1. K12gamer

    Job Offer - Programmer Need someone to make Pause Menu and HTML 5 fullscreen (JOB Finished)

    Jobs can be done together or separately...(I'm using GameMaker Studio 1) Job 1) Code needed so my HTML 5 games start in full screen. Job 2) A basic three button Pause Menu (RESUME RESTART QUIT) when Esc or P key is pressed. I included a short 2 room demo (below) that these jobs can be...
  2. K

    GML Fullscreen/high res window drops the fps

    Hi everyone, I'm having a huge trouble with performance, apparently the Framerate of my game goes down a lot just for setting the game in a high resolution. I first thougth it was how the resizes work, but then I re-make the code so it just resize the window and not the game surface, gui, view...
  3. A

    Legacy GM mouse lock problem

    the mouse is locked in a radius in the center of the view, in windowed mode it works fine, but in fullscreen the mouse stays in one place without moving if instance_exists(obj_center) { dir = point_direction(obj_center.x, obj_center.y, mouse_x, mouse_y); dis =...
  4. G

    Shaders I recently downloaded this CRT Pixel Shader

    https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/701/crt-pixel-shader how exactly would I get this code to work for fullscreen or views.. when I'm not in full screen it's fine, when I go into fullscreen it puts a border around the box like this: if anyone knows how to modify the codes to get it to...
  5. S

    Discussion Game Maker Studio 2 Game stutters in fullscreen after export

    Hey everyone! I imported my project from 1.x to gms 2. And everything works fine in the editor. Just after the export I can't set the game to fullscreen or else the framerate dips to almost 0. It doesn't matter if I use code or just press alt+enter. Is this a common bug or something?
  6. Bee

    GMS 2 Going full screen messes up sprites

    Hello all, I've been asked to add a fullscreen option to my game, but I've tried all sorts of different methods and all look atrocious. It scales the game sprites terribly, but not the HUD (GUI) elements. The best is when I tick off "Start in Fullscreen" and the Viewport is set to 1920x1080...
  7. A

    GML Fullscreen with black bars like Binding of Isaac

    Hey, I'm trying to figure out how to make the game Full-screen without scaling the view to the display edges. As in, I want the game to run in full screen whilst the view/surface/room is displayed at half the display size, surrounded by black. Everytime I activate game makers Full-screen...
  8. T

    Fullscreen for view and camera diferent? help please

    The regular window_set_fullscreen function dont work for me... the game crash and i have to restart everything.. why this could happen? i have viewports and cameras enables. it only happens in my current proyect. im desesperated pls help >.<
  9. orSQUADstra

    Windows The GM OS Project (GameMaker Operating System)

    Introduction Welcome to the GM OS Project! Here, you can experience my own way of writing a sub OS in GameMaker. Back in the day, lots of there have been around, but my project is different - it's functional. Every feature is worked on to make it imitate an actual operating system. So, how is...
  10. Cloaked Games

    GMS 2 What does window_set_fullscreen actually do?

    I am currently working on code that is designed to scale my game using a pixel-perfect method. It adds a range of acceptable base resolutions, which allows it to better fit different aspect ratios as well. I roughly followed the first method RangerX offered here, though my code looks quite a bit...
  11. T

    Question - IDE Low FPS with V-sync on

    Working with Game Maker Studio 2.1 on Windows 10 I'm working on the project and I have an issue with low FPS on Fullscreen mode with V-sync on. PC is capable to run the game in high frame rate. The game is set to run at 60 fps (room speed) and it does on the majority of computers. Strange thing...
  12. Rikifive

    Proper Fullscreen

    Hello there, I'm struggling with the game resolution and its fullscreen mode. Handling the resolution itself seems to be more complex than it should be. Anyway, getting to the point. Let's say, that if we'd have the game resolution set to 960x540 and have the fullscreen mode enabled, it should...
  13. FredFredrickson

    Mac OSX window_set_fullscreen() not working in OSX?

    Pretty simple really - I have a function in my game that works on Windows, but seems to do nothing when I run it in OS X. The code looks like this: if (window_get_fullscreen()){ window_set_fullscreen(false); } else { window_set_fullscreen(true); } Weirdly...
  14. YCCCM7

    GUI Issues with Keep Aspect Ratio

    Using gamemaker studio 1.4.1763 here. Anyways, when one goes to windows > display settings for a game, there are "keep aspect ratio" and "full scale" as options for how certain things should scale. The issue is, when in fullscreen mode, trying to keep aspect ratio (which is key for looking good...
  15. G

    Pop-up messages messing up fullscreen mode

    I have a game that was developed for mobile devices and now I'm adapting it for Windows. The game features a button for In-App Purchases, but I want it to be disabled on the Windows version, so if the user presses it, it should display a message saying "This function is not available on...
  16. Megax60

    Problem with scaling

    i've followed a tutorial to set fullscreen and to have a good resolution, or scaling, wathever, the problem is that its distortioned has showed in the image, HELP ME BEFORE I HAVE NIGHTMARES (ignore X, he is just a placeholder) here is the code i use to scale the game...
  17. T

    Hiding mobile address bar

    Hey everyone! I have been trying to figure out how to hide the mobile address bar for HTML5 game but can't seem to figure it out. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this? I have seen people point to Fullscreen api but I have no idea how to go about implementing it :/ Any help...
  18. C

    Windows [SOLVED] Pitch black screen in fullscreen mode

    So pressing ALT + Enter completely renders my screen pitch black. Also tried coding it manually via window_set_fullscreen() Not sure why this started happening, it was working fine last week without any updates to GM Studio. Tried multiple projects, all the same, even a new one from scratch...
  19. S

    UWP WindowsPhone10 UWP Hide Menu Bar

    I can´t find any info on how to enable/disable/hide the Menu bar (back,home,search) on the WP10 device? The strange thing is that on one of my apps published on Windows store, the Menu bar dissapears automatically as it should, but on the new game it doesn´t? Is there any Settings for this...
  20. D

    (SOLVED)My screen goes black when I run any project in fullscreen

    I recently had to reinstall windows 10 and set up my computer again because I had a dying hardrive I managed to save the game i'm working on but for some reason now, when I run my game full screen my screen just goes black and I have no idea why. Everything is how it should be and it worked...