gamaker language

  1. M

    GMS 2.3+ My GMS2.3.3 IDE becomes white in some section

    I don't know why it becomes white in some sections. Can anyone help to recover this? It makes me stop to work in GMS2.3.3
  2. CodET

    SOLVED Selecting an object with mouse

    If clicking on the object I want to select the object. For this, I check whether the object is clicked or not, and make the selected variable the opposite of its current state (selected =! selected). And if it is selected, I outline the object in draw GUI. The moment I click on the object...
  3. Dramon

    Steam Make the Burger - by Creative Hand

    Make burgers with assorted ingredients, memorize orders and be quick before time runs out. Make your customers happy by eating delicious hamburgers, but remember, nobody likes to get wrong orders. BUY ON STEAM _______________________________________ About me Hi, I'm Ramon Barbosa, founder...
  4. S

    GMS 2 Problems Layering Tiles

    So, I wanted to make a top down game with similar style like Stardew Valley, as a third year anniversary present for my girlfriend, going threw the most memorable memories from my point of view. And with that I wanted to give the game some depth. I got it working for all the instances like a...
  5. itarkytec

    Windows Need help making a string

    Hola comunidad, estoy necesitando un poco de ayuda, agradecería que las respuestas a este post estén preferiblemente en español, aunque si es de ayuda no me molestaría en recibirla de todas maneras. Contexto: estoy intentando hacer un cuadro de texto que solo acepte números como entrada...
  6. D

    Centipede like movement

    I am really hoping to get some thoughts on how to create a centipede (80's arcade game) with centipede like movement. I have a kind of working version running but there are major problems. As part of the game (Boss in my game) the centipede can be fired at and when any center piece is destroyed...
  7. P

    Android Finger road

    Hi, we made with friends new mobile game. A time killer game with minimalist approach. Try to keep your finger on the road and avoid obstacles. There are 90 levels, but that's not all. If you complete the game, you unlock Endless mode. There, you can compete on leaderboards. You can also...
  8. M

    How Do yoo make sprites immovable and impassable in gamaker 2.0 using GL

    I need help From the very beginning of how to do it???