1. M

    Character is always facing left once any key on the keyboard is not pushed anymore.

    Hello, i'm trying to assign basic movement/collision in my game but i'm having a weird problem I can't seem to pinpoint. All I have is one character and another object to test collision against. For some reason, whenever I release a key the left facing sprite is what is instantly snapped to. Am...
  2. E

    Design GMS2 Sprite editor hotkeys

    Hello, does gms2 sprite editor have hotkeys for moving from one frame to another? I know the left and right arrows work, but only after you click on a frame, if you start drawing again, they stop working. Thanks
  3. M

    Mac OSX Attack only playing first frame of Animation

    I'm still pretty fresh to gamemaker and am currently trying to animate a player w/ attacks. I have a character as an object and a claw (the weapon) as a separate object so that attacks can still be done in the air. Here's part of my code for the claw. This is the only part of the code that...
  4. FactorX12

    Waiting Frames in a Script?

    Hello everyone, I have been toying at this problem for quite a while now. It's simple: would it be possible to wait a certain amount of frames in a script that only gets fired once? So it's not in any sort of step event, just when right arrow key is pressed, it fires a script that has a bunch...
  5. K

    beginner question

    Hi I am beginner in game maker, and I have a question, maybe someone know this? I have code that look like this in the step event. if (var_doNothing = true) { sprite_index = spr_default; } My question is, will this then happen every frame? Will it keep on putting the sprite_index each and...
  6. P

    Wait Until Sprite Frame

    I’m fairly new at GML and I’m looking for a script that will make an object wait until the sprite frames have looped once before switching to a different sprite. Example: (sprite_index = sExample1) A button is pressed (if keyboard_check_pressed) Object of -1switches (sprite_index = sExample2)...
  7. A

    Discussion Save Frames in Order

    I was wondering if there's a way to save the frames of a sprite in order in the sprite's folder. I want to be able to drag all of the frames into a gif converter without having to copy, paste, and rename all of them one by one.
  8. Sergio

    GMS 2 [Solved] Weird Delta Time on room_restart

    Hello: My project does something strange on room_restart or room_goto. Room speed is set to 60 fps, and my delta time, first time looks like this: delta_time: 16749 delta_time: 16576 delta_time: 16846 delta_time: 16500 the problem is when I execute a room_restart, delta_time switchs to...
  9. A

    Question - IDE [SOLVED/BUGGY] Importing SWFs with multiple Frames into Sprites?

    Hi, I've been exporting my single frame SWF vector files from illustrator into sprites in GMS2 just fine. Now I have files with multiple layers in illustrator, and export to SWF with the "export layers to SWF Frames" option selected. When I import those into a sprite in GMS, I only get one...
  10. A

    [SOLVED] Climb Animation during Climbing

    Hi Guys I have an animation cycle i'd like to play while the character is climbing... preferably forward while ascending, reverse while descending. my "walk" animation cycles while hsp > 0 and i'm touching the ground. but, my "climb" animations don't cycle through their frames while moving up...
  11. T

    Instance create layer animation problem

    I've a trouble with the animation of an instance create. I need to use two sprite sheet simultaneously for the walk animation of my character, one for the upper body and one for the lower (legs and feet), so I've create two object and I've used instance create. First of all "instance create"...
  12. A

    Looping Specific Frames In Sprite

    I've been trying to check the frame number that my animation is on and if it's say, frame 15 (out of 30) Then loop back to frame 3 and continue looping 3-15 until another variable is changed. No luck. Anyone know a snappy work around to this? Thanks!
  13. P

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Understanding Alarms?

    I'm confused as to exactly how these alarms work in gamemaker because they're doing something unusual... If I use obj_switch.alarm[0] = 1; the alarm sets itself to a value of 2 for some reason. If I set the code as obj_switch.alarm[0] = 0; then the code sets it at 0 but doesn't run the code in...
  14. W

    Windows Animation frames lingers (Fixed)

    I'm trying to make a simple animation, and for whatever reason the previous frame of the animation lingers? so it has the current frame plus the previous frame and it looks kinda gross because the current frame sprite is smaller. Is there some way to show only the current frame and not the...
  15. A

    drawing animation issue

    Hey boys and girls, how are you all doing?Hope well! I have got this problem that i've seen solved in some threads but i couldnt really solve myselfe (probably just because im bad at programming ahah) first and foremost here is my lil' bit o' code if (atk1 == true) { sprite_index =...
  16. Silver_Mantis

    Legacy GM Animation not playing all the way through - [SOLVED]

    Hello GM Community, A game I'm currently working on has a minor bug that is puzzling me. I have an educated guess on what the problem might be, but I'm having a hard time fixin' it. Here's the deal, (Or what I think the problem is): When my character is in the "Move" state and I attack, the...
  17. B

    Windows Opening animated sprite not as individual frames

    I downloaded GM2 (studio) yesterday, though admittedly, I'm new at game design/art whatever as a whole. I'm not totally sure if this the subforum to post on or if I should try elsewhere but here goes notihng. I have a couple sprites that are animated. One is a character and another is a staff...
  18. G

    Question - IDE What's the largest spritesheet you've successfully converted to frames?

    A couple of weeks ago, near the start of the public beta, I successfully converted a sheet that contained over 200 individual sprites into frames. Today, I attempted to convert one which contains 617 frames (You may think I'm crazy, that's fine :p), and the editor locks up. But I'm curious if...