1. Misu

    Forum Game The Vending Machine

    I did not stole this game, honestly... You put something in the machine and take something out in exchange. Simple as it is. I go first... I shoved a doll into the machine
  2. Misu

    Forum Game We are Calvinball!

    The ultimate sport of rule-bending has returned! The game is extremely simple... Make up rules... Follow those rules... Rules can be changed at anytime... You bend the rules to make it look like you are winning or having an advantage in the game... but there is no winning here now is there...
  3. J

    Windows Qbit

    Qbit is a short and fun platformer game in which you play as an interdimensional cube named Qbit. Help Qbit defeat evil ghosts and reach the finish line! The game consists of 7 main levels with an easy to moderate difficulty level. CONTROLS: LEFT/RIGHT ARROW KEYS: Use these keys to move. UP...
  4. D

    Released Ingenuity - Action packed puzzle and adventure mobile game!

    V1.0.0 Genre - Puzzle/Adventure Developer - OutTheBoxGaming Ingenuity is an action-pack puzzle and adventure game that encourages you to constantly think...
  5. Nocturne

    Discussion Logical Positivism And Its Effect On Gaming - Much More Important Than That Other Post

    Logical Positivism (later also known as Logical Empiricism) is a theory in Epistemology and Logic that developed out of Positivism and the early Analytic Philosophy movement, and which campaigned for a systematic reduction of all human knowledge to logical and scientific foundations. Thus, a...
  6. Jordan Robinson

    Windows 2D Platformer Side-Project

    Yet to be Named 2D Platformer This is a small project I've been working on the side, with the intention to release the source on my GameMaker: Marketplace developer account. I have spent about a day working on this so far, and it is only some of the basic gameplay elements in a "testing...