frame rate

  1. gotad

    HTML5 Inconsistent frame rate on browser

    Hey guys I've been having a good deal of trouble in optimizing my game's browser performance as much as possible. Since I've starting running profilers and/or browser (Chrome) performance monitors, however, I've noticed that the game will sometimes run at a consistent 60 FPS (target game...
  2. Adriano_ppaula

    GML Help with delta_time

    Hello everyone! I was watching some tutorials on frame rate and delta_time. I found these two vidios just fantastic on the subject. But I have some doubts about that. Is there a way to do this in room_speed? For example I have a game that I have been working on for 3 years, it is a giant...
  3. YoSniper

    SOLVED FPS Problems

    Hello all, I am having an issue with a game I am developing regarding frame rate. This seems to be a recent development, so I'm wondering if it's a software issue. I am making a game, and I'm setting the room_speed to 60 in every single room. However, when I test the game, the fps never seems...
  4. S

    Room Speed vs Frames Per Second (FPS)

    The GM documentation states that Room Speed and Frames Per Second are completely separate. I've been confusing myself trying to calculate the time certain actions and animations would take to complete. I'd appreciate any readings or guides on the matter. Is it possible to truly have a frame...
  5. F

    GML Keep platformer jump height consistent with different frame rates

    Hi all, I want to achieve a platformer jump similar to that of Super Mario Bros. (keep pressed the jump button to jump higher) and I want it to be frame rate independent. At 30 FPS (i.e. Room Speed = 30) it works as I want. However, I noticed that, if frame rate is lower (e.g. 10 FPS) the jump...
  6. P

    Discussion Exported applications and frame rate

    So I recently moved from a 60hz monitor to a 75hz monitor, and I've been using 60 as my room_speed for all my games. However, I discovered that any exported application that is fullscreen runs extremely fast. I looked into the issue and found that for some reason, GMS2 sets the frames per second...
  7. T

    Legacy GM Frame rate drop when using collison_line (SOLVED)

    My game keeps dropping frames sometimes when I use a card attack that utilizes the code below to check for a collision and return an ID. This mostly occurs while the enemy is attacking, but sometimes it happens regardless. I wrote this code a few weeks ago as a solution to my previous issue I...
  8. Y

    30 fps vs 60 fps

    can someone please explain the difference? I see tutorials where they change it to 60 fps and they say it is smoother ,but I can't see the difference beside just a faster gameplay which is a designer preference . if it affects the game after exportation ,why is it not the default? please...
  9. A

    Some Questions about frame rate and delta_time from a noob

    Hello, community! I'm a noob. Also, English is not my native tongue, but I'll do my best. I'm completely new to GMS and programming in general. I'm currently working on a project for android (for about a few months, with pauses), that's supposed to run in 60fps. A very good friend of mine is...
  10. 2

     Suggestion: Preference, set Default Global Game Frame Rate when Project Created

    I would like a preference to set the default global frame rate of the game when a project is created to the value you enter in preferences. I always use 60 fps, and am tired of setting it every time I start a new project to test something.
  11. Luke Pierson

    Backgrounds causing extremely slow gameplay

    Hello, I have an issue and not the slightest idea as to what might be causing it or what could fix it. My game runs just great, until I add in backgrounds. My goal is to have parallax scrolling, so multiple background layers are required. I have not introduced any scrolling features to the...
  12. G

    GMS Update Kills my Frame Rate

    So I have recently bought a new laptop and transferred all of my programmes and files onto this including a fresh install of Game Maker Studio including the latest updates. This weekend I started up Game Maker Studio and opened my project, eager to see how the extra computing power in my new...
  13. C

    Legacy GM [Solved] How to make FPS over 60

    Hello everyone! I have draw_text(32, 32, "FPS: " + string(fps)); and its always 60. Is that the real fps because after closing game gamemaker says minFPS, maxFPS, avgFPS 38, 375, 219 and it would be cool if it would show those numbers and not lock at 60. :( My room speed is 60.
  14. D

    Windows Compiled exe running at low fps

    I have compiled my project into an exe and at first it runs as it should with a steady framerate of 60 fps, but after a couple days or so it caps at around 45 making my game sluggish. In Studio it always runs at 60. If I try to reinstall from the same exe and run my game again it just runs at...
  15. G

    Help needed after upgrade

    Hi, I've got quite a frustrating problem on my hands.. I have spent a long time recreating my game from scratch to streamline it as the frame rate was getting quite low, it's an ambitious project but after painstaking efforts I managed to get my game to run at over 600 FPS which I have been...