1. tweakysloth

    Android Jerry's First Coloring Book!

    I'm happy to present my first app, Jerry's First Coloring Book! for Android OS. It's fairly basic compared to other coloring book apps out there, but I'm super proud of it. It was super fun to make too. I love having a way to share my stupid cartoons with others. Art was made using Moho Studio...
  2. Rizlad

    Windows TRUMP PINBALL IS LIVE- Free Download for first to claim! Trump Impeachment Pinball is a game that had to happen and you'll be glad it did. Get addicted to this simple, yet hard to put down instant-classic. Since I created this game I haven't been able to stop playing it :) Made in good humor and with the...
  3. Munguía

    Windows Jesucula

    Are you afraid of sacrilege? Are you afraid of God? Are you afraid of having fun with Jesucula? You can download an .exe or play at HTML5 browser
  4. Munguía

    Windows Clock Worker Orange

    the most skillful citric has come back with a new shooter-style adventure. Again the ClockWorker Orange must charge one by one all the fruits over ten levels to get his money back, spend all the cash in the store of Mari Lemon Roe, improves your weapons, shields and other accessories You can...
  5. Munguía

    Released NICO

    Don´t be afraid of the dark, Follow the traditional and primitive sign trail of nico to perform his latest pieace of art on the cave. All graphics in GAME MAKER 8, GM studio version for HTML5 watch for the SIGN TRAILS at Keys: Arrows...
  6. John Andrews

    Random bugs you've found in your games

    Hey! So I recently found out that I have two clips of bugs of my current game in development and I thought about sharing them in one of the official game thread, but then I thought... What if other people also have weird bugs in their games? And so I decided to make this thread about weird bugs...
  7. T

    Free Fred Lost In Space (a cyberpunk platformer?)

    I finished a game and I'm proud of it! Fred Lost in Space is a game I made for the "So bad its good" game jam! Your character awakens onboard a top secret government space station. Use your unusually bouncy body to find your way out! Avoid Guards Avoid Armed Guards Avoid Advanced...
  8. L

    Windows ANGRY DONALD (Horror? or Comedy? You decide!)

    Angry Donald is a horror game I made all the way back in 2013. It's pretty bad since my programming skills back then were literally terrible. I'm really just uploading this because I stumbled across it on my old GameJolt account and it hit me with so much nostalgia, I just had to post it here...
  9. Y

    the funniest about testing your game

    the funniest thing about testing your game is when you try die but your npc seem to avoid you
  10. TheRBZ

    So I was programming....

    So I was programming when I came across this funny issue.... Does anybody know what I did? xD For Moderators: If you think this is in the wrong forum section, just move it.
  11. newtinn


    I posted this here as there wasn't any other good place really to put it. It was off topic mostly apart from that Dungeon Souls is made in Game Maker. Thanks for reading and enjoy the video! Matt
  12. newtinn

    Free POW

    SO I made this game called POW a few months ago and I kinda forgot to post it here. Also forget about clayzie kings because I won't work on it like ever again - it was terrible. Anyway, this was my first commercially presentable game and I have had some fun playing it with my brother. There are...
  13. A

    Interactive Comic - All You Can Eat [Greenlight]

    Help with the Greenlight of this awesome game: After ten years of living in a diner with a single "All You Can Eat" coupon, your existence is threatened by the diners imminent foreclosure! Embark on a epic mundane journey to...
  14. woodsmoke

    Windows Flex Armstrong

    !! Play as an iron-pumping hyper-hero !! Flex Armstrong has mastered of the ancient art of bodybuilding. Follow him on his legendary path to heroism. Flex his muscles to deflect danger. DOWNLOAD Flex Armstrong [9MB]
  15. C

    Windows Cliff Parchment: The Mystery of Skeleton Lake

    Hello there my strong and elegant friends! I finally got round to releasing my first ever game. Download: Here is a little about the game, which can be found and purchased here. A nod to the classic adventure games of old, Cliff Parchment: The Mystery of Skeleton Lake aims to amuse, confuse...
  16. Blaze

    Android Stretch his Nose!!!

    My latest Android app sure to make millions (or at least annoy my brother) Find it on the playstore HERE
  17. S

    Windows Super Shoot Owl

    Here's a game I've been working on over the past few months. It's a simple bullet hell shooter and only the first level is complete. It can currently be played at: Steam Workshop:
  18. A

    A Consumer's Guide to Insanity

    A CONSUMER'S GUIDE TO INSANITY --------------------------------------------------------- Inspiration We live in a society where most of the stuff we buy has the potential to help shape our individual identities. We wear and own the things we do as a way of giving people a glimpse of who...
  19. Misu

    Forum Game Post a funny quote from the person above

    Post something funny or messed up by the person who posted above you. It can be from anywhere, from the forum to social apps. Lets do this!
  20. O

    Beta Meat Quest (a surreal adventure)

    Meat Quest Made By: Matthew Kordon (Otyugra Games) Current Version: [v_2.1] Download Link {30.07MB} Genre: Adventure game Abstract: Meat Quest is a small, atmospheric, surreal, satirical adventure game about a young man tasked with acquiring human flesh to give to a local God, Meatius. Explore...