1. Donald Trumpet

    Portfolio - Audio [FREE MUSIC] - 🎺 Donald Trumpet’s scrap pile

    License: Everything I post in this topic is free for personal and commercial use. No credit required. However, you must not resell or redistribute these tracks (e.g. pretending it's yours and selling it on a stock music website). I am not responsible for any outcome of whatever you use this for...
  2. xDGameStudios

    Asset - Scripts [PUBSUB] xPublisher is yet another pubsub/broadcast system (FREE)

    [LINKS] xPublisher (marketplace) xPublisher ( [API IMAGE] [INFORMATION] This is a Pub/Sub implementation for GMS2.3+ Did you ever need to send messages between instances? Do you need your weather system to send a message to your entities saying it started raining? Do you need your...
  3. EvanSki

    Free Evanski's Text Input Framework

    This is a user text input framework I made! Okay well its actually from my terminal sim, turned to debug console, turned to basic text input! It's all built on top of @GMWolf 's user text input system tutorial This is free for all to use, edit and modify to there hearts content! Its a local...
  4. Yozoraki

    Windows [Free] Hybrid and Seek

    While procrastinating from doing uni work I decided to join a 3 day game jam, and this is the result (in addition to being three days behind uni work 😅) Hybrid and Seek is an arcade find-me game where you have to create what you find. Aim for a high score before the timer runs out and unlock...
  5. T

    Free Lines Wizard - simple puzzle game

    It is a first game I managed to make: from the beginning to the very end. A very simple idea: you have a field with colored balls, and the goal is to put ones with same colour in line to clear the game field. And new ones appear every turn. It is not a unique concept, but I wanted to start...
  6. JasonTomLee

    Asset - Graphics Slime Platformer animations

    A set of Slime animations for your platformer games! Many more animations, effects and sound effects will be added. Check out the main page for updates. Download directly through Gamemaker Enjoy!
  7. M

    generate new graphics from photo's

    Hi I was making my projects and I came up against the same problem over and over, the problem was I did not have new art and graphics, so I made an app to create graphics from photo's because photo's are limitless. I made the app free for all versions of windows. I hope I can post the link here...
  8. MAkt

    Android Planet Break - a brick-breaking game

    Planet Break is a game inspired by classics like Breakout and Arkanoid: You have to shoot balls to destroy bricks and ultimately the enemy planet. Download for Android:
  9. M

    Asset - Audio Free Ambient Sounds

    I though for awhile and found a perfect sound engine, fruity loops. I made these in it but they have been formulated to work with game maker studio 2. Download Sounds Contains: Ocean Rain Storms Wind
  10. imtired

    Released Simple (A Lo-Fi Particles Sandbox) RELEASED! :)

    Description Simple is a sandbox game where you create blobs of colours which interact with each other while some Lo-Fi beats play in the background, very nice :) I hope to add more features in the future to create more options but for now its just chill game where you do some stuff. It's kinda...
  11. K12gamer

    UWP Christmas Game

    Action packed educational game to teach young students how to spell MERRY CHRISTMAS. Harder skill levels will challenge gamers of all ages. This FREE PC game runs on most Windows PCs. Windows 10 Microsoft App Store Link Windows XP,Vista, 7, 8 Link 1) Exciting arcade action! 2) Free with NO...
  12. BulleTech Studios

    Free [Android & iOS] Robo Racer - Challenging Runner

    Robo Racer has just gone live for both Android and iOS and any feedback from the community would be great! [Description] As the Racer, you must jump, slide and shoot your way through the nine different robot facilities. With hazards to avoid throughout the courses making it increasingly...
  13. Two Tail Fox

    Portfolio - Audio Sharing our professional audio assets - All Free, just for You!

    Hey fellow game comrades! We're Al & Glenn, two professional composers and hobbyist gamemakers who want to inspire and bring value to this community that we're absolutely nuts about. Over the last few weeks, we put together a Music Pack of 140 original tracks and SFX assets designed...
  14. MarkWolF

    Free 360° gravitational plaformer : Asteroid B612

    Asteroid B612 Hello everyone, I have just released my LD46 entry, Asteroid B612. And I would be grateful you try it. You are Explorer 101 and your are sent to the borders of the galaxy to watch over a mysterious creature. The goal is to go and find the necessary items for the creature's...
  15. D

    Portfolio - Art Experimental Concept Artist

    EXPERIMENTAL CONCEPT ARTIST as in, a programmer experimenting as a concept artist Hello GMC! I have recently come across an art style that I would like to experiment with further. A bit of background: I am a professional programmer for life with the game development hobby for fun since around...
  16. Sir Raitan

    Free Trouble in Westwytch - an action RPG

    Hello everybody! It is high time I present to you my first real game. Trouble in Westwytch is an action RPG set in a medieval world. The game takes you to Westwytch – a small village plagued by a curse which makes pumpkins come to life. In the game you fight pumpkins, help villagers and...
  17. C

    Android [Free] Puzzle: Hack of Mind

    Link Google Play : Hack of Mind The digital world is in danger. The system matrix is paralyzed by malicious code. Walk the dangerous path from the periphery to the core, save the system. Feature of game: Unique mechanics: to solve the puzzle, you need to use spatial thinking by controlling...
  18. BulleTech Studios

    Free [Android & iOS] Galaxy Dash - Arcade Jumper

    Jump from planet to planet, avoiding the orbiting asteroids, streaking comets and ominous black holes, along the way finding shields, being launched between cannons, and collecting floating crystals, all while trying to reach the top of the leaderboard. Customise your character with different...
  19. Y

    Job Offer - Audio Looking to compose for a game :) (FREE)

    just upgraded to Finale 26, wanting to compose for someone's game :) I offer 5 tracks at no cost :)
  20. willkaiju

    Released Super Silly Soccer out now for free on iOS and Android

    Hello! I’m happy to announce my first (finished) game with GMS: Super Silly Soccer, free for iOS and Android. Download it here: And here's a trailer: Super Silly Soccer is simple but hard-to-master, with two modes of play. Endless is a mode where you...