frame by frame

  1. Spotted_Dragon

    GMS 2.3+ Animation no longer importing correctly?

    So, I've been having a real headache, mainly because my first animated file works, but my second one does not. 1) My animator/artist sent me a walk animation, which works when I press play in the Sprite Editor. Only it was set up in rows and not as a straight line, so I asked her to edit it and...
  2. N

    Drag And Drop [SOLVED] Frame by frame animation: Frame switching by pressing a button

    Hey there! I need to animate my intro sequence frame by frame and I want that every time a button is pressed it changes to one frame forward. How do I do that? The attached file is how I achieved this in Stencyl, but I don't know how to translate this into Game Maker Studios Drag and Drop...
  3. L

    Graphics Frame by Frame Animation in Spine.

    Ok, so I'm basically building my entire game around Spine. At a minimum 10 - 15 environmental spine animations will be used per map. Thats Not counting the player, enemies, or NPCs. My game will feature 3 types of animations. 1.) Full Spine (bones, etc) 2.) Full Frame by Frame (implemented...