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  1. J

    Legacy GM Full Screen Graphical Error

    I posted an inquiry here yesterday because I thought my error was a result of something I was doing wrong in my programming, but with more investigation, I have found that GM is improperly displaying games in fullscreen mode, leading to this: https://1drv.ms/i/s!AjRuknkctW_qgb5PWJH0DSEWfdq94g...
  2. M

    GMS 2 [Solved] Question about fullscreen in GMS2

    I've been messing with GMS2 for a while now and I noticed something was a little off compared to when I used gms1. When I entered fullscreen in GMS1 using my display coding it would display the image in the center of the screen then draw black bars around the window where necessary. In GMS2...
  3. A

    Shaders Scaling application surface on fullscreen (while shader is active)

    Hello! I'm having a slight issue: I have a game that is 960x540 in size and a screen that is 1920x1080 (so double the size in both directions): When going into fullscreen (without my shader) everything works flawlessly and the application_surface will become stretched and adjust to the screen...
  4. F

    Legacy GM a quick question regarding fullscreen

    Okay, so basically i was wondering if its worth attempting to optimize a game so that it the window can be fullscreened for a better game experience. So far my game isnt that bad if i fullscreen it. theres only a few problems that need to be solved. 1. I think the gui event causes some...
  5. Zuurix

    Legacy GM Fullscreen scaling

    Hey guys, I use window_set_fullscreen() in my game and currently, I am using aspect ratio scaling. I think the game looks better that way, but some of my players would like that there would be no black bars, that appear if using aspect ratio scaling. In global game settings, you can choose...
  6. Silverfire

    Shaders Shaders in Fullscreen, shader effect is at incorrect position

    Hi guys. So I understand how shaders work and how to implement them. In my game, I have an object with a Post Draw event that applies a distortion shader to simulate a water effect. This effect is not applied to the whole screen/view, only the water object. A different object takes care of...
  7. E

    Windows Issue with Full Screen resolution

    Hi there! This is a problem I've had since I started with GMS2, but I thought that it was because I was missing Visual Studio and stuff like that. Sadly, now even with all the requeriments of GMS2, every time I run my game on full screen, the resolution get weird, cropping the image and...
  8. V

    Please test my game too! :(

    AHEM: I might just drop the idea of multiplayer and even the AI. Perhaps I'm going to abandon the whole project because of the lack of interest. :/ What's the point of working very hard on a game if noone even bothers to play with it? MegaSports is a 2D sports game. This includes Football and...
  9. D

    HTML5 button to switch to fullscreen

    Hi people, Is it possible to make an button to switch between normal screen and HTML5 fullscreen. Like I did it with this code in PhP: But I want to make an button inside my game... So i dont need to make an button with html... Can someone help me? Greets, Dennis
  10. Oliver Kitzing

    No full screen possible (just a blank white screen)

    Hello, Every project (Windows as target platform, GM Version 1.41763, platform is Windows 10 professional (1604), graphics card a Nvidia 1070) which I try to start in fullscreen mode just shows a blank white screen. It doesn't matter if I set the project to start with a full screen at the...
  11. P

    Legacy GM [solved]fullscreen toggle issues

    I am using this code to toggle between fullscreen mode and windowed mode in the keypress f4 event: window_set_fullscreen(!window_get_fullscreen()); however every time I switch to full screen and then returned to windowed, the windowed size isn't consistent. The view is set to 320 by 240. it...
  12. M

    Windows Not Showing The Entire View When In Fullscreen?

  13. D

    Legacy GM 'Play Testing' tiny on 4K monitor. Need scaling option.

    I'm using a laptop with a UHD (4K) screen. I have Windows Scaling on which has increased the size of the IDE (albeit, blurry). However when I hit F5 to play test, the popup window is not scaled and the results are a tiny play window that is a pain to use. I'm currently running through...
  14. D

    HTML5 Fullscreen Button

    Does anyone know how I would go about programming a fullscreen button for my html game much like a YouTube or Vimeo video would have? I found javascript for it and I thought I could apply it as an extension, but that doesn't seem to work. It has to be possible, because somewhere in the code...
  15. Weastøne Entertainment

    Pause the game if the player "exits" it

    Hi there! Our game "RETURN" has grown a little bit since we last posted anything. We now have a pause menu, and many other things. It actually works moving to another room and creating an object that can be controled by the user. As the game will be fullscreen all the time, the player can exit...
  16. G

    Android Compatibility on Android mobilephones

    Hey guys, the game I will create is on Android platform. So it should be playable on different Android-Platforms. How can I set the resolution of the game for many different devices? Like: for Samsung galaxy S3 the game should be in 1280x720 and for Galaxy Note for 1920x1080. Anyone know this...
  17. M

    Issue with switch to set the game on fullscreen and viceversa

    Good night everyone. So, after watching Shaun Spalding's video on menus, I chose to make an options menu which looks like the following: This is what the step code looks like for the object that draws the menu: var move = 0; move -=...
  18. B

    Legacy GM Draw GUI & Fullscreen Mode

    The first picture is in windowed mode, second is in fullscreen mode. Hello! So i have an option menu in my game, in which i can change the resolution, fullscreen, vsync and anti-aliasing settings in-game. I use this code to change the resolutions: globalvar width, height; width =...
  19. Luke Pierson

    Full screen issue

    Hello GMC! I come to you with another problem I'm having. I want my game in fullscreen, but while in fullscreen, a sparks effect that occurs when hitting enemies causes the black edges of the screen (since my view in game is smaller than my screen size I guess?) flash really bright and...
  20. P

    [SOLVED] Scaling problem

    Hey guys! In my engine, for some reason, switching to fullscreen mode is also affecting my game's scanlines. I'll explain it below, but first let me show what I have coded so far: //DRAW GUI //Draw scanlines draw_set_colour(c_black); for (var i=0;i<window_get_width();i+=2)...