game art

  1. L

    Job Offer - Artist [For Hire] Background artist open for commisions. Starts from 50$

    Hello! I am Ruslana, background artist with experience in creating and illustrating novel games. My portfolio with high quality images: my ArtStation my DeviantArt...
  2. L

    Portfolio - Art Pixel artist [For Hire]

    Hello! My name is David i'm a pixel artist. I mainly work on environments and tilesets. Portfolio: If you're interested in hiring me, feel free to contact me: Discord: Lawric#7127 Email: here's some of my work:
  3. sv3nxd

    Portfolio - Art Affordable, Experienced, w/Price list - Pixel Artist

    Hey! My name is Sven - I offer affordable pixel art game assets that will help growing game projects to elevate onto the next level. I've done a lot of personal work and contract work so far. Contract work began with twitch assets for streamers, but I have also done a bunch for game jams and my...
  4. F

    Portfolio - Art Illustration/ Concept Artist for hire !!!

    Current work in progress portfolio post I can do: Dark art illustrations Dungeons and Dragon characters Concept Illustration Quick speed paints. Creature illustration and concepts. Some more stuff over here: And here:
  5. S

    Questions about art assents created in photoshop (painted)

    Hello, I'm newbie game maker user and have done couple of tutorials with pixel art so far. I'm looking for some guidelines and information regarding creating and using your own painted assets in game maker. 1. When painting assets should these be done as vector files before inportin to game...
  6. F

    What is the best system for creating sprite sheets for animation?

    I have been drawing most of my game art in GIMP and can use layers, copy-and-paste, et cetera, to create sprite sheets for importing into GMS2 but there must be better methods. Neither a forum search nor my favorite web search engine provided a great answer. So... What system or software are...
  7. A

    Portfolio - Art Freelance 2D Artist for Hire

    Hey Gang, I’m new to doing commissions and would really like to add more game art to my portfolio. Feel free to hit me up on Fiverr for your character/creature art if you’re interested. If you order the basic $15 package, use the phrase " I need more mana" and I’ll throw in a basic walk...
  8. S

    Windows Ninja Power Slasher

    Hi I made my first game with game maker. you can see the trailer here: Screenshots:
  9. Charles Toefield

    Portfolio - Audio Illustrator, Game Artist

    Hey Everyone, I'm an illustrator. In the Frederick Maryland area. Normally I work on Comics, Picture Books, and Character Design for younger audiences. Having said that, I'm interested in working some Game Art assets to build a portfolio for that part of the industry. I'm available to discuss...
  10. L

    Portfolio - Art 2D Game Artist (10$/hour)

    Hello, my name is Andrew Dubrovsky. I'm a professional artist with an experience in gaming art field and I can provide the best-quality service for your creative project. MFA in illustration. I work with: • 2d game art (sprites, assets); • digital illustration; • concept art; • characters...
  11. A

    Portfolio - Art 3D Character Modelling for Game Art

    Hi, I am Anna from Red Apple we have a pro team for designing 3D Character, Here Some of our work.... We work on dedicated hiring basis, our price is very reasonable as our developing team is based in India. Website: Contact:
  12. J

    Hi resolution sprites and backgrounds.

    I work in Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and with a Wacom tablet. I am a digital (and traditional oil on canvas fantasy) artist getting into the gaming world. I am just about to create game art backgrounds and sprites (characters etc..). Which I eventually want to use in a game. I am NOT persuing...
  13. R

    Portfolio - Art RoooodWorks Art Shop [Busts, full body character art etc]

    Hello, I am RoooodWorks aka Chibievil I have been doing art for years, today I decided to open a shop affordable for any young game dev new or old to the Rpg maker or game maker world. Below is a picture of what I have done : If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask, I do not bite...
  14. T

    Double - psychedelic thriller game in the Cuban setting

    Hello everyone! How you doing, guys? Our studio is developing the game called Double. Double is a psychedelic thriller game in the Cuban setting. Carlos Garcia is fighting for the freedom of his country. But suddenly wakes up in a psychiatric clinic. Doctors are worried about his mental health...
  15. 2

    Portfolio - Art Pixel Artist/Animator looking for [Paid] work

    Hi there! ;D I'm a pixel artist/animator with 4 years of experience and I'd love to create a unique look for your project. Here are some examples of work I've done and you can find me more at my portfolio. Portfolio - Email - Detailed Character Run for...
  16. V

    I just made "Mandelbrot" in game maker :)

    It took me 15 minutes to render it in 1920x1080. sprite size is 1 pixel. Look at this beauty!
  17. M

    Android good mainmenü and gamedesign

    Hey i want to ask if someone know a good method for making a good looking android main menü and what don to that the game looks good are there any free programs wich help ? hope you understand my question my english isnt the best...
  18. M

     [DEMO] School Wars!! (high school adventure with time travel)

    Editing this for an announcement: School Wars in on Kickstarter now! Any support is appreciated, thank you so much :D ________________________________________________________________ Heya!! :D I started making my first own...
  19. G

    Released Spooky Boo [Android / iOS ]

    Hi! I would like to hear your feedback :) Spooky Boo Download for free Android: iOS: Scare spooky ghosts away. Armed only with a flashlight. Spooky Boo...
  20. H

    Graphics Finding the right look for your game

    Hi Folks, I've started a youtube series on game art direction. If you're having trouble finding the right look for your game this might help! As always, I love to hear your thoughts and questions!