1. FoufaDjo

    SOLVED collision,friction and accel problems

    i followed a tuto on yt about movement and the dont use the speed var so i cant use the friction function can someone help me: hspd = (rkey-lkey); vspd = (dkey-ukey); if (hspd != 0 or vspd != 0){ dir = point_direction(0,0,hspd,vspd); hmove = lengthdir_x(spd,dir)...
  2. Carloskhard

    GMS 2 How to move phy_position without breaking the simulation of physics? GM2[HALF-SOLVED]

    I'm making an space game where there are planets(circular planets) with platforms attached to them that spin with them by changing his phy_position and phy_rotation manually(GIF BELOW). Works perfect BUT physics simulation gets broken: collisions work but friction between the ship and the...
  3. Arlan64

    want to create ice physics w/ friction in a 2d platformer (GM8.1)

    Hello guys! I'm stuck with some complexes codes (bc i'm a noob but nvm) when I try to put friction physics to create an awesome ice block for place it on my rooms. I search to set the friction at 0.4 at begin of the hsp movement, and to set the friction at -0,4 at end of the hsp movement I'll...
  4. L

    Platformer jumping | friction not working (using physics)

    For some reason my character is not jumping. I have looked around and I believe I am using the right code. I put a debug message to check if I hit the code and I do. Second problem is if I set friction variable it seems to not be doing anything. If I set it under the physics window on object it...
  5. M4nu

    Rotating a Wheel of Fortune

    Greetings to the GMC! I'm looking into spinning a wheel of fortune with the space bar. I got the constant rotating speed using image_angle and a smooth but rather sudden slowdown of the rotation. As I'm a rookie with the coding, I'm looking for advise on what to do here to have a more realistic...
  6. Edwin

    Legacy GM Background following player

    Hello, people. I want to sun background follow the player like Angry Sun in Super Mario Bros. 3. So my player have the sort of friction (move speed simply adds for horizontal speed until it reaches maximum speed value). So here is the problem. The sun background doesn't know about friction and...
  7. P

    GML Bouncing off walls

    I am trying to make a mini golf game with the ball bouncing off the walls in the level. I have used some different coding than usual to get my game working, but the normal bounce function wont work. I have got the ball to bounce of the top and bottom walls but it wont bounce off side walls...
  8. S

    GMS 2 Air Friction

    I've tried a lot to make air friction but everything ends in a error or some glitch. Can't find it anywhere either. Can someone link me or give me the code on air friction. I basically want the player to be slower while moving in the air then the ground.
  9. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 quick question #1 (friction)

    I have a quick question does anybody know how to replicate gms2's friction? I have searched for example where the friction cannot pass the 0 to the other sign but I can't find any. I was wondering if someone can tell me how to keep friction from flipping the velocities sign when the friction...
  10. C

    Legacy GM motion_set within the step event

    Hello everybody, i am trying to set up a pinball like game, the problem now is if i put the motions_set in the step event the collision doesnt work as it shoulds (because every frame it checks for motions_set). so i wrote a boolean variable to turn the motions_set on and off, but now the...
  11. G

    Game Mechanics Suitable Speed &Friction

    Hello guys :) I'm working on a game in which player's movement is a bit wierd and can't figure out how to set a suitable Speed & Friction. 1) I want my player to move towards the mouse & stop when he reaches the mouse's x & y position. 2) Also, I'd like to set a diferect Friction every time he...
  12. A

    Legacy GM air friction problem

    In my game, the player can fly besides walking and jumping. With this code below I make that when the player jumps if he moves in the air he will continue moving in that direction, even without pressing the button to move, but you can change the direction if you press the opposite button. //...
  13. P

    GML Sprites sliding

    I'm currently trying to recreate Super Mario Bros. in GameMaker, and right now I have Mario able to move around and jump. He also has friction, which means he speeds up and slows down like in the game. However, there's a problem: when he slows down, he looks like he is "sliding" across the...
  14. Bingdom

    GML [Solved] Recreating some GM variable behaviours

    Solved. Thanks @mcmonkey
  15. M

    2d character sticks to the walls even though there's no friction (GM8.1)

    When I jump, but hit the walls (which are invisible, but I made them visible for the purpose of showing them in the video), the character stays suspended in the air, even though both the character and the walls have friction set to 0.
  16. D

    I can't get my movement to stop (This isn't basic movement code)

    So I have a type of floaty movement code for my player object (the player is a ghost) I have the movement exactly how I want it but I just can't make the player stop after a bit of friction. The movement itself is a bit like the movement is in the old school game asteroids, but after sliding...
  17. B

    Need help adding friction

    Hello :), Lately I've given more attention to game maker and programming all together. And like many before me, I've reached some difficulties I find hard to overcome. No matter how much I google or read game makers referrences. I also know my question, or something simmilar to it was already...
  18. L

    Legacy GM Momentum and Crouching Problems

    For a while I have been having trouble to create a fully functional crouching animation for my player character. Just recently I have found a bit of a solution but it is a bit buggy, I'll get to that later. Right now I have a very important question. How do I properly implement friction in my...