1. S

    How to set fullscreeen window with border?

    I want to set the window of my game in fullscreen mode with code but not borderless like on a picture
  2. Philip Wallin

    Screen Scaling

    HI, Im making a megaman-like platform game with fairly advance video options. The problem is that one of the video options is screen scaling. What i mean with that is an option where you can zoom you screen in fullscreen mode to match your monitor. if you've played shovel knight, you probably...
  3. Metrollos

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Change Monitor

    While working on multiple screens, I noticed, that I can not find any effective way to change the monitor, where the game will be shown in fullscreen mode. The only way I figured out was: change the game to windowed mode drag the window to the other monitor / use window_set_position() to move...
  4. Wile94

    GMS 1.4 Shader/Texture interpolation on fullscreen trouble

    Hi, so basically I'm testing the code from this video: In the create event I have something like this: color_sets = 4; color_row_index = 1; v_offset = shader_get_uniform(shdr_palette_swap, "Offset"); v_normal = color_row_index/256; palette_swap_sampler =...
  5. N

    Anadroid Full Screen (Black Boarders) Problem

    hello, i am working on android game, but when i testing my game i got a black boarders in phone top and bottom side, please find the below image i tried on 480 X 800 resolution and 1080 X 1920, how can i solve the problem
  6. K

    GMS 2 Odd problem with window_mouse_set and fullscreen mode

    Hi. I am experiencing an odd problem when I try to set the mouse to follow an objects positions when I have fullscreen on. It kinda follows the object, but does a poor job. The weird thing is that when I alt-tab out to different window, and then alt-tab back into game (it is still in...
  7. P

    GMS 2 Which window "style" would be best for this sort of game?

    This is less of a programming question and more of a design question, although it's still something pretty deeply entrenched in the code: the game window. I've been designing the camera system for my game, but to do that, I need to figure out exactly how I want to work the windows in my game...
  8. G

    Windows Setting fullscreen just disables border

    GMS2v: Having a really strange issue that came out of nowhere after not using GMS2 for about a month (no updates). When I set my game to fullscreen, it just gets rid of the border on the window but it doesn't actually stretch the game window to the full screen. I can change the size...
  9. J

    Fullscreen vs. dialogs

    I have a game in GameMaker Studio 1.4. When setting my game to fullscreen, I get problems with dialogs: "get_save_filename" opens in the background, and when I close it, the game doesn't react anymore. Asking the user a yes/no question exits fullscreen mode and does not enter it again...
  10. C

    Question - IDE (GMS2) Issues with Fullscreen and Interpolation Between Pixels

    Hello, I have two problems that I tried to google but I just can't find an answer. I am using W10 Home, last version. 1) The first one is about my sprites, I use big ones (300x700) and then resize them to 50% of their size. But it makes that the edges look really nasty, even at 100% of their...
  11. S

    Windows Game Flickering When Switching Between Fullscreen & Windowed Mode

    Hey guys! I'm getting this strange issue in my game when I am swtiching between Fullscreen mode & Windowed mode. If I make it to where the player cannot switch between them then I don't get this issue, but I'd like for the player to have that option obviously haha. I am programming in GMS1...
  12. L

    Windows fullscreen toggle not working with physics enabled

    Can't toggle windows full-screen I have two identical games with a persistent game object in each of the first rooms. full-screen toggle works on the game without physics and doesn't on the one with. I'm not sure this is the problem but it's the only difference I haven't check because it...
  13. Mythi.T

    GMS 2 Window size changing

    I want to have my game go from full screen to not full-screen and keep the resolution and pixel perfect stuff the same My idea was: When the window goes to fullscreen, the viewport would also be set to the size of the window, and the camera of that viewport would be set the the size of the...
  14. Cameron Clark

    Full screen to Windowed Mode Issue

    I honestly have no idea what's going on. I'm using the standard window_set_fullscreen(), and I didn't use to have any issues. Recently however, when I'm changing from fullscreen to windowed mode, the screen stretches, it acts like it's broken for a second, then it goes back to windowed mode...
  15. Dr_Nomz

    GML [SOLVED] How do I make a game go fullscreen?

    Key Press Event F4, code block, [fullscreen]. Can't seem to find the command in the manual. :/
  16. Dan1

    Windows Aspect Ratio / Scaling Problem

    Hey everyone, So, as you know, when you go to full-screen, you have the option of stretching (full scale) or keeping the aspect ratio: My question is, is there a way, in-game, of changing between these options so that the player can choose to stretch the screen or keep it to aspect ratio...
  17. M

    Windows Weird gamespeed problem (fullscreen / windowed)

    Hey. My game runs fine and as expected when in windowed mode. But causing weird speed problems when entering fullscreen mode. The problem i have is - when going fullscreen while test running the game from the IDE the gamespeed is slowed down alot. Feels like 5 fps. While still in fullscreen -...
  18. A

    GMS 2 Is this a bug with cameras/views or am I just dumb?

    Here's a gif of my problem, it was too big to attach to this post: https://imgur.com/a/TxXDlzm Ok, so I'm using gamemaker studio 2 here. The coordinates in the top left are the coordinates of the mouse in the room and the X that appears is whether or not the mouse is colliding with the...
  19. D

    Legacy GM fullscreen gui layer troubles

    im having a simple problem. im setting 'fullscreen' in global game setting but the gui layer is only drawing in the top left corner. I thought this code would work but doesn't "display_set_gui_size(window_get_width(), window_get_height());" I'm using a view size of 600,600. how do you get the...
  20. TheSpydog

    Mac OSX Mac games flash red when going fullscreen

    Whenever I switch from windowed to fullscreen mode on the macOS export target, the entire screen will flash bright red for a moment before the fullscreen transition takes effect. Is anyone else noticing this or have a way to fix this? This seems like a pretty significant issue but I haven't...