game development

  1. ObsidianTrance

    Development Side-scroller game process

    Just a quick random, but curious question. Has anyone experience or know anyone that has attempted a metroidvania type game? What would the budget average around, development time if solo or two three others? I'm wondering as I might want to attempt such before long soon as I have a little more...
  2. G

    Portfolio - General Seeking 8/16 bit style games for Inspiration

    Hi I am writing a NEW Album but I need some inspiration. So, I decided to offer a trade! Game Dev - if you have a game that is at the point where you need music and want to see what it's like for a composer to write to it live, I can stream it! If I stream it on Fridays, I average about...
  3. Daniel Mallett

    Pixel art games

    Can anyone shed any light on why 99% of game maker games are pixel art games? There are plenty of posts out there in the wild suggesting that 'of course game maker is a propper language', 'of course you can make 3D games', 'of course, you can make professional games' and of course you can. My...
  4. G

    Creating a save/load system..

    Alright, so i'm gonna come right out and admit it, i am no coder. I am not a math guy. As such, i find myself enjoying to make games while using the drag and drop system. However, i started to work on a bigger more complex game and decided i wanted to have a save progress sort of system. My game...
  5. Andrew R. C. Beck

    A Simple Game - How Would You Approach It?

    I am curious to see how you guys would view and approach the task if someone asked you to "Make a quick, simple game"? :)
  6. FlashyAlpaca

    Game Mechanics Drawing Layer to Surface Smaller than Room Size

    Ok, so here's the rundown: I'm trying to draw only the currently visible part of a tile layer to a surface. This is because I'm implementing a system in the game where a Wall tile section will fade out when the player is over top of it, giving a simulated depth to the layer. I've managed to do...
  7. M

    Released Typr - How Fast Can You Type?

    In Typr you test your digital typing skills. Type the word on the screen correctly and score points, the faster you type, the more points you collect! Buy right now on Devlogs: Facebook page...
  8. F

    Alpha Big Rock Candy Mountain (Working Title)

    I've been working on this project for a little while now - it's my first game and I'm still learning the coding language, but I think it's starting to resemble what could ostensibly be considered a game. It's going to be a fast-paced, melee-focused metroidvania. It's still very pre-alpha, I...
  9. Shavv

    Portfolio - Programming [Commisions Open] Experienced Programmer available for Hire

    About Me 14+ years of experience in Game Development. Based in the Netherlands, time zones are no issue because of flexible schedule. Specialized in building unique concepts. Highly motivated for interacting with new projects. Exeprienced working with clients for over 6+ years. Doing services...
  10. B

    Would this be useful?

    would this be useful here?:
  11. Z

    Free FlappyTurd - 2D - Platform+Shooter

    my first game in GMS, entirely made from scratch. started with a flappybird ripoff then turned it into a platform shooter experience. it has 4 levels with different types of obstacles and are some screenshots: LEVEL 1 LEVEL 3 LEVEL 4 you can check more about the game and...
  12. Z

    Help on creating multiple different enemies by one instance

    I want to place the same instance in one room but i want them to behave differently like one should use path1 and weapon 1 and other should use path 2 with weapon 2 so on. is there a way to make something like this? scripts, built in function like object id maybe. any better solutions will be...
  13. C

    Discussion How many of you develops for Linux?

    Hi there! I just wanted to know how many of you give support to Linux on your games? Whenever I try to look for content teaching how to develop for Linux, or ask for help about some code that isn't running well on Linux, I rarely receive some answers.
  14. J

    Legendless (MVP Build)

    Hello Everyone! Legendless is a turn-based strategy RPG that I am working. Inspired by some of my favorite strategy RPGs and has some tabletop elements to it. This version contains the basics for the battle mode where you control 5 characters in combat against 5 enemies. You control the player...
  15. S

    GML Knowing how to learn

    Evening all, I am currently refining the foundations of my (2d side scroller) game and my current approach is to think of what I want to implement and then spend some time trying to research how that might be achieved, usually looking at the documentation if I have an inkling and online if I...
  16. A

    Portfolio - Programming [Rev-share] Looking for art talents with great game ideas but can't code.

    TLDR: GMS2 programmer willing to work with an artist / writer / music composer with a game idea. Seeking to publish a small game. Short term (3 - 6 months) project. Currently laden with tons of work. Projects in progress: 2.5D Adventure Visual Novel Horror - On contract (start: 1st Feb 2018)...
  17. T

    Design Composer LF Work

    Hi guys and girls, I'm a musician and composer looking to work on soundtrack scores for video games! I have experience working with a wide range of genres and am happy to discuss ideas regarding crafting the perfect piece of music for whatever purpose you're looking for. Prices are negotiable...
  18. DanGames

    Beta Eart - The game where no one can cheat

    -Concept- The development of this game is born with a simple but difficult concept to put in practice: preventing players from cheating. You can try it if you want, but I will not recommend it: Eart is a game where you can not go back ... -Storyline- A guy wakes up in a scary forest without...
  19. A

    Discussion Game Development is...(fill in the blank)

    for me //code format for lolz enum game_development_is { fun, creative, complex_and_technical, hope, the_MMA_of_creative_and_critical_thinking, for_smart_people, that_which_makes_you_smarter, most_sophisticated, not_merciful, the_best!, por_vida }
  20. L

    Portfolio - Programming [AFFORDABLE] Experienced GML Programmer [8 years]

    Hi, I'm Luis and I'm a Computer Science student. I've been programming using GML since 2009. I do my services through Fiverr. However, if you would prefer to not use the platform, just let me know. The link to my Fiverr page is...