game design

  1. flyinian

    Discussion Perfect the Game Design or not to Perfect the Game Design?

    So, I'm developing a game and there are minor "visual inaccuracies". For example, If I sprint into a wall w/ my character my collision code will prevent the character from touching said wall Until I stop sprinting. This doesn't break anything, it's just a minor visual Inaccuracy. Another...
  2. Z

    Development That Grim Bleak Australian Action RPG I'll Die Making - EVICTION

    Hey Everyone! my names Zach. I'm starting a dev thread for my second game. I'm the writer and artist, you can check out my last game "Nation Breakers: Steam Arena" (Made in GMS2)(Google or Youtube it) EVICTION is an Isometric Action/RPG - dark scifi set in dystopian Australia gripped in a...
  3. D'Andrëw Box

     Gameflow Designer - A tool to make text based games easily.

    < This tool is still on early access, so i'll love to recieve some feedback! > -< DESCRIPTION >- Gameflow Designer is a tool to make easy game progression flowcharts and dialog trees with data that you can export and import as .JSON files! This tool fills the visual gap between...
  4. FoxyOfJungle

    My new brand (Kazan Games Limited)

    > OLD LOGO (look at the last post) < My new brand for my company, Kazan Games Limited, formerly it was called Cube 3D Entertainment, was created in 2014, when the GM sandbox still existed, but now it is completely changing. (The logo is full vectorized). Curiosity: Kazan is a volcano in...
  5. flyinian

    (SOLVED)Looking for ideas, suggestions and so forth on how I should manage my persistent code.

    In my current project I have to keep track of numerous changing numbers. i.e cash, statistics, etc. I am currently planning on placing all of this code in a single object and making it persistent. Would this be a good idea? What do you recommend? Thanks.
  6. A

    Discussion Call for aid - Game console for Game creators

    Hi! I'm a student from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. I'm studying Design and Product Realisation. Currently, we're tasked to design a handheld game console for a startup company. The main idea is to make creating games more accessible by creating a handheld console...
  7. Craig Forster

    Portfolio - Art Craig Forster - 3D Artist

    Craig Forster - 3D Artist Skills: 5+ years product visualization, game prop design, and advertising. 10+ years using 3D software Blender. Some experience with Photoshop, Unity, Gamemaker, and Unreal Engine. Previous Work: Emerald Level member on Turbosquid...
  8. KPJ

    How Much Is Considered "Too" Similar?

    Hey all. Recently I've taken a great interest in stealth games, and a few days ago I decided to make a top down stealth game. I started planning a stealth game set in space, and I was a solid amount into planning when I researched top down stealth, and found out that my game has many...
  9. SanDeity

    Windows Programming a Complex Series of Events

    Hello everybody! I am somewhat new to Game Maker and I am using Game Maker 2. This is my first post on here and I have used the community without making an account for a long time to help solve issued I had with programming but I have recently run into a slight issue with a big project I am...
  10. S

    Are Physics Behaviors in games like Space Engineers possible in Game Maker?

    Of course, apologies if this was answered somewhere fully. I wasn’t able to find it. A project that I have been toying around with involves physics objects that can be attached to each other and hopefully act as a single grid. There are a multitude of 3D games that involve building “vehicles”...
  11. KPJ

    Top down roguelike shooter design question

    Hi all. I am currently planning a fast paced - action - top down roguelike shooter project, inspired by games like Nuclear Throne - (the gameplay will also be similar to that of Nuclear Throne). I got thinking about how I wanted the levels, eventually deciding to generate them randomly (like...
  12. T

    Game art design direction

    So making a game. When walking around the camera should change to set angles. If you're going north or south the camera wil be ether on your back or front. Then at certain times when You go left or right down a street, the camera should change to your side so that you can only see the...
  13. RefresherTowel

    Game Design Ideas With AI

    So I saw a post on reddit mentioning this and I thought it was pretty neat as a simple way to get some ideas around theming or mechanics. If you go to Talk To Transformer and type in a sentence along the lines of "<game name> is a <game genre> where <game description>" the AI will auto complete...
  14. Andrew R. C. Beck

    A Simple Game - How Would You Approach It?

    I am curious to see how you guys would view and approach the task if someone asked you to "Make a quick, simple game"? :)
  15. V

    Job Offer - General Looking to hire a Game Designer (PAID)

    Hi looking to hire a game designer looking for someone to create the Game design document and Technical design document for the programmers and animators etc. the game project is going to be a 2D beat em up using 16 bit sprites It's my very first attempt making a game. its paid work. i'm not...
  16. F

    2d pixel art/isometric/alternatives?

    Hello! My name is Felipe, i'm a graphic designer and learning GM. I want to make a 2d RPG/City Building game, focusing on story. My first game. While i learn GM, i do some sketches. I'm a bit lost in which direction to go. For city building, i think isometric camera works best. But the...
  17. G

    Design Inspiration for citybuilder game

    Hallo, I am working on a game and I want to make a city builder. I have already programmed the basics (road system, building placement etc) but now I have to make a critical disign choice. To make this choice I wanted some feedback from other gamers and gamedevolopers who are familiar (or not...
  18. M

    Windows Typr - How fast can you type? - Development Complete

    [Demo] All the information on this page, including price, in-game screenshots etc. represents the state of the game at the current time which is Demo, they will be updated over time as the game evolves from a small prototype to a fully fledged game. Please note that this is the first devlog in...
  19. Pfap

    What is your favorite childhood entertainment source...

    We have advanced into the future far enough that I can't simply say "show". I feel that this is relative to the GMC as a whole, because what we do with the past and present determines where the future will go. What do you want the future... or more extremely your children to play?
  20. P

    Portfolio - Programming Programmer looking for paid work

    Hello, everyone. I'm just starting out as a freelancer, but I've worked on several solo projects. I have 4+ years of experience with GameMaker, I've worked on many different genres including platformers, top-down shooters, rpg's and puzzle games. I have experience in both Game Maker Studio and...