1. A

    Enabling vsync while in fullscreen cuts framerate

    Hey there! I've noticed an odd issue recently that I've had trouble finding an answer for. I use the window_set_fullscreen(...) function to toggle fullscreen, and display_reset(...) to enable or disable vertical synchronization. What I've found is that in certain rooms, enabling vsync while...
  2. RizbIT

    Fit HTML game to mobile window screen

    Mobile screens can be many different sizes. I am creating a HTML5 game that is to be shown in a mobile browser. Is there anyway to (during runtime) or maybe using HTML code external to GMS, scale the HTML game to fit the browser (or mobile screen) so it appears fullscreen?
  3. L

    Show notification bar on Android/iOs

    hey, is it possible to pull down the notification bar in a GameMaker game, so that the game isn't in "fullscreen"? set_fullscreen(false); doesn't work. Thanks.