1. Aria

    Portfolio - Programming Experienced | Programmer | Looking for Work

    About Me Hello, my name is Aria. I'm a game programmer. I’ve been working with Game Maker Studio 2 for about 3 years. I also have some experience working with Unity 2D and Godot. I can work with most programming related aspects of 2D games, including, but not limited to: Platformer Shoot’em...
  2. Meteo Xavier

    Portfolio - General Freelance Marketing Administration Services Available

    Someone who isn't yet another composer looking for work? You must be joking. Nope. I am a composer, actually, but this time I'm actually looking for new freelance work in doing marketing work for games or game-related things. Some changes to my upcoming schedule have resulted in some time freed...
  3. Rtw123321

    Portfolio - Programming Gamemaker studio 2 Prgorammer // Cheap!

    Hello, My name is Ryan Watkins. I have been coding in Gamemaker for about 4 years. I've done many projects myself and for friends but I wish to start spreading outward onto bigger projects. I have yet to find a genre I'm unable to code in and am willing to take any job offered. Most of my...
  4. Hello1423

    Portfolio - Programming Programmer For Hire

    Hello! I am Alec Olson, and I have been programming with Game Maker since around 2014. Since then, I have worked on countless projects where I have gained experience with making systems as small yet effective as screenshake, to as large and often complicated as online multiplayer. I can work...
  5. Thomas Finholm

    Portfolio - Art 2D artist available

    Hello, I do pixel art and animation. Also enjoy logo work and various design tasks. Available for freelance work, collaboration work and partnering. A pixel blog for examples and stuff: Pm here or through blog/discord - looking forward to hearing from you! Bahototh#7246
  6. B

    Portfolio - Audio BrunoBuglisi // Composer looking for work [Paid/Flexible]

    Hello! My name is Bruno Buglisi (aka Hibarist), I'm a graduated musician and I compose original music for games! My strongest suit is to make "modern" music. (see persona games, smt, world ends with you, etc) But I also make other styles too, check out my portfolio...
  7. Master Maker

    Portfolio - Programming Programmer: 5+ years of GML Experience $10-$30/hour

    About Me Hello, My name is Mason Thompsen. I have been working in Game Maker Studio for more than 5 years. I lack art skills, and thus have never released a game of my own, but have expert programming skills. I have and currently am working on a 3 dimensional, multiplayer first-person shooter...
  8. Wonman321

    Portfolio - Art [Open] pixel artist / animation looking for work (y)(y)

    Hi everyone, Iam Dante. Pixel artist - 2D animator I have been doing pixel art game for over 6 years Email: or My gallery: Skype: wonman321 Discord: Wonman321#3034 I love making pixel game, i really really love it...
  9. T. Brugel

    Portfolio - Programming Cheap GML Programmer [5 USD/Hour]

    Hi there! I am Tobias Brugel, I am a 17 year old programmer specialized in GML. I have made multiple projects myself and I would like to work together in a team. If you are interested in working together with me please leave a reply, or (what I would prefer) send me an e-mail. My...
  10. GmlProgrammer

    Portfolio - Programming Experienced Programmer for Hire or Team-up

    Greetings to the Game Maker Community, Let me start with a bit of information about myself, My name is Loukas and I'm located in Athens, Greece. I'm an under-graduate Computer Engineer in the best department of my country. I've been programming since the age of 10 and have plenty of experience...
  11. S

    Portfolio - Programming Salvakiya - Over 10 years experience

    Introduction > I started programming with Game Maker back in 2003. I have programmed in other languages but my top two are GML and Python. I am always looking for ways to improve the workflow. I find ways to put out quality work in a timely manner. I have redesigned game engines in the past and...
  12. Binsk

    Portfolio - Programming [CLOSED] [15+ Years] Freelance Programmer for Hire

    TEMPORARILY CLOSED TO NEW JOBS Hello, there! Introduction: My name is Reuben. I have been working with GameMaker in a hobbyist fashion since 2004 and am extremely fluent in GML. I also have a lot of experience in related languages, such as C++ / Java, which has allowed me to create numerous...
  13. Bleed

    Job Offer - Artist [PAID] Seeking Talented Artist to Produce Spell Effects and Animations

    All positions have now been filled, thank you to all the great Artists who applied. Thanks guys, remain awesome!