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  1. L

    The best 3D game engine

    Hello, where is the best 3D codeless game engine?
  2. B

    GMS 2: Realistic First person shooter engine!

    Hey guys! So I've found quite a lack of 3-D engines in GMS 2 that actually look good and have smooth gameplay, so I made one myself! It's a 3-D FPS engine that runs on GML. I imported it from GMS1 to 2 after working on it there for a bit, and I'm finally publishing it! Selling for 2.99 USD on...
  3. F

    Design Creating an executable from within a gamemaker game/project

    Hi Everyone! I'm new here, so I'm not entirely sure if this is the ideal place to pose this query (I was tossing up between posting this query here or on the programming forum), however I was wondering if it was possible to create a gamemaker game/project that had the ability to create a .exe...
  4. 65c102

    Super Mario Game Engine djrellik ?

    Years ago I remember seeing a super mario game engine on the gamemaker forum written I think by a member called djrellik but I could be wrong about the member name There was a version for GM 5.3a which i would really like to take a look at, ive tried the search here but couldnt find it If...
  5. H

    Job Offer - General Help you with your Game Engine

    Hi guys, So I am offering you all help with your games. I have a Fiver account and have set up a gig to help with Game Maker game engines. Check it out, and share it around!