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  1. G

    Portfolio - General Seeking 8/16 bit style games for Inspiration

    Hi I am writing a NEW Album but I need some inspiration. So, I decided to offer a trade! Game Dev - if you have a game that is at the point where you need music and want to see what it's like for a composer to write to it live, I can stream it! If I stream it on Fridays, I average about...
  2. Cameron

    Portfolio - Programming Experienced Programmer/Game Developer For Hire (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)

    Hi, my name's Cameron, I have a passion for game development and would love to bring that passion to your project! I have been doing game development in GMS (GameMaker Studio), full time, for about 7 to 8 years now. Some of the time has been working on my own projects and some working for...
  3. B

    Released Fowl Play - skill-based mobile game that will have you addicted [Android release]

    Hello everyone, We are Sunken Star Studios and we just released our first mobile game called Fowl Play: It's an endless-runner type game in which you are a bird chased by the raising water level. Your enemies are nasty creatures that are trying to take you down. Jumping on them springs you...
  4. S-4

    getting back into GMS 2 is helping me get through this (pandemic)

    everything is closed here or is open but there's zero service so they might as well be closed; stressing out bout incoming layoffs and this incompetent/criminally negligent gov--and it seemed like there was nowhere to turn! i new i needed some kind of distraction, but a positive one else...
  5. M

    Released Typr - How Fast Can You Type?

    In Typr you test your digital typing skills. Type the word on the screen correctly and score points, the faster you type, the more points you collect! Buy right now on Devlogs: Facebook page...
  6. S

    GML A spelunky like level generation?

    I'm currently looking for a tutorial on how to make a spelunky like level generator for my roguelite game. I know there's one online. But I'm looking for one that works for Game maker 8.0. Not GM2. If anyone knows any links or tutorial videos, that would help me out.
  7. B

    Would this be useful?

    would this be useful here?:
  8. N

    Key shortcuts and comfortably

    Hell0 Werld, I am currently making a Platform game and I would like a general discussion between people detailing their preference in Platform controls and quick keys for the following: - Jump - Attack - Health Potion Here are my current controls: - Jump: [UP] - Run: [LEFT/RIGHT] -...
  9. CleanWater

    Discussion How many of you develops for Linux?

    Hi there! I just wanted to know how many of you give support to Linux on your games? Whenever I try to look for content teaching how to develop for Linux, or ask for help about some code that isn't running well on Linux, I rarely receive some answers.
  10. B

    Portfolio - Art Pixel Art/Concept artist available rates vary depending on project and budget

    Hey gang, I'm a pixel artist. If you go to the Google Play Store and look up "STRAY ANIMALS" I did all the pixel art and also all the promotional art. If you like it you know what to do ;)
  11. M

    Demo Ili - A game where you talk to the immortal Ili who longs for the past.

    Heyooo everyone, nice to meet ya'll! My name's Misha and I've been working on this game called Ili for the past 19 months. Ili began as my 5th year architectural thesis project at the University of Auckland, New Zealand where I took my architectural hand-drawings and brought them into GameMaker...
  12. T

    Windows My new game called Bucket List!

    I just posted a game to itchio about helping a guy complete his bucket list, but everything keeps going wrong for him! Features include: 4 challenging levels (More to come!) Cool retro graphics (I totally wasn't lazy when I made them) 3 original music tracks Crazy action sequences Did I...
  13. R

    Game development help

    Hey, everyone! This is my first forum post. Now, I wanna know how to make a 3D game. Yeah, I have to use GML. Also, for cross-platform publishing, is GML supported? I'm just asking. I have Game Maker: Studio (Steam version), and I'd like to learn the fundamentals of a 3D game. Any help would be...
  14. A

    Discussion Game Development is...(fill in the blank)

    for me //code format for lolz enum game_development_is { fun, creative, complex_and_technical, hope, the_MMA_of_creative_and_critical_thinking, for_smart_people, that_which_makes_you_smarter, most_sophisticated, not_merciful, the_best!, por_vida }