game jam

  1. GameDevDan

    Free Non-Stop Space Probe 🚀 - Amaze Me Game Jam Entry

    Take control of the Orblr-1 Space Probe and blast chaotically through the cosmos on your mission to collect precious minerals. Fly through 40 levels avoiding dangerous space debris and collect the gems before heading to the goal. There's just one problem... once you've started you can't stop...
  2. Tsa05

    Asset - Scripts Photoshop to JSON to GameMaker

    Free Cross Platform script for Photoshop + GameMaker Import Scripts + Sample Project objects. Also, see the end of this post for a vital Photoshop workflow trick related...
  3. Posho

    Discussion Game Jams in LinkedIn or Curriculum

    Recently I received a job proposal through LinkedIn and it made me cringe at how I cluttered most of my Game Jam entries (over 20) as individual projects in my profile. What's the best —professional— way of displaying Game Jam entries on a LinkedIn or curriculum? Or are they better off not...
  4. Widget

    Windows Polterheist (Jam Game) page here! Just download and it's playable. Instructions included in-game. --- Game jam theme: Seeing is Believing Time allocated: 48 hours --- Everything was made by myself aside from music. 'Rebel With Dangerous Ideas' is from the album 'evereffervescent' by HALLEY LABS.
  5. crisiworks

    Little Lost Robots

    Little Lost Robots was a game I made for BTP game jam. Because of the positive response I've gotten from it, I decided to take it up to commercial level and am now a month from release on and Steam! Little Lost Robots is a puzzle game in the spirit of Zachtronic games: help the robots...
  6. S

    GML [SOLVED] Writing into included .txt

    Hi, I am trying to figure out the theme of the GAAAAAAAAME JAAAAAAAM ! I am making a small software wich reads a word list, and writes the 8 characters words in another file. Both files are included .txt. analysedWord = "0"; fileRead = file_text_open_read("sourceList.txt"); { do {...
  7. A

    Windows ARMAGEDDON (GM48)

    ARMAGEDDON Armageddon is my entry for the gm(48) game jam! Created in 48 hours with the theme Countdown, the objective of the game is to stay alive and garner as many points as you can. The environment grows more evil as time goes on, and death is inevitable... Very basic list of features: 4...
  8. NimNom1234

    Is anyone else going to do the OGA Summer Jam?

    I know I've been getting art together for it. Curios if anyone else is :)
  9. Widget

    HTML5 WATT - My submission for The HEART JAM

    Go to the page to play the HTML5 version or download the executable version (which runs better). --- WASD - Move Space - Interact Find the button, then the door to progress. Use light to navigate through rooms filled in pitch black, which may or may not have something chasing you. Made...
  10. gmx0

    Crypto Jam ($100 in prizes, 3/29 - 4/4) Jam Page Hey, y'all, I'm hosting the Crypto Game Jam over at! There will be a $100 in cryptocurrency and a premium newsletter subscription prize to the winner of the jam. The jam will run from March 29 to April 4. The aim of the jam is to create a great game with either a...
  11. Master Maker

    Team Request Team needed for JamCraft game jam!

    Please Close: No longer needed
  12. Chris Smith

    Portfolio - Audio Chiptune Composer Available for Game Jams

    Greetings! My name is Chris, and I've been making music for half my life, however I would like to start working more exclusively on games and gaming related entertainment. I haven't worked with people much. So for right now, to gain a little experience working with people on a project, I have...
  13. W

    Fringe gamejam theme (gamejolt)

    Soo the theme for the gamejolt slamdance game jam is FRINGE... it's possibly the worst gamejam theme in worst gamejam theme.. HISTORY! I googled fringe to see what it means and mops and haircuts were 99% of the search results, please someone give me some ideas on what kind of game would...
  14. Gregory Tapper

    Team Request Looking for a 2D Artist for a Game Jam

    Looking for a 2D artist for a 1-2 week game jam sometime in May. Please be able to commit! Bonus if you live in Austin. Possibly this adventure jam from May 5th - May 19th? But open to anything. Will be using GameMaker 2. Flexing my GML. Willing to make...
  15. A

    Windows Xtreme Blaze Surfing

    What is this game about? Created for this year's Global Game Jam, this shoot'em-up (shmup) puts you in the role of a surfer riding waves of lava while fighting waves of enemies with ice powers inside an active volcano. The lava waves can act as both obstacles and defences. As you destroy...
  16. A

    GML Other checkpoints disappear when I collide with specific one

    When I touch obj_checkpoint it is set to change its sprite when it's activated (collide with player). But when the checkpoint I collided with changes its sprite, the other checkpoints disappear. The reasoning behind this code I got from this video by Shaun Spalding. I'm not sure what the...
  17. Dragon47

    Free Gerridae (2D puzzle platformer fit for speedrunning)

    Gerridae Download: This was my team's entry for Global Game Jam 2017, a 48 hour game jam where the theme was "waves". It is a 2D puzzle platformer consisting of 6 levels where you play as a water strider manipulating water to make...
  18. jop

    GM2 - Project Wiped

    I'm working on a game for Global Game Jam and upon saving and relaunching, all files in my project were rendered blank. The images for cache are in my %appdata% but all objects and all files for the objects contain event information they had previously but no code...
  19. Phil Strahl

    My LD36 post mortem [video]

    It took me two months to make, but now it's finally done and since Game Maker was my engine of choice, I thought I also share my little video documentary about me participating in the jam:
  20. B

    Game Jam (beginner/intermediate)

    Hi everyone, So... for myself I was thinking of joining a game jam and ofcourse I saw the big official "game jam" forum at the top of all forums. But after thinking if I should join or not I realised that I wouldn't even have a change to win. Not that I have to win, but there are lots and lots...