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  1. YamboGames

    Weird Fullscreen Bug (?)

    Hey, I didnt know where to post this and also not how to google this, at least I didnt find anything about it. When I open my games that are set to fullscreen, sometimes I tab out of them at the start and they become weirdly small, and I cant go back to fulscreen. Now someone has made a Video...
  2. O

    SOLVED Fullscreen scaling; window_set_fullscreen causes pixels to appear in different sizes

    Hello, In my game the room size is 1024x768 and the background sprites are usually 256x192 images that are scaled up 4 times to fill the room. I have a code to scale the window properly when playing in window mode, and it does indeed work well. However to go to fullscreen mode I'm using the...
  3. Muri

    GMS 2.3+ There is a way to put Game Maker Editor in fullscreen?

    Hey, i have adhd and i'm dislexic, i'm making my first solo game in GameMaker but i can't fullscreen the editor and that takes my concentration and focus away. There is any way to fullscreen game maker editor? (hiding the title bar). Thanks
  4. V

    Android Game full screen and resizing

    Hello, I'm creating a game for the first time with Game Maker Studio 2 and I need the game (for mobile device) to be displayed horizontally and in full screen. For the horizontal view I solved from GM settings by setting landscape as the only possibility; for the full screen, and resizing on...
  5. Adry

    SOLVED Resizing fullscreen window...Resizing swap chain...

    I posted this on Reddit yesterday, but nobody seems to know any solution. I scoured the the internet and have found very little posts about it and so I'm posting here. My original post went like this:
  6. B

    GMS 2 Menu text items disappear when i switch to fullscreen

    Hi everybody, I have a problem that occurs when I start my game. When i launch it, a game introduction screen starts and then the game goes to the main menu from where I can start a new game. the game starts by default in a reduced window and by pressing alt + enter I can switch to full screen...
  7. P

    ViewPorts Views Cameras, Need Help [UNSOLVED]

    Hello everybody, could you please help me with scailing, fullscreen mode and else: I am doing game for portrait view of phones so I have maximum view Width of 800 px. So when I test my game on computer of 1280:1024 in full screen it looks normally (can't make a screenshot, so explain here: right...
  8. C

    Windows Full-Screen Initialization Failure

    Whenever I launch my fullscreen game, if I Alt+Tab out, click anything on my other monitor, or otherwise just shift "focus" onto another program, my game will minimize. When I pull the game back up, it has failed to actually "fullscreen." It looks like a large border-less window with an inch or...
  9. M

    SOLVED Changing Viewport width and height does nothing

    So I'm trying to make my game fullscreen dynamically, Changing the width and height of the camera works but changing any information of the viewport doesn't do anything at all. //changing viewport information, not working view_enabled = true; view_visible[0] = true; view_wport[0] =...
  10. L

    Windows Making a room fullscreen.

    I'm new to this and I've been trying to look for tutorials but there isn't anything I can seem to find about making a room fit the size of the player's screen. What can I do for this to make this work? I'm using DnD in case I can simply use that but I can always use code for it if needed!
  11. Petr M.

    Windows Win32 function failed on startup

    Hi, we have released game on Steam, and generally it works fine. But few users reported problem when they tried to run the game in full screen. Here is all the informations I have: - Error "Win32 function failed: HRESULT: 0x887a0001" (see attached file): - System Windows 10. 1080p 120hz built in...
  12. A

    Windows Help with fullscreen stuff!

    Hi! I'm making my first game ever and it will be shown at an art exhibition, here in Finland. Is there anyway to make sure, that player can't leave the game when it's in fullscreen (the game will be played on windows 10) I was wondering that can I disable windows own shortcuts, like alt + f4...
  13. sutee

    HTML5 Replace/Extend index.html to allow Fullscreen. Also, Retina Support

    I am new to game maker, but we just switched to it for an html5 web game project. Maybe still having trouble navigating the documentation, and couldn't resolve these issues: My HTML5 game should run both on Desktop and Mobile Browsers and have the option to go full screen. Now, I've been...
  14. Ricardo

    Windows multi-monitor fullscreen issue

    Hi there! I have two monitors. Monitor #1 is ultrawide (2560x1080), whereas monitor #2 is a regular 1920x1080. If I try to maximize my game on monitor #1, everything works as expected. However, if I move the game window to monitor #2 and maximize it (window_set_fullscreen(true)), the game...
  15. Kiwi

    GMS 2 Game lags briefly while in full screen

    Don't know why, but this happens in every project I make. The game runs super smoothly in windowed mode, with no frame drops whatsoever. But then when I enter fullscreen, it *sometimes* drops from 60 to ~30 while the screen tears, then it goes back to normal after a few seconds. The problem...
  16. JapanGamer29

    GMS 2 ALT+Enter not recognised, makes Windows ding.

    Hey guys, what do you think might cause this code to: a) not show the debug message, and b) make Windows play a ding sound? The code is in my objGameController's Step event. Cheers. // toggle fullscreen var altEnter = false; // check for ALT+Enter - problem in here if...
  17. EvanSki

    GMS 2 Can I get some help with setting up a camera?

    Hi, so i've tried tutorials on making cameras and everyone talks about them different, sets them up different. Its just left me confused and disoriented. I would love it if I could make a camera that has the viewport centered on a target (ex.the player) and that viewport be the size of the game...
  18. J

    Legacy GM Fullscreen toggle isnt persistent

    I made an object which contains a step event with the following code: if(keyboard_check_pressed(ord("F"))) { if window_get_fullscreen() { window_set_fullscreen(false); } else { window_set_fullscreen(true); } } Its supposed to toggle fullscreen...
  19. D

    Fullscreen bug [SOLVED]

    Hello, im newbie in gamemaking and im russian, my english is bad. I make pixel game, main menu have 1920x1080 resolution, other rooms 288x160 (one pixel block is 16x16). In GMS2 i have a bug: i launch my game in fullscreen, cursor is disabled, but when i touch top right corner with invisible...
  20. S

    How to set fullscreeen window with border?

    I want to set the window of my game in fullscreen mode with code but not borderless like on a picture