1. EvanSki

    Free Evanski's Text Input Framework

    This is a user text input framework I made! Okay well its actually from my terminal sim, turned to debug console, turned to basic text input! It's all built on top of @GMWolf 's user text input system tutorial This is free for all to use, edit and modify to there hearts content! Its a local...
  2. JaimitoEs

    Asset - Extension DarkSpine Level Editor FrameWork [2.3.18] [7 MAY 2021] Full Release GMS1/GMS2/GMS2.3

    DarkSpine Keyboard ShortCut Manual DARKSPINE LEVEL EDITOR FRAMEWORK MARKETPLACE Description Hello World! DarkSpine is a real-time level editor created natively for GameMaker Studio 1/2 Directly inspired by the UbiArt Framework, DarkSpine arrives with implementations to maximize workflow. You...
  3. Kezarus

    Asset - Project Free Asset - Monastery Framework

    Monastery Framework OBJECTIVE Create a framework project on GM2 that have some useful functions, GUI elements (buttons, panels, containers), basic Options menu, start Ini files that houses preferences, the basic setup for music, sound and particles. DESCRIPTION Ok, I will have to do something...
  4. W

    Open source GameMaker Studio 2 template

    Hi everyone, I've created a GameMaker Studio 2 project template that can help you get to designing and developing your core mechanics faster. It provides an animated font, a basic UI framework, basic state management, input handling, and a couple other things. I am making it available under...
  5. B

    Asset - Extension Custom sprite framework - memory management and more

    Game Maker creates an extra texture page for every sprite and subimage that the user loads into their game using the function sprite_add, this often results in terrible performance issues due to hundreds or sometimes even thousands of texture swaps. This collection of scripts is meant to fix...
  6. Chreech Okash

    Question - General Custom Texture page creation!

    There was someone who developed image_framework_V2.5 for creating a custom texture page. Now it seems like everything is gone from GMC and i can't search that post. Please someone help me!
  7. ZeDuval

    Asset - Extension Stream *NEW ASSET*

    # Introduction Stream provides a completely new way to structure your code. It allows you to manage an object and all of its events in one script. If you ever thought something along the line of "Man, it would be nice if I wouldn't have to wage this war against the GM IDE...with object-windows...
  8. NoobsWeStand

    Legacy GM Easy Branching Dialogue System

    GM Version: GMS 1.4+ Target Plateform: Any Dialogue v1.27 EXE+GMZ: (3.75mb)DialogueGMS_v1.275 (1345kb)DialogueSource Required Extension: none Required DLL: none Manual(12 Pages): Example: (192kb)...