1. RizbIT

    Using gallery picker and camera photo extension on android 10

    im using one of the camera/gallery android extension from the marketplace in my project it works fine on older android phones on android 10 phone it does not work. Im targetting api 29 now i found way to make it work, issue is with access to storage on android 10 in gms android options >...
  2. ProjectGamesInc

    GMS 2 Load image as sprite Android

    I've been reading a lot around here for a correct way to import fron android gallery an image to use it as sprite. What i want to do is to load an image from android galley in a room and then save a screenshot of that room to share it. I have tried a lot of plugins and extension but no one seems...
  3. RizbIT

    Asset - Extension Camera and Gallery not opening on clients app

    I made an app for a client. The app uses an extension for Android that lets you take a photo using phone camera or access phones gallery. Ive compiled apk and tested on two android devices one Sony, the other HTC. It works fine, i can take a photo load it in as a sprite etc.. I can select a...
  4. alexhinton

    The Unofficial Music Gallery

    This is a thread to post music you have created specifically for game development. Taking a page from the off topic thread "The Unofficial Art Gallery" and creating one designated for music as I haven't seen anything like this yet. Here are 4 songs I have made for the game Cover of Darkness...
  5. Misu

    The Unofficial Art Gallery

    This thread is for all of you to show off or share your artistic side with everybody in the community. You can post paintings, sketches, digital artworks, anything artsy and creative made only by you of course. Let the community express themselves with their art side! <link broken>