Version 007...
  7. D

    Windows Spirits of the Forest

    Spirits of the Forest Gamejolt Postmortem Spirits of the forest is a precision platformer with 30+ levels. Originally made for Ludum Dare 35 and slightly improved upon. The wolf-spirit Zanakalth has severed his ties with the forest-keeping spirits and is on a self-serving quest to...
  8. Nocturne

    OFFICIAL GMC Jam Welcomes You!

    This forum is exclusively for the great GameMaker Community Jam! This event is held every three months and is a celebration of GameMaker and making games in general. The Jam runs over a span of 96 hours (four days), normally from the last Friday of the month (Jams start at noon on Fridays)...