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    Android / Amazon Fire Pocket Air Guitar (FREE Version, NO ADS)

    DOWNLOAD at Google Play (FREE Version, NO ADS) What is it? Hold your phone like a guitar...and play it like an actual guitar! Wherever you are! This is Pocket Air Guitar FREE version with NO ADS Play like a guitar wizard in a matter of MINUTES (maybe ;)), but absolutely no previous musical...
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    Game Maker isn't working properly...

    I bought Game Maker for $39, but most of the options (aka the options that I need to do everything) are gray and can't be selected: Anyone know how to fix this? Am I still using the free version?
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    Windows Problem with exclusion in "other" keyword

    I want to use my enemy's code with almost all objects, but I don't want to attack to the main character. Edit - I'm using distance to object.
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    Windows How to transfer games without the export/import file option

    Hi, I am teaching kids how to make games with gamemaker and therefore I have examples. Since they work with the free version they can NOT import the exported files. I have tried to send them the whole project folders with all files, but some of them say they can open the game file, but they are...