game design

  1. M

    RPG gameplay without a focus on stats/menus

    So, RPGs are my favorite type of game, but so many people I want to share them with are overwhelmed when they see all of the menus and stats. I've always wanted to find a way to make RPG game play that even casual gamers could get into, but also have some deeper strategy and such. (what is...
  2. G

    Game Mechanics Any point in points?

    Does people really care about points? The expression "Nobody cares about the points" seems to be true for most gamers but GM still have a global varible for points and functions for making a local high score table. I can understand back when arcade games were popular that points was necessary in...
  3. K

    Designing a pokemon game

    Hello GMC!, After playing Pokemon Uranium and Insurgence, I started googling to see what others made and thought about how they would design their own pokemon game. After thinking alot, I wanted to design (not develop *yet*, as it woudn't be realistic to program as a lonely programmer xD). my...
  4. G

    Game Mechanics Fair Games

    How important is it with games being fair when you play them? For me I dont like it when there are places in a game where there is no way of not getting hit or losing a life. I dont like traps where there is no way to avoid them unless you have played the game before and know were there are. I...
  5. T

    Teaching kids to make games using Gamemaker

    Hi to all. Thank you for taking the time to read. I am a high school teacher in Bloemfontein, South Africa, and someone who really likes to make games and participate in game jams in my spare time. I have recently decided that it might be a good idea to join these areas of my life and offer...
  6. T

    Can objects serve as arrays?

    Can I create a series of enemies and then name them enemy[1], enemy[2]... etc and use array functions to refrence them?
  7. R

    Repeat Function Not Working As Intended

    The commented code given below is part of a program that should make a single-lane road. It creates a grid and has a controller that moves through the grid, marking cells to be part of the road. As you can see in the output here: although it moves in a general 'up'...
  8. R

    Portfolio - Programming Looking for a programming project [PAID] REALTUTSGML

    Hello, my name is Zack and I have been programming in Game Maker for over 10 years, Java experience over 4 years and have worked with software like Unity, and UDK in projects before. I run the YouTube channel 'RealTutsGML' and run the website I've just recently...
  9. C

    3D Image No Transparency Bug

    Okay, so I've been programming a 3d rpg game when I've ran into a problem. From this view, the trees can be seen through each other normally. But when you walk to other side the trees overlap as if the boundary of their sprite was solid. So I do know that this is a depth issue. I've tried...
  10. Edu Shola

    Legacy GM how to make view follow a sprite

    Hello guys :), I created a level select room that's is 720 *2560 and I set the view to only show 720 *1280.the room is filled with numbered objects for different levels, and when a new level is unlocked the sprite changes to spr_indicator. I need the view to follow the spr_indicator so it...
  11. NazGhuL

    Extra Credits [YouTube channel for Game Dev]

    Some of you knows it, some don't, here is a very interesting, inspirational channel to help you on game development. A couple of good one:
  12. S

    Are weird concepts good?

    I'm making this weird game about fighting computer viruses and I find the concept itself normal but the enemies make the game weird. I find it weird in the good way but I wonder are weird concepts good? If you made a weird game what was your experience?
  13. R

    Design Best way to design a game

    So i'm pretty new to the game developing scene and I have a question about designing games in respect to features and functionality, as I don't think just jumping straight into game maker and bolting features on as and when I think of them. Now I know the first thing I should do is write down...
  14. H

    Design Advice on RTS design

    @Kepons took it upon himself to write up a cool game idea for me the other day and now I'm tossing around some ideas. But then I realized, I never really was a big "RTS guy". So I don't know what makes a good one. I was hoping some more adamant RTS fans could tell me what made these games fun...
  15. zerolegends

    Team Request Looking for 2D Sprite artist for Platformer game.

    Hello! i am currently seeking Individuals who are experienced in Pixel art. I am a programmer and i have roughly 7 years of GML experience and a few other languages like C++ and C#. Most of my work have been sort of Fan projects to rack up experience with my latest being this. Currently i am...
  16. Nehemek

    Design Game accessibility, planning for people with disabilities.

    Game accessibility, planning for people with disabilities. Many people love to play videogames, they are great, fun, interesting, intriguing, sometimes give us a good scare and like with books, shows or movies, there is something for everybody's taste; but, can everybody access the same games...