1. Apapappa

    Windows RenderTech

    Description: This is a little side thing I work on sometimes, mostly when I want to relax a bit. I'm making this to prepare a "framework" which I can use whenever I decide to actually make one of the 3D games I have planned. It is definitely not perfect and has a lot of errors and what not but...
  2. B

    HTML5 Wrong FPS

    My game frames per second is 60. The image_speed is 1/4. But my sprite randomly skips subimages, and if I draw the image_index it shows it is incrementing randomly by either 0.25, 0.50, 0.75. 1, 1.25, or 1.50. Yet if I use show_debug_message() to log the image_index every step, it logs the...
  3. Erayd

    Question - IDE FPS counter not working

    The built in fps counter doesn't seem to be working right. I haven't touched my project in a couple months, as I was moving, so I've changed nothing other than updating to the current GMS2 version. Before updating I was getting all positive numbers and an average of something like 1200 fps or...
  4. S

    Room Speed vs Frames Per Second (FPS)

    The GM documentation states that Room Speed and Frames Per Second are completely separate. I've been confusing myself trying to calculate the time certain actions and animations would take to complete. I'd appreciate any readings or guides on the matter. Is it possible to truly have a frame...
  5. M

    2.5D FPS game enemies facing multiple directions

    What would be the easiest way to make enemies in a 2.5D FPS game facing multiple directions? I'm thinking like Doom or Wolfenstein, or any 2.5D game really, where the enemies have different sprites for like 8 directions and they keep changing depending on what angle the player character sees...
  6. F

    Legacy GM problem restarting a 3d game (DOOM style)

    Hi everyone, I tried to look for a solution here to a similar problem but I could not find, so here goes When I reach the objective of my game BOON (on ggj 2019) and restart it, it is flipping the images/textures that does not belong to the game rooms itself. I have already tried to kill every...
  7. Misty

    Alpha Making Best FPS Ever.

    Nocturne said to tidy up my thread and give more info. Here is the GIF I promised yesterday: Basically what this FPS is going to be is an online multiplayer game. But it will also have Realistic AI bots to fill for players quitting out, or for single player enjoyment, maybe also even a...
  8. MegaJim73

    Released Fuchsenstein 3-D

    An old-school first-person shooter in the vein of Wolfenstein 3D. Runs on most versions of Windows (except 8 due to serious sound compatibility issues). Now available at Game Jolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/fuchs3d/382114
  9. F

    GML Keep platformer jump height consistent with different frame rates

    Hi all, I want to achieve a platformer jump similar to that of Super Mario Bros. (keep pressed the jump button to jump higher) and I want it to be frame rate independent. At 30 FPS (i.e. Room Speed = 30) it works as I want. However, I noticed that, if frame rate is lower (e.g. 10 FPS) the jump...
  10. Anixias

    GMS 2 Weird Gamespeed Glitch

    Hi, I bought a new 144hz monitor today and tested to see if my game could run at 144fps correctly. While it does run exactly as intended, I noticed a mildly annoying glitch. In fullscreen, it runs at 144fps. If I toggle into windowed mode, it runs at 60fps. If drag the window, it will reset to...
  11. giraffeman210

    Drag And Drop Countdown faster than fps

    I am using Drag and Drop in GMS2 and I was wondering if there was a way to have a countdown that subtracts 1 faster than the fps. I tried doing it with alarms but they don't work below 1. Any ideas? Thanks!
  12. inertias

    Fps lowering with only one light

    Hey everyone, so I was looking at this tutorial to make a lighting system: I got it working, but am having an issue with the fps dropping dramatically. Only spawning one light cuts my fps in half (60 down to 30). Here is the code: 2 objects, 1 called obj_surface_light and obj_lightsource in...
  13. IGameArt

    Rexx Stone: Doomlike 3D FPS

    Take control of Sergeant Rexx Stone as he blazes through hordes of aliens hell bent on the total annihilation of The Milky Way galaxy! A dash of Doom, with a pinch of Duke Nukem, a light sprinkling of Blake Stone, and baked at 420 degrees for 66 hours and 6 minutes while Kung Fury plays on...
  14. S

    Blood particles drop fps

    so im making a top down shooter and i want to have blood in it. So what i did is when the player dies he makes 100 blood object (just a 3x3 pixel) and it gets a random speed and a random direction. As soon as it hits a wall it stops moving so it looks like the wall is covered in blood. The only...
  15. MegaJim73

    GML [GM8] Hitscan shotgun code

    I've been tinkering the hitscan code I made in my previous thread for a shotgun in my FPS but it has a couple of quirks that keep it from functioning as intended: When aimed at an enemy, only up to three 'pellets' will hit the enemy and do damage, regardless of how many 'pellets' are fired...
  16. MegaJim73

    [Sort of solved] Hitscan won't hit pillar

    I'm trying to implement a hitscan system in an FPS I'm making. It creates the appropriate impact when the gun hits an enemy (obj_enemy_basic) or wall (obj_wall_basic), but simply passes through when it hits a destructible pillar (obj_pillar). Help would be gladly appreciated. { // check...
  17. Shadow64

    HTML5 HTML5 Export Issues (Slowdown)

    For some reason I've hit this issue where when I export to HTML5, my game runs really slow. The thing is that it only runs slow if my room/window size is large. If my room/window size is say 1024 x 576, there's no problem. 1280 x 720? Instantly my frame rate is cut in half. I'm not using a ton...
  18. Coded Games

    Windows Game is running slow even though fps_real is high.

    Hello, so one strange issue that I have experienced is that sometimes my game runs well below 60 FPS but fps_real and the debug overlay all show values between 200-700. The bars in the debug overlay never go past the first tick and if I run the condition (fps_real < 60), it will never return...
  19. D

    Legacy GM How to use delta_time

    Hi guys, i'm trying to understand how to use delta_time but checking on the docs i can't understand it completely. According to the manual for example to adjust the speed of an object you should do: speed = spd * (ot - delta_time); ot = delta_time; Am i right? But it seems to me like something...
  20. N

    Changing FPS problems.

    I've made my game physics, which are working on 30 fps. But now, I changed my game to 60 fps to make it smoother, but I experience a lot of 'problems' in physics... I have also tried jumpSpeed=(originalJumpSpeedValue/60)*30; grav = (originalGravValue/60)*30; But still, the gameplay doesn't...