1. shui.bdr

    (image index == x) in step event

    i need to do something in a certain frame of an object, the code i wrote is: if (image_index == 25) { image_speed = 0; } it's wrote in the step event and it's very simple, but when the animation reach that frame the animation speed doesen't sets to 0, it's like gamemaker dosen't even...
  2. bob97470

    GMS 2.3+ Setting image index does not display the expected sub image

    Encountering a strange issue in regards to image_index. problem is reproduceable. create new project create sprite and resize to 96x128. (resizing may not be necessary) create 29 frames and draw the numbers 0 through 28 in them. (drawing the numbers is not necessary, but helpful to see results)...
  3. T

    SOLVED How to make a Sprite not cycle through frames but change a frame when something happens

    I am making a tower defense game, and you are protecting a house. I have different frames in the house sprite for different levels of being broken by the enemy. I would like it to stay on the first frame, but if something happens, such as the health going down by 25, it will go to the next...
  4. maxdax5

    Recall script next frame?

    Sup! Cant find if its possible to 'recall' the current script next frame in that script. (within a script, a code that will re-execute the script next frame)
  5. Axl Trauts

    Choose animation frames groups for a same object

    Hi, I don´t quite understand if I can have different "animation groups" for a same object depending on the condition of that object, I mean, what is the object doing. For example: I have a top-down shark object which will start swimming underwater. When is near the player, say 100px away, it...
  6. Architheutis

    How to animate a collision mask? [SOLVED]

    Hi Folks, for being quick: I have an enemy in my game-project, with a moving core within its body. The alien-object is moving on its own (the body cannot be injured. But inside of it, the sensitive core is moving, too. And that core is up to being hit by bullets. Can anybody tell me, how the...
  7. Z

    Select frames from an animation?

    Is there a way to select frames from an animation and only play those? For example, I have 3 animations in 1 sprite, 8 different frames (cause the free game maker version only allows 20 sprites) and I only want to play frame 3 to 6. Thanks in advance!
  8. P

    GMS 2 Making armor for the player

    I wanted to make armor for the player (boots and breastplate) but when I added this simple code to draw the sprite on the player it draws pretty ugly and most of the time it has other animation than the player has. Sprite for the boots has exactly the same amount of frames as player and each...
  9. P

    GMS 2 Best way to manage sub animation in just one sprite.

    Hi everybody. I would like to figure out the best way to manage different animations using just one sprite. For example in my player's sprite I've got: - frames 1-3 idle - frames 4-7 run - frames 8-12 jump ans so on.. What I want to do is loop multiple subimages on event need. Thank you, I'm...
  10. XirmiX

    GML Circular variable requirement dilemma

    So, I have this code for the weapon object of a tank on the server side: var projectile_spawned = instance_create(tipx, tipy, obj_projectile); with(projectile_spawned) { image_angle = other.image_angle; damage = other.damage; client_id_to_send =...
  11. S

    GMS 2 Get speed causing sprites to change [solved]

    Evening all, Bit of a weird one. I am trying to find the game speed so that I can determine the length of a second. I used global.oneSecond = game_get_speed(gamespeed_fps) to do so. When I have that in place my game foes from this to this That means the sprite has changed (how?!) and...
  12. A

    Changing Background Sprite Frame? ( image_index)

    Is changing background sprite frames an available option? I've been trying different methods but nothing seems to be able to accomplish this. does anyone know about this? thanks!
  13. T

    Sprite sheet animation reset

    Hi, this is my first post, I hope I have not made mistakes with the regulation of the forum. I made an animation that makes the character start to walk (from a stand position) and walk. I want that animation start from the frame 0 for the first animation, than loop from the frame n. 18. (0-18...
  14. 2

    Possible? Turn on Pixel Color Interpolation for one Object Off, On for Another Same Frame

    Is it possible to turn on and off pixel color interpolation for a single object, or many but not all objects in the same frame? Things in the process of scaling or rotating look better with it on, but more blurry so that they look worse if they're not currently changing values in either of these...
  15. M

    Sprite loop

    I want to make a sprite loop from another frame that is not 0, for example starts in frame 0, ends animation and starts again but in frame 4, how do i do that?
  16. L

    Asset - Extension Lerner FPS

    Do you experience slowdowns in your games? Do you run out of solutions to optimize your framerate? Lerner FPS gives you some air, by providing a whopping 50% performance increase! With one call to the lfps_step() function in the Step event, your game will automatically skip frames when the FPS...
  17. Y

    Legacy GM Cannot make sprite animation stop

    Hi, i'm having this issue without a clue on how to solve it. In my character selection room y have an object which will set the frame (sub-image) of the player and CPU, and also the preview. for this In my object (arrows) I'm using "image_index -= 1 (for the back) and image_index += 1 (for the...
  18. K

    Can I edit multiple frames of a sprite at once?

    I decided to make a small adjustment to my main character sprite but editing every frame one by one seem daunting and probably inaccurate so is there a way to edit multiple (or all) frames at once? I'm a complete noob at this so I apologize if its a dumb question :)
  19. D

    Legacy GM Subimage Limitation?!?

    Hello everyone... I was trying to make character sprites with lots of different movements, combos, finishers and non-combat adventure animations like sitting, eating, crafting, etc. So i made a huge sprite sheet for all combat moves, and it took 310+ frames to make it. I import sprite into...
  20. N

    shoot per 10 frames instead of each frame

    Hello! I am wanting to find a way to shoot with 'Mouse Left Button action' rather than with the 'Left Button Pressed' action, as I'd rather not have to click a bunch of times. With 'Mouse Left Button action' it seems that it fires each frame. I would like to fire say.. every 3 frames instead...