1. duran can

    I do not like this future :/

    I can create hundreds of scripts, sprites and objects a day for various projects. It hurts to choose the type of thing to create each time. Can't auto create objects if I'm in objects folder? I wonder why did this feature come about? What is the purpose of use?
  2. silentworks

    Android Magnetico Racer 3D - for Android and iOS

    Magnetico Racer Magnetico Racer is a port of one my old game created sometime in 2010 for a Game Maker competition. I found the source, and I though it would be great to port to Android and iOS. Android version https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.silentworks.magneticoracer...
  3. sofaspartan

    Discussion Is Google Stadia the future of gaming?

    (Sorry! I just found out that Misu created a very similar thread that covers this. Feel free to close this thread if you want, admin.) I have been following Google Stadia quite closely for the past few months and wanted to see what you all thought of this new video game streaming platform. I...
  4. Pfap

    What is your favorite childhood entertainment source...

    We have advanced into the future far enough that I can't simply say "show". I feel that this is relative to the GMC as a whole, because what we do with the past and present determines where the future will go. What do you want the future... or more extremely your children to play?